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Part 43: July 11 - July 13: Yosuke Jinxes It

-Heartbeat, Heartbreak-

I still can't believe it...Our homeroom teacher was killed. I...couldn't get much sleep yesterday. How about you? Are you alright?
I'm okay.
Well...If we start getting depressed over something like this, we'll never catch the killer, huh? Hmm...Oh, yeah--this means we'll be getting a new homeroom teacher. I wonder who it'll be...Well, I'm pretty sure that they won't be able to find anyone worse than King Moron.

Male student: Hey, is that stuff about King Moron for real?
Female student: It was on TV, right? It must be true.

I'm Noriko Kashiwagi, your new class teacher starting today.
You all probably know already, but now that Mr. Morooka has passed away...
I'll be taking good care of you instead. *giggle* Okay, why don't we start off with a moment of silence for Mr. Morooka.
Close your eyes, everyone...
That should be enough.

So our regular exams are still on track for next week. As your principal said, "It's times like these when the schedule is most important, Nori-chan." *giggle* It must be tough for you. But that's what it means to become an adult, little by little.
Female student: I already can't stand her...
Male student: First King Moron and now Kashiwagi...? How much worse can it get?
Oh, and one more thing. That idol in our first-year class...Ms. Kujikawa, was it?
In person, she's nothing like she seems on TV, so don't get your hopes up, mmkay?
What's so great about an idol anyway, right class? She's just a piece of inexperienced jailbait.

> Ms. Kashiwagi is ranting on and on...

Student's friend: She doesn't stand a chance against Risette. I mean, I heard Kashiwagi is on the wrong side of 40...

> You can hear your classmates gossiping...

Brown-haired student: I bet King Moron would've been ecstatic to hear Risette had enrolled here. Someone told me they saw him buying Rise's pinup book...
Student's friend: That sounds kinda pervy. He annoyed the hell out of me, but I feel bad that he got killed...
Brown-haired student: Oh, you know what? Risette was on a striptease show.
Student's friend: Huh? A striptease!? Dude, if that was true, the paparazzi would've been all over it.
Brown-haired student: I'm serious! But the reception went bad right when it was getting to the good part...It was on that Midnight Channel everyone keeps talking about.
Student's friend: You actually believe that crap? How friggin' dense are you? Trust me, you were dreaming it...
The rumor about the Midnight Channel is spreading further...
We'd better wrap this case up quick. Anyways, let's meet up later. Don't make any plans for this afternoon.

-New Days-

It's been a while since I failed any subjects...
Yeah, if by "a while" you mean "all the time."
Sh-Shut up! Like you've ever seen my scores!
But Chie always has above-average marks in the subjects that she doesn't fail!
H-Hey! Why'd you tell him!? My scores just...vary! Yeah, that's it!
R-Rise-chan, you too...?
*giggle* Sorry...I'm not laughing at you. It's just...I thought it would take me a while to make any friends at my new school.
Too bad we met under such awful circumstances.


Oh yeah...What do you guys think about King Moron's case? He didn't show up on the Midnight Channel even once.
If this person had been inside the TV, I would've sensed it. My nose isn't as sharp now, but I can tell that much.
But they found the body on a foggy day again, right? They said on the news that the crime scene was just the way it was for that announcer and Saki-senpai.
I really wonder about the culprit's motives...Why was Mr. Morooka targeted?
Hope it wasn't personal, 'cause there's way too many people who hated King Moron's guts.
But didn't you say it's people who get famous on TV who are targeted? If the killer's choosing targets by watching TV, I picture him as someone who doesn't know his victims at all. I don't think it's worth trying to figure out motives for that type. There are too many people who hold grudges against you for no reason, even if you've never met them before.
Haha...You sound like you speak from experience, Rise-chan. But with King Moron, he didn't appear on the Midnight Channel or the regular TV...Uurgh! I don't get this at all!
Man, two victims in a row from our school...That's gotta set off the police's alarm bells. They're not gonna leave any stones at school unturned.
Y'know, to be honest, somewhere deep inside, I thought maybe King Moron was the killer. The news says that he was the second victim from Yasogami High, but we all know that's not the case. And I've heard him say more than once that so-and-so deserves to die...But now...I feel bad that I doubted him. He was a capital-A asshole, but that doesn't justify killing him. And not just King Moron...I feel sorry for all the victims...
I can't forgive the killer, no matter what!
Well, we'll do what we can, for King Moron's sake too! At this rate, you have to figure that the killer has something to do with the school, right? So why don't we split up and--
That won't be necessary.

