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Pathways Into Darkness

by HB

Part 10

Now where were we...

Is it safe to turn the flashlight back on? (yes)

Much better. Strangely enough, there's another ladder right next to the one we just came down. But let's see what's on the level first.

The past few levels were primarily blue, but now everything has a greenish theme.

Save points, dead nazis, all the comforts of home. Do we finally have an MP-41??

No, just pistol ammo

Can't say I blame them.

We must be getting close now. There aren't that many Germans left to find.

Oozes are a common monster now, but I have long halls and large rooms to fight them in so it's doable.

On the way up, we find a door.

It locks behind us. Nowhere to go but forward.

Another stray MP-41 magazine. We must be getting close.

We find another door, and it opens to reveal a small room filled with dead nazis and dead monsters (that weren't killed by me; they're like that when you open the door).

There are an unprecedented 4 bodies in this room. All the doors were sealed until we opened one to get in.

Let's start with the guy in the lower right.

gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme


That first guy lied to me

I guess the corpses in this room were the monsters killed by the Nazis 60 years ago. Why did they not rot and the nazis did?

Good thing we pretty much the entire pyramid then.

I forgot to enter the word that produces this, but I think it was "friedrich"

This is the rune he's talking about. I'll steer clear of it for now.

Let's move on. This is the second dead guy, the highest on the map.

Now I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho.

The MP-41 is worth 1 point.

And this guy has his own alien pipes, too... Let's talk to him last.

The third dead guy, in the middle of the room.

He's got his own MP-41, and some extra ammo in the canvas bag. Each of the guns tends to come with a partially empty ammo clip inside it, so they're still worth picking up.

This guy is taking it a lot better than the other guy did. Maybe he was monsterphobic or something.

Friedrich is one of the most talkative bodies we've found so far. At least we know why Muller thought the pyramid was so important. It doesn't look like the German expedition ever found this bottle, so it must still be around here somewhere...

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