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Man, I bet this is gonna hit the emoticon limit. Stupid NPCs!

Also, with this I've unfortunately caught up to myself. My schedule should remain the same, barring Waffleimages locking me out for another day or two, but I figured I should just let you guys know anyway.

So then!


Welcome back to Aiedo, where we technically started the game, although we had no control over it whatsoever until now.

: All kinds of things flow in and out, from all over the place. Why, if it isn't Alys. Welcome home!

There's a bit of a pattern in this city, as you may soon find out.

: With your hair fluttering in the wind...You're one attractive woman! Well, see you later!

He then high-tails it out of there.

: Wh...what was that all about? What a geek!

: Well I guess you'd know, wouldn't you?

: Maybe he's being forced to say those things.

: Hey, you guys over there! What are you talking about?

I think Gryz just went all on Alys. How strangely amusing.

: near the Hunter's Guild. Oh, it's you, Alys. I don't need to tell you all this.

: Behind it is the Hunter's Guild. Isn't it a big town?

Everyone else in town just goes on and on about this market, so, let's just go check it out already.

: Look at this town! It's already got a pretty impressive marketplace! But I still have to sell the wares I brought. Otherwise, I'll be too embarrassed to go home!

: Well buddy, looks like you lucked out since you at least still have a home to go back to.

: What?

: Nothing.

Not everyone is as impressed with this place as most of the locals, though.

Now let's check out those weapons!


Holy crap, that sucks. But...wait. If Alys knows not to shop here, then why were she and Chaz kitted out with the worst crap from the worst weapon shop in Aiedo when they started the game?

Ah, whatever. East of the market is some nondescript housing.

: Like last time, she was right on the money about where my husband was stashing his secret savings!


: I could have sworn that I put it away in here...

Looks like this lady is legit. Might as well check this out.

: Hahn, check if it's radioactive.

: Oh, that's not even funny anymore!

: I'm afraid I must disagree.

: the other day. For you I'll tell you your fortune for free...heh, heh...

: That's highly unnerving.

: Ah...No...don't...

: Something wrong?

: I...I don't seem to be in good shape today. Come back some other time.

: Huh? I wonder what's up with that?

: Just leave it alone, Chaz.

How odd! But not odd enough to linger over. Moving on!

: That's because there's some woman called Alys who's getting all the work.

: Ahem.

: Hey, well if it isn't Alys. Why don't you send some work my way once in a while?

: Don't talk rubbish! Work is not something that gets sent to you. You have to go out and get it!

He stops whining, so I have to assume he'll go home later tonight and cry himself to sleep. Sometimes I think that my party is made up of the only competant people on the planet, I swear.

I need a drink.

: If you came here to see me, I welcome you heartily.

: Hee hee, maybe I'll have you treat me again next time.

: What?

: The?

: ...huh? What? I wasn't paying attention.

: I wonder what that means?

So do I, actually. Anyone?

Let's keep poking around, since I'm sure this is enthralling.

: It's so boring.

This is probably the only prison in a jRPG that's solidly built. No one escapes, the guard turnover rate is rather low, and there's no obvious secret exits.

: Thanks to you I've ended up in here!

: Oh, I could put you in a much worse place if you really want, buddy.

: ...actually I think I'll just stay here, yeah.

Near the northeast corner of town, there's a small house in front of a graveyard.

: So you're finally thinking of buying a plot in this town?

: Are you kidding? I have no desire to have my bones buried in a squalid town like this! When I'm old, I'm going to lead a relaxing lifestyle in a quieter place!

: Seriously? I just can't picture you living the quiet life, Alys.

: How would you pass the time, not tearing something's limbs off every five minutes?

: If you wanna keep your limbs, you'd better shut the hell up. Both of you.

: Well, I think it sounds rather nice, myself.

: Me too!

: Thank you, you two.

Well then, time for the main attraction: The Hunter's Guild! It's in the north end of the city.

: is the most skilled fighter in these parts.

: Didn't I tell you to quit calling me that? It's totally ridiculous! And it's not even translated right.

: Yeah, it certainly is! Ooops! Alys, why are you hitting me?!

: Did I not tell you to stop talking you waste of oxygen? Hmmph!

: Somebody help me!

: Grr...that's it, I gotta kill something and let off some steam. I'm going to go take a job.

: But what about Zio?


: Eep...

pass on without a word?

: Who the hell do you think you are you little pissant? Get out of my way!

Oh! It's you, Alys! Oh dear, please excuse my rudeness.


: Let's see what's up.

: I don't know who hired you, but don't even think about it! Even if you had an infinite number of lives it wouldn't be enough!

: What about infinite continues? And save points?

: Oh, that's probably fine then.

: No. 1 Alys Brangwin...'

: Wow, that's so cool! Are you really that good?

: Eh, I just do my job. Not my fault everyone around here is completely incompetant.

: I'm not even listed...

: That's because you've been a hunter for all of three days. Geez.

: Sorry. I just don't feel like it today. I'll see you some other time.

: Exactly when do you spend all this time in these bars?

: Ahhhh! Ugh!

: Cut it out, you!

Hey, I didn't even have to add that part in! Oh Chaz, you smitten fool, you. (That's adorable!)

: Why don't you go out with me once in a while?

: Thanks. I'll consider it when you become more of a man.

I've said it once, and I'll say it again: I love this woman.

: Hey, what's over here?

: Nothing for your virgin eyes.

: What? I'll have you know that I-

: Whazzis?


: Yeah, let's get the hell out of here before he embarrasses himself.

: What's going on? I'm so confused!

: Um...isn't this their dressing room?

: Yeah, yeah it is. Stifle it, already.