Wh-Why's that?
Apparently, the police have found a suspect. It would be best to let them handle the case from here.
H-How do you know...?
I'm on this case as a special investigator, by request of the prefectural police.
They found a suspect...!? Who is it!?
As to his name, I haven't been informed. I do know...that he is a high schooler.
Well of course he is. Everyone of any importance in Inaba is a high schooler.
It isn't public knowledge yet, but he isn't a student of your high school. It seems they are quite confident that this boy is the killer...They have testimonies directly linking him with the incident. I expect it's only a matter of time before he is apprehended. Soon, this case will be solved, and your town will once again be its peaceful, rustic self.
The a high schooler...?
All right...So why come tell us? That's confidential info, right? Why run right here and spill it?
Your "game" will soon reach its end. I felt I should at least let you know that.
It's not a game to us.
You don't deny, then, that you have involved yourselves in the matter? Well, no matter. I have no reason to say anything further.
A game...? Aren't you the one who thinks of this as a game?


I don't care if you're a special investigator or an amateur sleuth...All you're doing is solving mysteries. What could you possibly know about us? You're the one who's playing a game here.
One of the victims...She meant a lot to me. How could I possibly treat this like a game? Plus...
We made a promise.
A game...That may be quite true.
Wh-Why so understanding all of a sudden?
Oh, I get it. I was wondering why you'd be wandering around like this when the police have a suspect. What, did they get rid of you now that they have their man? Is that why you came here? You were lonely?
Detectives normally aren't involved with arrests. And we never harbor any special emotions regarding a case, either.
Still...It is rather unfortunate that people are only attentive so long as our services are required...
But then, I'm accustomed to it.
Much about this case was perplexing, but its solution was surprisingly simple...Well then, I'll be going now.

He said they have a suspect...but is this really gonna solve everything?
*sigh* Who knows...

> You all decided to call it a day.

-Sky Full of Stars-

Drunk boss: You idiot, you're mixing your drinks! I'll have to teach you how it's done! It's all a waste if you don't get wasted! Gahahaha! Just kidding!
Drunk subordinate: Ugh...I'm getting even sicker...

There's a festival at the shrine, and the fireworks, as well...I used to go to them with the man I knew. *sigh* The past has a way of rushing back to you...Say, would you like to make an unforgettable summer memory with me? Oh, I'm only teasing you. But you be sure to make some memories of your own this summer!

> The fish in the tank suddenly begins to swim about in a lively manner...

Ah...! Akihiko! What's wrong? It seems he wants to eat that Yaso Locust you have...
The game's only given me one of these so far, even though Meiou Crickets attract bigger fish.

> The hostess put the Yaso Locust into the fish tank...Something came out of the fish's mouth!

Hm? Could my little one be trying to thank you? To be honest, I want it...but I'll let you have this. Don't get me wrong. I'm not this kind to just anyone, you know. You're a special case. Haha...

> Obtained Ryugu Stone!

You really are a big help. Here, this is the usual something to thank you.

> Obtained Bread Crumbs!

> It's from Yosuke...

the movie I want to see is finally out
Dumminator 2
But I h8 goin 2 Okina all by myself, so if u go, call me up n we'll c it!

> The movie Yosuke wanted to watch is now being shown at the theater. If you go to the movie theater, perhaps you should invite Yosuke...

-Tanaka's Amazing Commodities-

> You overhear students talking...

Easygoing boy: Senpai, you look pretty down. That's not good for you, y'know? Once they're over, summer vacation isn't far behind, right?
Depressed girl: Shut it, puny underclassman! I have to study for my college entrance exams! Once you're a third-year student, you'll get a taste of what it's like to take tests all year. *sigh*


Anyway, today, we're going to talk about sex linkage. Sex linkage inheritance is dependent on allosomes. To say it simply, it's genetic inheritance that's caused by whatever decides if you're male or female. An example is calico cats. Calico cats are almost entirely female. Not that there aren't any boys, but apparently there's only one out of every several tens of thousands. Maybe these rare male calicos are very popular with the ladies? Hehehe.

> The suspect has been added to the wanted list. Who is the criminal? You have no choice but to wait until more progress is made in the investigation...

Ah, Senpai!? Y-Y-You weren't listening, were you?
Senpai, umm...Be nice to me, okay? I just transferred here, and it's time for exams already. Talk about a pain...
Something else I'd change about this game: make the Lovers Social Link start when you hit this alarm.

