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Pathways Into Darkness

by HB

Part 19

The Sentinels look more like people than the other monsters. What happens if you use the yellow crystal on them?

Nothing, they still count as monsters. But they seem to be zombies with flesh (they're wearing the same clothes).

What did I just read?

An extremely well-executed piece of fanfiction, I'm afraid. It's not canon in any Bungie universe, but a hell of a

Now where were we...

Now that we've gained both the ability to kill sentinels and everything we need to set up the dreaming god the bomb, we go back to LOSVC and look for places we couldn't get to before.

There was one way back at the start of the level, and 2 further ahead. Let's try the loner first.

Trudge trudge trudge.

Yo. I found my bomb guy, no thanks to you. Gonna move or what?


Behind him is a large room containing nothing but a single blue potion.

At the other end of the level, two sentinels block both our paths. Let's try for a twofer.

Now I can get into this big room to the right.

At the far end is a save rune.

Down the left path is ghast territory.

There are lots of tiny useless rooms branching off the main hallway down here.

A skitter task force tries to interdict me, and fails. Violently.

Another sentinel and his peeps try to keep me out of the end of the hall.

He fails.

Another save point and friends. We must be getting near the end of the level.

Lots and lots of friends.

Sure enough, here's the ladder down.

We're 19.2 meters down. A sentinel greets us right as the level starts. Even if we somehow got past all the others, we'd be stuck here without the green crystal.

Beyond him are a pair of doors. I bet I can guess what happens after this.

I bet I can guess what happens after this too.

One of the side rooms has a locked door in it. Hmm...

Another sentinel. And wouldn't you know it...

Another pair of ambush doors. This skitter is quick enough on the draw to nail me before I can take the screenshot.

Most of the damage I take in these traps comes from the ghasts, who can earthquake me from around corners. The skitters block the corridor so I can't run in and stop them.

A save point in the middle of a four-way intersection. This should be easy to defend

The left path leads to a narrow, convoluted area crawling with skitters.

So does the right.

Guess we take the middle path.

Down here is a wide hall. A pair of ghasts play invisible bongos at me

The wide hall leads to an even wider hall.

There's a blue potion hiding behind one of the pillars. Into the red bag it goes.

Now that's a hall.

The wide hall leads into another narrow, twisting area.

Just like the first two, it's full of skitters.

By following the left wall, we pass a sentinel and his posse and discover a save rune.

There's an awful lot of narrow passages here, and most of them have skitters in them.

I don't like this place, because it's easy to get attacked when you don't have a change to dodge. At least we've found a more open area now.

At the north end of this area is a closed door.

It opens for us.

This small room was filled with monsters. At the other end is an open door and a corpse. But I've found all the americans, and the germans didn't get this far down... did they?

As we step forward to loot him, the door closes. Guess we aren't supposed to go this way yet. I'll just look for somewhere else I didn't explore...

...but the door behind me shut too.

There's nothing else I can do except mess around with this dead guy. First, looting.

Too bad this guy is completely out of ammo

Wait a second... if he suffocated, why is he lying in a pool of blood?

So why did the other 5 get through? Back to the whole "the pyramid slowly awoke behind us" deal

He seems pretty convinced we're fucked, but let's try waiting for the doors to open anyway. Good thing we have a "waste time" button already.

Now what?