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Part 102: Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes - Trial (Day 4) - Part 9

Bonus update today! I'm feeling hype since we're near the end of the game and all my footage for the rest is now recorded.

Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes
Trial (Day 4) - Part 9

: Now then...
: Will the defendant, Ms. Lana Skye, please take the stand?

: Ms. Lana Skye. You are the Chief Prosecutor.
: I'm sure you're aware of what is required of you.
: But Mr. Edgeworth... you already know everything...
: You know all that I've done these past two years.
: ...
: Please provide the court with your testimony, Ms. Skye.
: And remember... you are under oath. We want to hear the truth.
: Of course...
: The truth...
: Lana! No matter what happens, I'll always be your sister!
: ...

: Now then, your testimony, if you will.
: First, tell us about your relationship with Gant.
: (Everything hinges on your testimony. You're the only chance we have to get Gant!)

: Hmm...
: Are you sure about this testimony?
: Your Honor. I'm confessing to a capital offense.
: Of course I'm sure.
: But Lana...!

: If this is true,
: then that means Chief Gant has nothing to do with this.
: That's what I've been telling you from the beginning.
: Please, Mr. Wright. You've got to help her! She's sacrificing herself because of me...
: (But what if she's telling the truth?)
: She's not. I know my own sister.
: Whenever she speaks stiffly like that, she's hiding something inside.
: Deep down, she's really screaming in agony!
: ...! (Yeah... This is no time to start second-guessing myself!)

: The defense may now begin its cross-examination.

: How many years, exactly?
: Ever since I made senior detective.
: Let's see, I was 24 then... so that would be five years.
: Detective Gant and Detective Skye were
: legendary partners. I personally saw them testify in numerous cases.
: (She must have been good, coming from the same school as Mia...)
: Damon Gant was a respectable detective. That's why...

: But think about it, Ms. Skye! You didn't murder
: Detective Goodman!
: You told me as much yesterday in jail!
: You still don't get it,
: do you Mr. Wright?
: Any testimony you cannot present in court is as useless as idle gossip.
: ...!
: I stabbed Detective Goodman with a knife.
: And...

: Did you do so to help your sister?
: Joe Darke was a serial killer.
: My sister almost became his last victim that day. I didn't want that incident to ruin her life.

: But what she did was justifiable self-defense!
: She wouldn't have been charged with anything...
: That's not the point. She was traumatized that day, all because of that creep!
: That's why I couldn't forgive him.
: Lana...
: So that's why you fabricated
: the evidence two years ago?

: You say you did this all by yourself?
: Yes.
: Would you mind telling us what you found when you arrived at the crime scene?
: ...
: It seems I was the first person to discover the scene.

: What!?

: That's only a situation you dreamed was "possible."
: ...!
: The reality is, it wasn't my sister who took the prosecutor's life!
: Fantasize all you want, Mr. Wright, but I'll never change this statement!

: Something like that...
: If that is so,
: what happened to the other murder weapon?

: Oh,
: that was lying on the floor a little distance away.
: It was probably knocked away in the struggle.
: (That's not how it went down! She's trying to cover up her lies with more lies!)
: All just to protect me...

: So when you found the scene like this,
: what did you do? After all,
: this is what everything boils down to!

: Yes...

: And then you moved the body?

: But why!? Why would you do that...?
: You of all people should know, Edgeworth.
: You've always had a good head on your shoulders.
: ...!

: But why did you do that!?
: Come now, Mr. Wright.
: Even you should be able to figure it out.
: ...

: Very well, let's add this to the witness's testimony!
: The reason Ms. Skye fabricated the knife!

: According to your testimony,

: Yes, and leaving it at that might point the blame away from Darke.
: I felt the most effective way to get him convicted,

: So you...
: you buried it inside the victim's stab wound?
: Yes.
: Because I hated Darke for what he did.
: Hmm...

Not the most informative. But if we went back and tried the other option...

: When you showed up on the scene, where exactly was the victim's body?
: It was where you deduced it was - by Chief Gant's desk.
: But the body was found by your desk.

: The reason for that is simple...

: Let's have the witness explain this in more detail.
: The reason Ms. Skye moved the body!

: "Pieces of the jar..." You mean...?

: In order to show that Darke committed the crime...
: I felt it would be more expedient to move the body.
: So...
: when you first found the body, the jar was already...
: Of course. It had been shattered to pieces.

: In other words, the jar must have been broken during their struggle.

: I see.
: ...
: What's the matter, Ema?
: Apparently the jar shattered at the time the crime was committed.
: But I have a feeling there is more to it than that.
: (There must be a contradiction here somewhere!)
: Anyway, I committed this fabrication completely alone.

: So you rearranged the crime scene...
: Are you sure you didn't do this to keep Ema from looking like the "murderer"?
: How many times do I have to tell you, Mr. Wright? Ema didn't do it.
: Period.
: (Are you so desperate to hide that fact... you're willing to risk the death sentence?)
: She's lying! She did it so I wouldn't be blamed for what happened!
: In any case...
: as a prosecutor, what I've done is unpardonable. There's nothing I can do to make up for my actions.


: Mr. Wright! My sister's lying!
: Looks like she's determined to protect you to the end. She insists she fabricated the evidence by herself.
: There's no way she could have done it alone!
: (I've got to get Lana to talk more. If she's lying, then she's bound to slip up and make a contradiction!)

Can you spot it?

: Ms. Skye, I understand how you feel.
: You committed that "crime" two years ago to protect your sister.
: You mean the forgery at the scene where Neil Marshall was murdered?
: If the truth were to be exposed now,
: the past two years of your life

: will have been useless. Even so, I am compelled to bring to everyone's attention
: a significant contradiction within your testimony!

: A contradiction... in my testimony?
: You testified, and I quote, "The pieces of the jar that shattered during the events threatened my plan."
: That's right...
: Do you have a problem with that?
: It's a simple oversight, really.
: You see, a message was written on the jar with the victim's blood.
: Yes. The prosecutor must have written it in his final moments.

: Exactly so.
: And this is where the contradiction lies.
: !
: In order for the victim to be able to write his message on the jar,
: it must not yet have been broken before he died!
: Ah...

: Order! Order!
: Your Honor. It would appear... more information is needed in regard to
: this jar, and its bloody message!
: We may be missing something critical here!
: (Something critical...?)
: Chief Prosecutor.
: It seems you're as in the dark as we are... about the truth towards which we're headed.
: What...?
: Just tell us exactly what you saw.
: We'll piece together the information to arrive at the truth.

: Very well! The witness may now continue her testimony!
: ...

Next time: The final battle?