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Part 9: Chapter Two - pt.4

Klara was standing before Laska, and the silence was beginning to become uncomfortable. What was it that caused her to pause? Laska’s views aligned with Katherine’s belief in vengeful forces punishing the town. It was not her place to tinker with this young soul, when she didn’t even know the nature of the threat herself.

So it is. It is comforting to see that your faith is so firm. Nothing will hurt you as long as you have strength to resign yourself to the divine will.

Odd was our conversation... But I can now go back to Katherine.

I have talked to Laska.
She believes and thinks the same way as we do.
It is good. You didn’t trouble her or lead her astray?
No. I have only strengthened her true faith.

Laska is one of the Humble. In this terrible time, she will be under protection of the true power, and no evil will touch her...

Lying in bed that evening, Klara pondered the choices she had made during the day. Everything she had done seemed to make sense. But it was beginning to seem that actions and words could have most unpredictable and severe repercussions in this byzantine community where people you didn’t even know liked to judge you using their own inexplicable ideals.

REEL 4: That night at the theatre...