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Part 49: Chapter Twelve - pt. has nothing to do with Klara, but whatever

...You came. There was nothing I wanted more...
You are so beautiful... You look almost alive. But you’re incorporeal?
But I can fly now! It was a miracle! I made a step forward... and I flew. But I had to lose my physical body, otherwise I would have fallen downwards...
What an inexcusable, irreparable mistake...
Don't blame yourself... do not think I did this for you. Not at all. I just wanted to stay here. Wanted the Cathedral to come alive, even a little... to get something magical to awaken here.
So, you have breathed life into this Cathedral. Console yourself, Eva. Your death was not in vain.
Only you could say this... I knew that you were the only one who could believe in my miracle... Because you are special. You would not judge me too harshly. You aren’t too judgemental, and religious dogmas are alien to you. You do recognize my miracle, don’t you?
...Yes. I do. Why are you shivering? What’s bothering you?
But look around! Do you see who’s gathered below? Ruthless Inquisitor joined hands with the bloody Haruspex! Beak-headed demons roam the altar, and the faceless ones do her bidding... I’m so scared!
Does the Inquisitor bring evil? Is it true that she has deceived us, making the good look evil?
So it seems to me. I watch her when she is alone. Yes... she is sinful and arrogant. It is no way to act. Even I never was that way. She despises you and hates the rest of them.
Hmm... I hoped it would be the other way...
Do you hear the whispering from the domes? They’re telling me something, but I do not understand this language... I was a bad student... But I can feel the intent. They threaten me... and curse me, it seems.
This is the destiny of all suicides.
What shall I do... I have doomed myself to imprisonment in these walls. How long shall I suffer this torment! But maybe things will change? Perhaps this evil has spread here because of Inquisitor, not because of me?
This is most likely. But suicide is not the way to fill the Cathedral with grace.
You think so too? I'm so scared! I’m afraid I may have awoken something evil with my act... Yes, this place is no longer empty... Something mystical has appeared, without a doubt – I feel it all the time. But it frightens me so much! What do you think... does it mean?
...I am not knowledgeable in the matters of religion. And this is the first time I regret it! Tell me Eva, was Maria involved in your death?
Again with Maria! Why, why are you talking to me about her? What does she have to do with it... You are with me now... and this will not last long! So why do you ask me about her? As though we have nothing else to talk about...
Then what made you to do that? Was it really...
...No. It wasn’t Maria. But enough for now. Go. I want to see you no more.
I’d like to stay a little longer.
This is not necessary. But then again... I’m imprisoned here forever. As long as this Cathedral stands. I will never see other worlds. Will you come here again?
...Yes. I will.