: Wait, what?

: It inspires me to do well!

: Why am I a role model for you people?

: Can we please keep moving? I'm getting uncomfortable and Hahn's starting to get the shakes.

: Don't mind us, just passing through.

Welcome to the only secret area in the entire game. What's our reward?

Eh, that's cool, I guess. Pretty much a full HP restore for the next half of the game, but, seriously? A healing potion? The other one better be good.

Stupid freaking secret areas.

: You have come to the Hunters' Guild where we enrich the lives of hunters! The enrollment area is over there! For those of you hunters who have already joined, I'd like to give you information about available job listings.

: Any applicants?

: Gee, what a selection. This may take a few minutes.

: Oh god, not him again.

: 'The sand worms at my ranch have become so big that I'm at my wit's end. Please help me...'

: Bwa ha ha ha ha!

: That is the message. The fee offered is 5000 meseta. Will you take this job?

: Hell yes. Sign me up!

: In that case, please go to Mile and get more details from the rancher.

Before we do that, let's spend what we can in the 'better' armory.

Okay, so, we're pretty broke. I believe we got one or two things out of here and then ran out of cash.

We'll probably be fine, though.

: Boy! Do be a dear and transport us to Mile, post haste.


: The sand worms I've raised in this ranch have grown so big, the situation is out of hand! P...please! Can you do something about it? I won't complain, whatever the outcome is!

Just a note, here: This can be a pretty hard fight. Certainly a hell of a lot worse than anything we've fought so far, and probably any other regular monster we'll encounter for a while. So, unless you're crazily perfectionist about things, you'll probably have some dead heroes on your hands at the end.

Wandering into the farm brings us face to face with:

This happy camper!

Predictably, Hahn is the first to fall.

Not so predictably, the sandworm kills Chaz before Rika gets her turn in.

It becomes apparent that Alys is more suited to buffing than anything else in this fight. Rika has already used Illusion to help us get hit less, and with Shift and Saner in play, it renders the sandworm almost harmless. Why the hell didn't I do this at the beginning?

That is a fuckton of EXP. Moreso since Chaz and Hahn died, so the other three are getting some bonus EXP out of it.

Two levels for Alys.

Four for Gryz.

And a whopping six for Rika. She learns Saner and the instant death skill Eliminate out of the ordeal.

Despit this, Chaz and Hahn aren't left too far behind. I should probably reorganize my party soon; Rika's probably got the highest defense by now, and the second highest HP already.

: successfully...

: Aw, damn, I missed that show!

: The dream...Sigh. Thank you. There's no use lamenting about the past. I should make a clean break and go on to the next thing. I'll send your compensation to the guild, so please pick it up there.

: Uh-huh, uh-huh. Yeah, let's get out of here.

: Servant boy!

: I'm regretting learning these techniques.

: Congratulations on dealing with the sand worms so effectively! Please accept your commission fee of 5000 meseta!

: I'm glad we resolved the problem before anyone got hurt. Too bad for the ranch owner, though.

: But he seemed like a person who would not be daunted for long. I'm sure he'll prosper again.

: Or have another boneheaded idea, most likely.

With our newfound wealth, we finish outfitting ourselves with the latest in dinnerware fashion.

: There's one last thing I want to do before we call it a day.

: Oh, I see! Cool!

: Where are we going?

: You'll see.

: How odd.

: Oh yeah! This is behind our house, isn't it?

: Yup, though I have no idea why the hell they're outside the city walls.

: Oh, nobody's home.

: Not quite.

: Eh, the walk is good for ya. It's not like you're in some monster infested cavern or anything.

: Paydirt! Nothing beats coming home from a hard day's work and enjoying some well-earned treats, wouldn't you say?

: Ooooh! Can I have some?

: Absolutely. We'll go home and slice it up, right after I check something.

: food you cooked the other day. It was all delicious. I'll wash the containers and return them to you.

: You can cook, Alys?

: People are so unpredictable!

: Oh, cut it out. What's the big deal? Anyway, I brought you some cake from around the corner. I figured you might like to try some.

: Ooh, thank you!

: D'awwww.

: Alys can be a real sweet person sometimes, huh? Interesting!

: Jeez, I'm never bringing you people out again. Let's just get home already.

: Chaz! Go set the table.

: Yes ma'am!

: The rest of you, make yourselves at home. It's been a hell of a ride; it's time to kick back and relax.

: Really?

: Yup. You're an annoying weakling, but you're good in my book.

: Uh...thanks?

: Come and get it!

: Oh boy!


Horrible slug monsters and seizures aplenty!

: Heh heh heh...this is it! The next big thing!

: Skreeeee!

: Oh nooooooo!

Thuryl posted:

There's not a whole lot to say about this update: the town of Aiedo didn't appear in any previous game. Monster hunters have been a respected profession since Phantasy Star 2, though.

The cake shop is a callback to Phantasy Star 1. In that game, there was a cave on Palma, four levels deep, with nothing much of interest in it except for a shortcake shop at the bottom. You had to buy this cake and present it as a gift to the Governor of Motavia in order to receive an audience with him. Presumably the owner's descendants moved to Aiedo at some point before PS4.

Sartak posted:

Purgatory boss #3: Sandworm

Seira: I forgot to look at Skills. Sorry!

I figured this guy would be harder than he is. I beat him my first try but I wasn't recording. A recurring pattern of Gryz being the healer begins.. which is mostly because Gryz only has Zan, and regular attacks do pittance against the sandworm.

meteor9 doesn't have a video for this guy, which is too bad, it's one of my favorite fights. Also, real sandworms still stomp the fuck out of me with Earthquake.