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Part 17

Update time!

There are no other ladders on Need a Light, so we have to head back to the fourth ladder in The Labyrinth.

Once again, the map has reset. We're headed for the ladder in the southeast corner.

Convenient. And we only ran into a couple of spheres.

Down we go.

Hey, wait, I recognize this place. It's...

A Decapod73 thread

Much better.

These are Skitters. They fire balls of webbing that roll quite quickly along the floor. If you get killed by them, the death message says something about being tied up and devoured. Yummy.

The name of this level is the original Italian version of "Abandon all hope ye who enter here".

There are 2 halls next to the save point. Let's try the left one first.

The columns down here look like they're made of vines or something.

Uh... hi there.

Hey, you see a guy go by here with a nuclear device?

Oh. Thanks anyway. Lemme just squeeze past on the side-

How rude!

This meditating (or whatever) guy is protected by a force field that flashes yellow whenever I try to do anything to him. Crystals don't hurt him either.

The force field also blocks monsters and their shots, but the sitting dude only occupies the center of the corridor...

We can even rest right in front of him with the monsters queuing up. The monsters try to attack us in our sleep, but they hit the forcefield instead of me so we don't wake up. I can't imagine how the guy gets to sleep like that, though.

Guess we're not going that way. That leaves us with just one choice.

A zombie. How cute. I'll let it try to make a dent in my mighty 18 health before I machinegun the shit out of it.


[sfx: boom]

You can't really see it here, but the screen is shaking around like I'm caught in an earthquake. I also take a fair bit of damage from this.
And then he takes a fair bit of damage from me

That was a Ghast. We were actually warned about them way, way back on Ascension. I wonder where that dead guy saw one?

Down the hall he came from are a bunch of skitters and...

...a dead end

Most of the offshoots of the main hall we're following are like that.

After going on for a while, we're completely cut off by meditating dudes. We still can't hurt them.

Let's check out a branch of the corridor I passed by.

The Red Velvet Bag has infinite storage capacity (the canvas bags will eventually refuse to take more items). Of course, as mentioned earlier, so does our entire inventory, so it's not exactly a critical find. At least it's worth a point.

The bag also comes with a free Blue Potion. I usually follow its lead and use it to store all the potions I find.

Opposite the room where we found the bag is another area.

There's a save rune to the north, and a couple of ladders to the south.

We weren't able to explore a lot of this level thanks to the meditating dudes.

Ladders also look more organic down here.

Next update:


Oh, and about those empty magazines: