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Pathways Into Darkness

by HB

Part 20

Maybe we can use a potion to get us past. How about a poison one?

Or that potion that makes you die? Could that somehow trick the room?

I'm going to vote otherwise and suggest suicide!

tell the fat woman you love her.

But, seriously, folks.

The answer is indeed to use the Red Cloak.

A few hours of resting (minutes to me), and the doors open.

Our reward? The way down.

This guy reminds us to take off the Red Cloak.

Earthquake Zone, huh?

We're cut off from the ladder. Nowhere to go but down.

More and more ghasts. There are two ways out of this room, so let's go right first.

Tons and tons of ghasts.

The green ones are way tougher than normal ones. Machine guns, grenades, crystals, nothing seems to hurt it. This must be one of those monsters I need a new weapon to kill.

But I'm locked in with it

OK, so we can't handle that direction yet. What if we go straight instead of right?

We find a bunch of ghasts, but at least we're good at killing those.

Dead end, but who's that in the corner?

The gas mask, like the diamond necklace, doesn't do anything. I wonder what was cut that it was supposed to solve

One of my favorite lines in the game.

That bottle again.

I wonder why they didn't steal Walter's ingot on Feel the Power.

I don't

So this second group had the same objective as the nazis, and they got much farther down into the catacombs. And there are at least 2 bodies left to find.

Near Juan is another clip of AK-47 ammo.

This stuff is better than the normal (hollowpoint?) ammo Juan had in his pockets.

Should be enough. Sabot ammo is the best ammo type in the game, so we shouldn't need to mess with the Cedar Box any more, just leave it producing this until the end. Grenades are still useful, though, so I'll try not to run out.

Those infidel monsters aren't gonna know what hit them

Now, I would have liked to ask you guys for solutions to the green oozes too, but that would make this a short update, and it's so soon after the last one. All the clues are here, so the answer is to drink the Thick Brown Potion and poison ourself so the oozes ignore us just like they did Juan.

I never thought I'd actually miss

I don't feel so good...

Now we try the right path again.

The AK-47 hits harder than the MP-41 with each shot and has a faster rate of fire, so we can absolutely kill the shit out of these things.

The green oozes are still and silent as we walk past. The weapons they left behind when they ate Juan's team years ago still litter the corridor.

This is a very creepy area

The silence is broken by a buttload of ghasts.

At the end of the green ooze gauntlet is a save rune, and for once I'm glad the door closes behind me.

We spend one of our precious blue potions to recover.

Beyond the save rune is a large room with an assload of ghasts.

Make that a shitload of ghasts.



Barney (the name of this monster in the hint book is "Giant Purple Mutant Hellbeast") spits huge blobs of yellow muck at us. He also cannot be killed. We have to run past him, around the room picking up critical items and killing a fuckload of ghasts, and then get away before he catches up. This is one of the toughest fights in the game (especially when you're trying to take screenshots at the same time )

Next to him in the first picture is one of those items.

Inside the lead box is the ruby ring.

The ruby ring makes crystals charge faster, so it's a good idea to wear it. It's also worth another point (so is the box) and another $15,000.

On the way to the exit is a potion.

The pale violet potion makes us invulnerable for a short time. Into the bag it goes.

At the end of the room, we don't find a door or a ladder, but rather a glowing purple sheet. We step into it...

...and it turns out to be a teleporter.

Next update: What's so hard about not getting poisoned?