Graduating student: I'm the last surviving member of that club...I mean, everyone else has graduated already. I will this year. Even though the club will be gone, I'm looking for someone to continue my passion. You seem promising...Would you be interested in succeeding me? Is that so! Then, I'd like you to get the equipment that shows you are indeed worthy of taking on our passion for cleanliness. Don't worry, it's nothing difficult. I want you to bring a tool and clothing that is fitting for cleaning. I'd like you to bring these back to me.
He wants the Cleaning Mop that you get from the artisan student in exchange for an Iai Katana, and the Cleaning Uniform outfit which Croco Fur stocks once you've started the hospital janitor job.
Graduating student: Wonderful! The Cleaning Mop and Cleaning Uniform exist for one reason, and one reason alone! And that is, for cleaning! Indeed, those items show your will in taking on the passion of our club! I definitely want you to have this! It's been passed down all these years!

> Obtained Bamboo Broom.

Graduating student: May your passion never go out. Pass it on to the underclassmen who come after you.

And thus, Sanzo inherits the mantle of a secret brotherhood of "cleaners" from its last surviving member.

-How Much?-

Teddie still needs his standard-issue Mage's Mark and Ame-agari Kesshi.

He came into my shop once, when the PTA raised a stink about me being a "corrupting influence" on kids...He was like a noisy little dog, yapping all over the place and just being a pain in my ass...Sheesh. Instead of looking into my "influence" on you kids, they should have been checking into his, huh?

Your homeroom teacher was killed, wasn't he...? I heard about it from another child...Why has this world gotten so dangerous?

-Aria of the Soul-

This is a special Persona that can only be born through the fusion of four Personas. The Neko Shogun is of the Star Arcana...It's a strong card, one that gives hope to those on the ground below. It shines in times of need. But, eventually, it is destined to fall to the earth and disappear...Even I can feel the sadness of this inescapable destiny. You alone have become the sun and the moon and the stars...You truly are a mysterious soul. Are you really even a "person," I wonder...It makes me want to test out...a variety of things. Well, I look forward to your efforts.

This one starts with two Personas from the striptease.

That's one component. The others can be found in the castle & bathhouse.

Here are the expanded Fusion options that Igor mentioned.

On top of the original Normal and Triangle Fusions, he now gives you Cross, Pentagon, Hexagon, and...Dodecagon!? Yikes. I don't even want to look at that mess. I have trouble enough with Triangles.

There aren't many advanced Fusion recipes, but they're all pretty powerful. The combination of Yin, Yang, Yarrg, and Smug gives you...



*chuckle* This is a rare Persona...I think I could even beat my master with this. Hm...wait a moment. The Persona's nose isn't long at all...No...There's no way I can win with this Persona. It's not easy to surpass the master...Regardless, I appreciate you showing me this beautiful Persona. One after another, you make my every wish come true...What a gentleman...Hmhm.

Well then...For my next request...Bring me a Black Frost that knows Auto-Sukukaja. If anyone can do this for me, it's you. I eagerly await your return.

-Like A Dream Come True-

...The movies? Sure! I'm in. At Okina, right?
I'll just hop on my motorcycle and meet you there. See ya in a bit!

Well, let's go.

> You and Yosuke take in a movie together. You felt white-knuckle excitement from the movie's breathtaking action scenes...You enjoyed watching the movie with Yosuke. Something inside of Yosuke changed in response to the movie...

I love that he's got the body of a robot, yet he somehow has the heart of a man that wants to protect people...

> Yosuke seems to have really liked the movie.

I haven't been this pumped in a while! Let's do this again!

There's the movies. If you invite a fellow Persona-user out to see a movie, they'll gain a level and some extra stat boosts. If it's a movie they really wanted to see, it'll also boost their Social Link.


...I wish I was a genius.
Work hard, and you can be.
You can become a genius through hard work? I thought you had to be born one...
...I've already been trying pretty hard, in my opinion. It's still not enough...?

> Shu thinks to himself.

I'm sorry, I've been tired all day today...Can we finish the rest of this lesson next time?

> Shu looks pale...

Let's change the subject to something else. What's up?
What I like in a girl is...
"...prowess in battle. Ideally she should be able to hold off superior numbers while I focus on the really big nasties. A good couple should complement each other's strengths, you know? On the other hand, you can't forget about support skills. I mean, big weapons & explosive magic fade eventually, but a good buff is a good buff even when you're old and gray."

> You told Shu about the kinds of girls you like...You ended up being pretty frank about it.

Hmmm...That was a bit surprising.
By which I mean, really surprising, actually.

> Shu laughs...

...Oh, I'm sorry. It looks like we're already out of time.
Thanks for talking with me today. I think I was able to relax a little. I'd like to hear some more later.


Whew...Thank you. I couldn't find my folding umbrella.
It's odd, because I always have one in my bag. Oh, did I use it when I was with Chie...?
Oh...S-Sorry! I didn't mean to intrude.
Now I'm a little nervous...What if people start to talk...?
That's fine with me.
Huh...? R-Really?
If it's all right with you, I guess it's fine with me too...Just kidding.
...I hope it stops raining by the time school gets out.


