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Pathways Into Darkness

by HB

Part 9

slayn666 was right- there's an unexplored branch on the map of Welcome Tasty Primate. If I go there, I find a ladder down to the next level.

I sure can, since I have this neato flashlight.

Let's start moving and see if we can find a

We stumble around with our health being constantly whittled down by flying rat monsters. Stabbing, shooting, and crystals all do nothing to drive them away. Eventually we find ourselves here:

Waiting for the yellow crystal to charge, rats still gnawing at me...

He won't say anything else no matter what I type in.


...and they really do stop attacking.


With the light off and the rats gone, the dead guy calms down and gets more talkative.

This expedition was apparently pretty important to the Nazis.

We have to play through the rest of this level with the flashlight off. The place is full of blind corners and tiny hallways for monsters to hide in and pop out behind me, so it's pretty freaky. The enemies are all ghouls and nightmares now; I can use the knife on the former but the latter are too powerful to go toe-to-toe with and are guaranteed to damage me when they die so close, so it's pistol all the way from here on out.

In the northwest corner of the map...

The red potion slows down time- you move at the same speed as normal, but everything else in the game takes twice as long to happen. This could come in handy.

A very welcome sight in the southeast corner.

The only remarkable thing about this canvas bag and the ammo it contains is that it was not noted in the official hint book, nor in any of the unofficial walkthroughs that were around during the game's heyday. I guess no one really wanted to spend any more time than necessary on this level


One of these guys we can handle. They're called Oozes, and fortunately this is the only one on the level.

The exit. At least I can turn the flashlight back on now.

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