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Part 9: Gwyneth Paltrow Misses the Train

Update 9: Gwyneth Paltrow Misses the Train

Let's rewind 18 years and see what would have happened if Rhys had chosen to marry Maia!

"... and choose to become your husband, Maia."
"And I shall be your wife and queen. Together we shall rule the fair land of Cille."

Rhys became king of the peaceful land of Cille. Maia gave birth to a son and they named him Ayn.

This is the story of Prince Ayn of Cille. After 15 years of peace, war once again came...

"Cyborgs are attacking our lands!"

The moment the first soldier walks away, another one comes in. You can see the first guy walking off the bottom of the screen there.

... and then a third soldier comes in. This is getting ridiculous.

"Now you must venture forth on a vital quest. Legends of Satellite say it is a place of peace. I think we'll need a sanctuary very soon. Take Mieu and Wren and find this Satellite. Hurry back! I don't know how long we have."
"This land must be saved. Hurry, Ayn!"
"Wait, that's your plan? You're sending me off to find a place that may or may not exist so that you can evacuate the entire population of Cille before we're overrun by killer cyborgs?"
"Pretty much. Good luck!"

Our starting party for this chapter is Ayn, Wren and Mieu. Ayn isn't quite as tough as Nial, but he more than makes up for it with his techniques. He can use Heal and Time techniques, and even at level 1 is already a better healer than Mieu. Max out his Gires straight away and this party will have incredible staying power as long as you don't fuck up and let him get killed.

"Only the chosen ones can dwell there."

The people of Cille are understandably worried about the army of Orakian cyborgs at their doorstep. Some of them believe that Satellite is a utopia, while others aren't sure if it even exists. The nature of Satellite has already been spoiled a little bit by that translation hiccup at the end of Nial's chapter, but it can't be helped.

We don't exactly have much of an idea where we should be heading next, but the only place we can go right now is Shusoran anyway, so I guess we might as well go south.

Along the way, we run into lots of Arachnes and Blinks. Arachnes can be a pain if they come in large groups, since they can hit the whole party with Gra for 4-5 damage. Blinks are weak as piss and can use Gires to heal but it doesn't matter because they die in one hit.

We arrive at the castle to find that Shusoran is still standing and Lyle is still alive, but neither of them are doing too well right now.

"Hello, Thea. How are you holding up?"
"Hello, I'm Thea, Lyle's daughter."
"I'll... just go talk to Lyle, then. Maybe he has something useful to say."

"... afraid that my people need me right now."
"Yeah, okay, I'll admit that losing an eye and being a king are both pretty good excuses for not going out on some crazy quest to find a new home for the Layan people. Guess it's up to me, then."

"... dragon-knight, is our lord and ruler."

The people of Shusoran are a bit more confident of victory than those of Cille, but Lyle already almost got killed once, so we should probably hurry up and do something about those cyborgs.

"What about that Orakian town just south of Shusoran? Do they know anything about the recent attacks?"

The people of Agoe claim not to know where the cyborgs are coming from, although they're being kinda smug about it. They don't believe that Satellite is real, either.

Well, whether they're telling the truth or not, we're not going to get any information out of them. There's nothing left to do but head across the sea to Rysel.

See, these guys still think we're cool! I'm sure they'll help us.

"They're under attack and need you desperately!"

That can't be good. Time to head back to Agoe.

Looks like we're too late, though. If we head back to Shusoran, we find that it's deserted and its castle is infested with cyborgs. We have to fight our way through them and get back to Cille.

Incidentally, Cille and Shusoran are the only two places in the whole game to buy Star Mist and Moon Dew, the best healing items. If we wanted any, we'd have had to grind for money to buy them at the very start of this generation. Good thing we don't need them.

"Everyone fled to Aridia, but I refused to leave!"

So apart from this one idiot, the entire surviving population of Cille and Shusoran is now gone. Since we still don't have a clue how to find Satellite, the best thing we can do for now is follow them. Next update, we're going to Aridia!