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Part 6: Case 2 - Turnabout Sisters - Investigation (Day 1) - Part 1

Case 2- Turnabout Sisters
Investigation - Part 1

Let's cut to the chase and start off our new episode.

Video Intro

This is our first case with an Investigation phase, and our first real case, which will introduce a whole lot of characters that will remain constants for some time.

: Mia! What's up? You haven't called in a while.
: Sorry, I've been so busy. How you been?
: Well, LONELY. And it's all YOUR fault. Nah, I'm just teasing. I've been great! I'm finally getting used to having my own place.
: That's good to hear. Actually, I'm calling because I have a favor to ask.
: I know, I know. You want me to hold evidence for you?
: Sharp as always! There's a lot of buzz about the upcoming trial... I just don't feel safe keeping the evidence here.
: I gotcha. So, what is it this time?
: It's... a clock.
: A clock?
: Yeah, it's made to look like that statue, "The Thinker." And it tells you the time! I thought you might like it. You always liked toys.
: Hey! I'm not a little girl anymore, Sis!
: Now, now. You know I'm only teasing. Ah, I should probably tell you, the clock isn't talking right now.
: Huh? It's not working? That's lame!
: I had to take the clockwork out. Sorry. I put some papers inside it instead.
: Papers? Is that the evidence, then? Hmm, well... there's a possibility that it might turn out that way, yes.

I'm not sure if that last sentence was meant to be Mia's line or not.

: Can you come by the office tonight, say 9:00, to pick it up? I'll be in a pretrial meeting until then.
: Okay, Sis, but I expect dinner! Something good! Like... burgers! I could really go for a good burger.
: Okay, okay. We'll hit the usual joint.
: Alright! It's a deal! Okay, Sis, see you soon!
: Yep. I'll be waiting, Maya.

Music cuts out here, as a note.

: I'm sorry, but I can't give you what I don't have.
: Miss Fey, you are a poor liar. Why, I see it right over there... That must be "The Thinker" that swallowed those papers.
: How could you know...?
: Ho hoh. You are not cogniferous of my background? Gathering information is my business, you see.
: I... I should have been more careful.
: Ho hoh. My dear Miss Fey... I am so very sorry. But I am afraid I must ask you for one more thing.

: !!!

: Huh, that's strange. The chief must have gone home already. She said her sister was coming over so we should all go out for dinner...

: What's that smell...? Blood...? Mia! (Maybe she's in her office!)

We can look at the area, but there's nothing to see, so we just move on.

: ... *sob* Sis...
: (Someone's there!)

: ...! Chief? Chief...?

At which point, the girl collapses. (By fading away and the screen shaking.)

: (I went back to the chief where she lay under the window.)

: (I could feel it when I held her shoulder. Then, all too quickly, it began to fade... Until finally she was cold.)

We begin our first real investigation. Examine lets us look at things in the room, while Move lets us move to new locations, as we did to get into the office.

We can select areas with the stylus or d-pad using this cursor.

: There's a large building right across from the office. The "Gatewater Hotel." A nice, luxurious place.

: They seem to be the remains of a glass light stand.

: The chief's chair. A simple, functional design. Feels pretty good to sit in, too.

We move over to the second half of the room.

: Surprisingly, the chief was never good with machines. About all she used this PC for was e-mail. She picked up this ancient model at some garage sale for practically nothing.

: The Fey & Co. ledger book. Everything is written in the chief's ultra-neat handwriting. It's a small office, but it makes a good bit of money.

: All the chief's important documents are packed in here. This is where she filed her case records and recent rulings.

: Right! I'd better call the police! ...? That's funny... A few of the screws on the receiver are missing... It looks like someone was halfway through taking it apart.

: Please, come quick!
: (Wh-what was that!?)

: She's staring right at me! She's holding a phone in her hand...

Well, I'm sure that's nothing to be worried about. Back to poking at things!

: A perfectly normal office desk. The chief had a very particular policy about office decor: "Spend big on stuff the clients use, but keep your own stuff simple."

The boxes to interact with stuff can be quite large. Mia's foot counts as Mia.

: Chief... It's hard seeing her like this, but if there are any clues here... She was struck on the head with a blunt object. She probably died instantly.

: Hmm... there are some glass shards near the chief's body.

: Nothing else that seems like a clue here...

: A piece of paper! It must have fallen from Mia's hand! What could it be?

Some stuff was added to the Court Record, but let's keep looking around first.

: How ironic that this became the murder weapon... again.

Anyway, back to the room.

: !

: "Maya"...? Did Mia write this? This piece of paper is a receipt from a department store, dated yesterday. (I think that's enough snooping around for now. I'd better call the police...)

: The phone receiver is missing a few screws. I'd better not use it.

Instead, let's go to the other room.

: (That girl just now... where'd she go!? I put her right there on that sofa...! Uh oh... I hope she didn't run on me.)

: (Don't scare me like that...) Umm... Excuse me but, who are you?

: It's okay. I work here.

: Maya Fey.
: Maya... Fey? ("Maya"...?)

: (Maybe I should show her the receipt? I never thought there'd be a use for evidence like this outside the courtroom!)

Now we get two new options - Talk, to ask Maya questions, and Present, to show her things. But first, we're going to look around, because Phoenix is easily distracted.

: This sofa is for clients. It's leather... a real luxury model.

: A large painting. I guess you'd call this "modern art." I, on the other hand, call it a mistake.

: The door to the chief's office. It's slightly open. I'd better not touch the door knob.

: You couldn't cram more legal books in here, even if you wanted to. Few can gaze upon the shelves without feeling insignificant.

: The reception desk. I usually sit here.

: A small writing desk cluttered with office supplies.

So now, let's talk to Maya. The way we do this is to pick topics off the available list. We can get more by asking certain questions or by showing people certain evidence.

: (She seems to be in shock. I don't want to disturb her, but I have to know...) Um... excuse me? Can you tell me what happened?
: ... I came in... The room was dark. And Sis... Sis...!
: (So she was already dead.)

: So, you're the chief's...?
: Sister. I'm her younger sister.
: And you were here... visiting? This late at night?
: Yes. She said she wanted me to keep some evidence for her.
: Evidence...?
: Yes... I-it was that clock...
: It was "The Thinker."

So, let's start showing her stuff.

: I'm sorry, I've never seen that before.

: That was... Oh, Sis! *sob*
: (Hmm, probably shouldn't have asked her about the murder weapon...)

: I know. I saw it there too. I thought they might be pieces of the light stand.
: Hmm. Maybe. (Never heard of a glass light stand before...)

: She wrote it on the back of this receipt.

: W-why!? Why would she write my name?
: Please, just calm down.
: W-why would Sis write my name?
: (Uh-oh. Now I've done it...)

: ! The police! (Sounds like they're coming this way!)

: (Gumshoe...? What an odd name.)
: We received a report from the building across the way, see. Got a person saying they saw a murder.

: (Great. Just great.)

: Eek!

: ...!

: The victim drew this here note in her own blood, see?
: With her dying breath, she wrote down the killer's name!

: W-what?

Next time: Welp.

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