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Part 103: Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes - Trial (Day 4) - Part 10

Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes
Trial (Day 4) - Part 10

: I wasn't Chief Prosecutor at the time.
: She didn't think Darke was the real murderer. That's why she tried to erase the "real evidence."

: Very well. The defense may now begin its cross-examination.

: So the jar was already broken?
: It's a miracle that thing hadn't broken earlier.
: It certainly looks as feeble as the defense's case...
: (But not as feeble as the judge's judgment...)
: You were an ace detective who never missed a detail. Do you really expect us to believe
: you didn't investigate what was written on the jar pieces?
: Normally I would have,

: So you didn't know your sister's name was written on the jar?
: No.
: If I had known...
: I would have gathered all the pieces and ground them to dust.
: (Well, that helps my case...)
: Lana... you'd do that for me?
: It seems you two might make up yet.
: Anyway, I just barely had enough time to move the body as it was.
: If someone happened upon the scene, you'd lose your chance to erase the evidence.
: You must have been in a hurry.
: I was.
: I knew I had to destroy the evidence before anyone came.

: This is rather shocking...

: I'm afraid that action of yours reveals
: what really happened.
: What do you mean?
: If you really thought Darke killed Prosecutor Marshall,
: you wouldn't have wiped away the blood.
: ,,, What else could I have done in that situation?
: Lana...
: I only had a few moments.
: There wasn't enough time for me to do anything else but gather up the pieces.

: But how could you see with the power out?
: It should have been pitch black in that office.
: A detective is always prepared, Mr. Wright.
: Even now I always carry
: a pocket light and a camera with me.
: Even I carry my a bottle of emergency Luminol where I go!

my a bottle?

: I never miss anything. I got every last piece.

: So you illegally rearranged the crime scene?
: Yes. I don't have any excuse for my actions.
: I'm so sorry, Lana. I didn't know... I've treated you so badly all this time...
: (It's not too late. There's still plenty of time to make up... After we've gotten to the bottom of this incident!)

: No doubt this day will leave a permanent stain on the history of the Prosecutor's Office.


: More contradictions have
: surfaced in her testimony.
: Your sister's really putting up a fight. She must really care about you. Still, she's not doing this the right way...
: ...!
: (I think I've finally figured out the contradictions in her testimony. There's one final "possibility" that might turn everything around!)

Can you figure out Phoenix's plan?

: Ms. Skye. I believe this jar conceals a truth even you were unaware of.
: What?

: In the Chief's safe?
: But how...?
: (I knew it! She really didn't know!)
: There's something even more disturbing about that final piece:

: But the witness just testified...
: that she gathered every last piece and wiped the blood off of them!
: Yes,
: which leaves us with only one explanation.

: On the night Prosecutor Marshall was murdered...
: you were not the first one to show up on the scene!

: But couldn't the defendant have simply missed a piece?

: I'm afraid that's unlikely.
: The pieces are too big for anyone to miss, let alone an ace detective!
: That may well be, but everyone makes mistakes. Even I once wasted an entire day
: looking for my dentures. They were in my mouth all along! Ha! Can you believe that!?

: Have you forgotten, Your Honor? When this witness arrived at the scene,
: the jar was already broken.
: Oh, that...
: There's no way a name could have been written on a shattered jar.

: I hope you're not implying this "person" was Chief Gant. At the time, he was looking
: for Darke downstairs. Besides, even if he was there first, why would he break the jar?

: The question is, if he did arrive there first, why did he hide that fact for two years!?
: ...

: Wait,
: I'm not the one on trail here!


: Damon Gant arrived at the crime scene prior to the witness.

: Question:
: What is this action called?
: Fabrication...

: B-but why would Chief Gant do that!?
: In light of what happened afterwards,
: isn't it clear?
: What happened afterwards...?
: Discovering the scene, Lana Skye believed her sister Ema killed the victim. Determined to help her sister,
: she sought Gant's aid.

: sparing Ema. And here is the reason!

: Please, Sis! Stop trying to protect the chief! I... I can't watch you suffer any more for my sake...
: No, you didn't! It wasn't you, Ema! You didn't kill anyone! Don't believe anything Mr. Wright says!
: Defense attorneys make up the he most foul lies to defend their clients!


: "Foul lies"...? (Imagine that, coming from my own client!)

: Hmm... I guess you do seem the type who likes to twist the truth.
: ...
: !
: (Wait a minute... What if...)

: Is something wrong, Mr. Wright?
: Lana...
: may be right after all.
: ! What do you mean, Wright?
: So you do tell foul lies then, Mr. Wright?

: Ms. Skye! Please testify once more!
: But...
: If evidence was "fabricated" behind your back...
: then Ema's accidental killing of Prosecutor Marshall...
: might also be a lie!

: B-but, I do remember
: knocking over Mr. Marshall...
: Ms. Skye! If you will!
: ...
: I... I can't...
: There's nothing to be afraid of anymore.
: ...!
: This cross-examination may not change a thing.

: However, there is a possibility that it will,
: if you tell the truth!
: ... Very well.
: I'll testify...
: about what I really saw.

: All right.
: The witness may testify once more, for the final time!

: Unbelievable! The body was impaled on
: the armor's sword?
: You were the only one
: who saw that.
: If only you had proof...
: ... Actually,
: I do have proof.
: !
: I gave it to
: Mr. Wright just this morning.
: What?
: To me?
: It's a picture I took of the crime scene as I encountered it. I thought
: it might be needed.
: But I don't remember receiving a picture like that...
: Lana must have known...
: See. Mr. Wright? She really does have faith in you!

: Very well, Mr. Wright. Please present this "picture"!
: (I don't remember receiving any pictures from Lana...)
: Lana said she gave it to you this morning, right?
: I seem to remember getting something from her then...
: Let's check that evidence again!
: There must be a picture in there somewhere!

Checking it no longer takes it to the book's contents, however.

: Hey... There's a picture here!

: Oh... Oh my... This is... the actual crime scene...!
: No other detective saw the crime scene like this. That's because I contacted Criminal Affairs only after I rearranged the scene.

: *gasp* Mr. Wright! That piece cut out from his vest! Could that be...
: (The cloth we found inside Chief Gant's safe!)

: That cloth... It had fingerprints on it!
: Whosever fingerprints those are must be
: the real murderer!
: (What!? But those fingerprints... They're yours, Ema!)
: Why are your lips turning all purple, Mr. Wright?

: Anyway, let's get on with the cross-examination.
: So long as you tell the truth, we should be able to flush out the real murderer.

: Very well. The defense may now begin its cross-examination.

: Come now, Udgey.
: This is the poorest excuse for a trial I've ever seen!
: Chief Gant...
: What, now you want to make me out as the bad guy too?
: If so, I'd like to put in a word or two in my defense.

Next time: Oh, shit.