Mr. Kondo: I still can't believe Mr. Morooka was taken from us. The faculty office is still in shock too...But we can't sob about it all day! Today we're gonna put the "physical" back in education! We're gonna play rugby! And don't even think about getting lazy because it's hot! It's hot! It's hot, but run! Keep running! Sweat! And then, eat shaved ice! Because the shaved ice you eat after exercise is the best! Brainfreeze, aww yeah! Hahaha! You seem to be cool, Genjo! Answer me, while running! What is the medical term for brainfreeze?
Sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia.
Mr. Kondo: Yes! Fantastic! It's "sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia!" When you eat something cold, like shaved ice, it constricts the flesh around the trigeminal nerve! That's the nerve that tells your brain that your forehead hurts, and so you think your forehead hurts! All right! I can see you're all sweating hard! The more you sweat, the better the shaved ice will be when you're done!

-Heartbeat, Heartbreak-

Haggard man: My grandfather started this shop...And I closed it down. Nowadays, kids don't make models. If they want toys, Junes has a much bigger selection...I can't compete...A long while ago, kids used to come in here and show off the models they'd built, comparing to see who was best. The store was so lively. Ah, those were the days...

> The man sighed and stared off into the distance...Perhaps he's the one who wrote the ema request the fox showed you. He wants to find something to live for...

Despondent man: I feel sorry for the toys that still remain in the store...I want them to be completed, but it'd be even more pathetic if they had to be constructed by me. The models would be happier if a young kid like you made them...

> Maybe assembling one of these models will restore this man's will to live.

Want me to make one?
Despondent man: Huh? W-Would you do that? Do you have model paint at your place? You need clippers? Do you use putty!? What about detail pens...?

> This man is clearly excited about the prospect of you building a model for him.

Despondent man: Here, you can have this! Please show it to me when you're done!

> You obtained Unfinished Model. You can use the table in your room to put this together...


Younger twin: Um...I have a request for you, but...Do you think you could help me out? I need to look the same as my sister, but I don't have a Flower Brooch. My sister hasn't noticed, but if she does, I think she'll be mad at me, so...I've looked all over, but I can't find one...Do you have one?
I'll find one for you.
Younger twin: Really!? Thank you so much! I'm looking for a Flower Brooch, okay? You're a big help!

> The cat seems to be holding something in its mouth...What is it? Received Antibiotic Gel.

> It seems that the cat still hungers. You feel like you should try giving it some food...You gave the cat food.

Cat: Mew!

> The cat seems happy. You can try feeding it again next time...You can't bring yourself to leave it all alone. You should come by and give it food from time to time.

They say an old woman wearing black appears on the riverbank...
But what's funny is that she appears on holidays during the day. That's odd, isn't it? *giggle* I'd like to see her.

-Like A Dream Come True-

> Tatsuhime Shrine...Yukiko brought you here, saying she wanted to pay her respects.

I visit here with the waitresses, too. Like before a big guest arrives. We make our annual hatsumode visits here. The exam charm was here, too...
Once I leave this town...I won't be able to come here again, will I...?
You're not coming back?
I mean...I couldn't face my parents again...

> Yukiko looks sad...

Kasai-san...What are you doing here?
Kimono-clad woman: Taking a little break after ordering from the liquor store. *sigh* So now you know.
O-Oh, I won't tell...
Kimono-clad woman: Hahaha, just kidding. Oh! Is that the rumored boyfriend? I see...That hard work in the kitchen paid off, huh?
I-It's not like that!!
Kimono-clad woman: Wow, your face is burning red. Well, I'll leave you two alone!

They all have the wrong idea...I'm really sorry...
It's okay.
...Thank goodness.

> Yukiko seems to have broken out in a cold sweat...

Kasai-san is teaching me how to cook, along with the other waitresses and chefs. I said I'd learn on my own, but I kept messing up...I burnt myself a couple of times...
"Please let us teach you," they said. *giggle* It's usually the other way around, you know? They use up their break time for my lessons. They're so nice to me...When I was halfway successful one time, everyone gathered around and taste-tested it, saying how good it was. I didn't know what to say...I was just happy. Plus I have my friends at school...All things considered, I'm pretty lucky...I want to do my best. For everyone's sake.

> You sensed the quiet passion in Yukiko's smile...

But I'm trying to leave...Betraying those who've been kind to me...I...can't help that, I suppose...

> You hung out with Yukiko and walked partway home together.

> You silently assembled the complex pieces. You almost cut off a piece that you weren't supposed to...The model is not complete. You can keep working on it later.