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Part 9: Case 2 - Turnabout Sisters - Trial (Day 2) - Part 1

Case 2- Turnabout Sisters
Court - Part 1

: The court is now in session for the trial of Ms. Maya Fey.

: The defense is ready, Your Honor. (Miles Edgeworth... I'd better not show any signs of weakness today, or he'll be on me in an instant.)
: Mr. Edgeworth. Please give the court your opening statement.
: Thank you, Your Honor. The defendant, Ms. Maya Fey, was at the scene of the crime. The prosecution has evidence she committed this murder... and we have a witness who saw her do it. The prosecution sees no reason to doubt the facts of this case, Your Honor.
: I see.
: Thank you, Mr. Edgeworth. Let's begin then.

Little error on the game's part there.

: The prosecution calls the chief officer at the scene, Detective Gumshoe!

: Witness, please state your name and profession to the court.
: Sir! My name's Dick Gumshoe, sir! I'm the detective in charge of homicides down at the precinct, sir!
: Detective Gumshoe. Please, describe for us the details of this murder.
: Very well, sir! Let me use this floor map of the office to explain.

: And the cause of death?
: Loss of blood due to being struck by a blunt object, sir!

: The court accepts the statue as evidence.
: (They're still calling it a "statue"...)

And while we're in here...


: Y-yes sir!
: You immediately arrested Ms. Maya Fey, who was found at the scene, correct? Can you tell me why?
: Yes sir! I had hard evidence she did it, sir!
: Hmm. Detective Gumshoe. Please testify to the court about this "hard evidence."

: Hmm... The very moment, you say. Very well. Mr. Wright, you may begin your cross-examination.
: Y-yes, Your Honor. (Cross-examine what...?)
: (I couldn't see a single contradiction in that testimony...)

: (Hey! Maya just threw something at me...)

: ("When my sister couldn't find any contradictions in a witness's testimony she would bluff it and press the witness on every detail! The witness always slips up and says something wrong... It worked lots of times!" Heh... I should have expected Maya would know some of her sister's tricks! Alright. Let's give this a try!)
: Something the matter?
: No, Your Honor. I'd like to begin my cross-examination.

: Who did you say you got a call from?
: Hey pal, don't play dumb! You know who!
: The call was from a customer at the Gatewater Hotel, right across from the crime scene!
: (Hmm... okay, I pressed. Not sure it did much, though.)
: Right. Please continue.

: Detective Gumshoe, how long would you say it took, between you receiving the call, and your arrival at the scene of the crime?
: Hmm, right... I'd say it was about 3 minutes!
: Th-that's pretty fast!
: Our motto this month is "quick response"!
: That's how I got there before the killer got away!
: Indeed! So, tell us who the two people you found on the scene were.
: Yes sir!

: Are you absolutely sure it was us?
: Listen pal, your dumb act will only get you so far!
: With her funky hippie clothes and your spiky hair?
: You two stand out like... like suspicious people at a crime scene!
: (Well... he does have a point about her. She is pretty unmistakeable.)
: (I should pick my points to press with a little more care...)

: Why's that? What's your reason?

Pressing either of these statements moves us on, so we'll hold off a bit. Instead, we loop.

: (I can't see a single contradiction in there!)
: (I'll just have to take Maya's advice and press him on anything suspicious!)

Okay, back.

: Hold on just one second!
: Y-yeah?
: If I heard correctly...

: Huh?
: Did... did I say that? Me?
: I heard you say it!
: You did say it.
: You said it.

: Wh-what!? Miss May isn't suspicious, and she sure isn't pink, pal!

: That's enough, Detective Gumshoe.
: Do you have any more solid proof other than her claims, Detective?
: Umm...
: (Hmm! I guess pressing can have its advantages!)
: ...
: Yes.
: (Gah!)
: Sorry, I got the order of things mixed up in my testimony, Your Honor Sir!
: There was something I should have told you about first, Your Honor!
: Very well, Detective. Let's hear your testimony again.

: Hmm...
: Before we begin cross-examination, I have a question for you, Detective.
: Y-Your Honor?
: Why didn't you testify about this vital piece of evidence the first time!?
: Ah... eh... I know. I'm real embarrassed I forgot about it, Your Honor Sir.
: Try to be more careful!
: Very well, the defense may begin its cross-examination.

: And did you find any evidence?
: Now, now, don't jump the gun on me, pal. Just listen. I'm getting to the good part!
: (I got a bad feeling about this...)

: Just because you found it next to the body doesn't mean the victim wrote it!
: Ho hoh! Then who did write it, smarty-pants?

: Th-the killer! Anyone can see that!
: Hoh.
: You're saying the killer wrote her OWN name!? Buddy, please!
: She was framed!

: Hold on.

: Ah... (Urk! Argh!)

: Those without evidence shouldn't open their mouths, Mr. Wright.
: Yeah, pal!

: Well... it could have been the witness, Miss May!

: Hold on.

: Try pulling the other leg, Mr. Wright!
: Yeah, and while you're at it, pull mine too, pal!
: (Argh...!)

: It... it could have been me!
: What! S-so it was you!

: Can you prove it wasn't?

: Hold on. So, you admit to this?

: Uh...
: Listen to me, Mr. Wright. This is a court of law, and I expect you to refrain from making thoughtless statements!
: Amateur!
: (...!)


: Do you have proof it was Mia who wrote that!?
: Of course I do, pal!
: (Uh oh... he sounded pretty confident. This might not be good...)

: What kind of "tests" were these again?
: Huh? What kind? Umm... well... I hear they take the, um, little bits in the blood, the... er... hemo... hemogl... Hermo... goblins... hobgob... Er...? Herma-goblin bobbin...
: I-I refuse to testify on this matter, sir! I'm no expert on blood tests!
: Yes, that was quite clear. You may continue with your testimony.
: Th-thanks, pal. I mean Your Honor Sir.
: Detective Gumshoe.
: Y-yeah?
: I think you can expect a pleasant bonus in your next pay check.
: Oh? Oh hoh hoh.
: (That was a mess...)
: Right! Where was I?

: On which hand was the bloody finger, Detective?
: The right hand!
: (Hmm... she WAS right handed...)
: Hah hah hah! Nice try!
: (Uh oh... I guess it wasn't too hard to see what I was getting at there.)

: Detective Gumshoe! Do you get a lot of cases where the victim actually writes the killer's name?
: Sure! It happens all the time in books and the movies!
: This isn't a movie, Detective.
: Oof!
: Let's talk about reality, shall we?
: Umm... I guess, I haven't heard of many cases... no.
: Don't you find it a little odd that the victim would write down a name? Especially the name of her own sister?
: Ah, yeah, actually, you got a point, pal.

: Stop right there.
: The witness's opinion on the matter is irrelevant! The facts are clear: the victim wrote down the name of the accused...
: The victim told us the name of her killer!

: Order! Order!
: (That didn't go so well...)
: Th-that's right! What he said!


: (That's his whole testimony... Okay, there has to be a contradiction in there somewhere. Let's find it!)

Can you find it?

Next time: We find it.

Delaware Code Ann. title 11, Section 1004 posted:

A person is guilty of advertising marriage in another state when the person erects any sign or billboard, or publishes or distributes any material giving information relative to the performance of marriage in another state.
Advertising marriage in another state is a violation. In addition, a peace officer of this State may seize and destroy any sign, billboard or material which the officer observes in violation of this section.