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Part 100: Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes - Trial (Day 4) - Part 7

Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes
Trial (Day 4) - Part 7

: True, you might not help out anyone for their sake.
: But if it would benefit you...
: you might decide to assist someone.
: ...
: Mr. Wright.
: It appears you're positively determined to portray the Chief...
: as a nice man who likes to lend a hand.
: (That's not what I mean...)

: Very well, I'll ask.

: Chief Prosecutor Lana Skye...
: Th-the defendant!?
: ...
: I believe it's quite obvious in light of the circumstances.

: Who would want to help her more than her own sister, Lana?
: And as for Chief Gant...
: he would also have a reason to help Lana if she asked him to.

: That reason, of course, is... self profit.
: Self profit...?
: What do you mean?
: After the SL-9 Incident was resolved...

: The person who arranged this job change...
: was you, Chief Gant.
: ...
: B-but...
: how would he profit from all of this?
: He would be able to use the Chief Prosecutor as his puppet!

: Essentially...
: he would acquire unchecked authority over all investigations!
: Do you mean to tell me... that despite the Chief's formidable appearance,
: he plays with puppets?

: Oh, wait.
: You must mean "puppet" as in someone forced to do his bidding... Never mind!

: Admit it, Chief!
: You assisted Lana Skye in forging evidence!

: Your motive: to appoint her as Chief Prosecutor so you could control her!
: Wrighto, my boy. You have quite an imagination. Let me ask you something.
: What?
: Do you have any proof of this?
: That I "controlled" Lana?
: For example, is Lana testifying that I've done such a thing?
: Lana... (She's keeping quiet to protect Ema. There's no way she'd testify against Gant!)

: I'm afraid without any proof, this all amounts to nothing more than mere conjecture.
: ... Unless... that is also
: what happened in this incident...
: "This" incident...?
: Er... which one would that be?
: Of course I'm talking about...

: Worthy... You'd better watch your tongue...
: I wouldn't want you to get hurt.
: Just what do you mean?

: What he means, Your Honor, is that Chief Gant is involved in the murder of Detective Goodman.

: Wha... wha... wha... WWWWHHHHAAAAAAAAATTTTT!!!?

: Order! Order! Order! I SAID... ORDEEEEERRRR!!!
: Mr. Wright!
: You...
: You can't be serious!
: Huh?
: This...
: This is an affront to the highest ranking officer in our law enforcement agency! To accuse the Chief of Police
: of blackmail... and murder!!!?
: That's i.... i... i-i-i-i-i-i-i-

: ...
: Your Honor, I was merely reiterating...
: what Mr. Edgeworth said, in easier-to-understand language.

: It's too late, Mr. Wright.
: !

: There's no turning back for us now.
: (It looks like he's the one who's decided to go through with this.)

: Can you prove this, Mr. Wright?
: That the Chief, a high-ranking officer of the law, is involved in this murder!?
: ... (Good question...)

: Regardless of his rank or title, Chief Gant is just a man.

: I see.
: Alright, then.
: Show us this evidence that ties Chief Gant to the murder of Detective Goodman.

: This is the ID card list...
: Yes, the one that shows who entered the evidence room on the day of the crime.
: There was one ID on the list we couldn't determine the owner of yesterday...
: 7777777.

: It's your number.
: !
: What!? How do you know that!?
: The safe in Chief Gant's Office requires a code to open.
: A seven-digit code...
: Seven digits...
: You don't mean...

: I'm afraid so, Your Honor.
: The code was "7777777"...
: The same as the remaining ID card number on that list!

: Order! Order!
: Chief Gant! What do you have to say!?
: ... Nothing.
: The defense's search of my office was in violation of regulations.
: And I will demand Mr. Wright be punished to the maximum extent of the law.

: But right now, this court demands an explanation from you...

: ...

: Chief Gant!
: So you admit it? You entered the evidence room...
: on the day of the crime!?
: ...
: What about it? I'm Chief of Police. Whether it's the evidence room or the bathroom, what's the difference? I can go anywhere I want.
: Tell me. When you entered the room...
: were you alone?
: I always go to the bathroom alone... as I do with the evidence room.

: O-of course not! Why would he be? I hadn't seen him in days!

: You hadn't seen him... "in days"? Chief Gant...
: I'm afraid you've just undone yourself.

: On that day,
: you had to have met with Detective Goodman!

: What do you mean!?
: This trial's purpose is to determine Lana Skye's guilt!

: No it isn't, Your Honor.
: This trial's purpose is to determine the truth.

: then we need to determine one thing:

: In that case, Mr. Wright! I'm going to have to ask you for evidence!

: Detective Goodman lost his ID card on the day of the crime.
: Or to be more accurate, Jake Marshall stole it.
: So Detective Goodman filled out a lost item report. He would have had to give that report... to the Chief of Police!
: Yet you are in possession of the report...
: which means you can't be sure if he filed it.

: He filed it.
: How do I know, you ask?
: Because he needed to enter the evidence room that day.
: He needed to?
: Yes.
: To transfer the evidence out.
: Oh...
: Detective Goodman took the form to you, Chief Gant.
: Then...

: I "accompanied" him?

: There's no other way the murderer and Detective Goodman could have entered the room!

: Hold on. Let me guess what you're going to say next. I, the Chief of Police,
: murdered poor Goodman!
: ...

: Exactly.

: But wait!
: The Chief didn't necessarily need to accompany him to the evidence room.
: He could have just lent him his ID card.
: Yes...
: Now that you mention it, I believe I might have done something of the sort.

: Sorry,
: but that's not possible.
: !
: According to the record, your card was only used once. But you showed us your ID card earlier.
: If you really "lent" it to Detective Goodman,

: Chief Gant!
: Y-you didn't...!
: ...
: The murder was most likely committed on the spur of the moment. No one in their right
: mind would choose the Police Department as a place to commit murder.

: Why else? To dispose of Detective Goodman's body.

: However.

That is a period there. Keep this in mind.

: How did he manage to move it there?
: I was at the Police Department the entire day, you know.
: And everyone's aware that Lana stayed at the Prosecutor's Office after the ceremony.
: Everyone except me, it seems...
: Still, you're the Chief of Police.
: You have an entire police force at your disposal.
: Oh, so you think I just ordered an officer to do it?
: "Hey you. Take this here dead body over to the Prosecutor's Office." I don't think so...
: Chief Gant. You left all the evidence we need...
: to prove how you moved the body to the Prosecutor's Office. (And all this time I thought it was just a useless clue just taking up space...)

: How could the Chief have moved the body!?
: Mr. Wright! Show us this evidence!

Next time: Can you figure it out?