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Part 104: Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes - Trial (Day 4) - Part 11

Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes
Trial (Day 4) - Part 11

: If so, I'd like top ut in a word or two in my defense.

: I'm afraid it's too late for that.
: What?
: You already declined testimony. That means
: you forfeited your right to make statements of any sort.
: ...
: (This must be the "risk" the judge was talking about...)
: Just sit back, relax...
: and enjoy the sound of the noose tightening around your own neck.

: ...!
: Sorry to disappoint you,
: but I don't
: need to make any statements.

: What do you mean?
: The evidence will do all the talking for me.
: Even if I can't testify, I can still present evidence.
: Yes, that's true...
: Wait! You mean...
: you still have some conclusive evidence?
: No, I don't.
: But someone does.
: "Someone"...?
: So then... what's your excuse Wrighto?
: ...!
: Why have you been keeping quiet about it? You do have something to show us, right?
: Something that proves who knocked over Neil Marshall, causing his death.
: Conclusive evidence that leaves no room for doubt!
: I-is this true, Mr. Wright!?
: ...

: Mr. Wright! If you have any more evidence, present it now! And if you try to conceal anything... you will be the one appearing before the
: Board of Inquiries!
: (What do I do now!? I'd better think this through carefully. I can't afford to make the wrong decision!)
: (Should I present that piece of evidence?)

Well, it's never failed us before!

: Yes, Your Honor. I do have further evidence.
: All right! The time's finally come to show it to them!
: Those prints have got to be
: the Chief's!

: Now then, let's see this "conclusive" evidence!

: What's this!?

: Surely it must have been left on the cloth by whoever
: shoved the victim into the sword.
: What? Who's fingerprints are on this!?


: I'm sure Wrighto has checked,
: haven't you?
: ...!
: Well? Whose are they!?
: .........They're Ms. Skye's. Ms. Ema Skye's.
: What!?
: They're mine...? So I really did do it...
: See?
: I told you it was
: conclusive.

: But this was found in your safe!
: That means it's possible you forged it!
: I don't know what you're talking about.
: !
: I don't remember any cloth in my safe. Do you really expect me
: to believe that?

: But...!

: Give it up, Mr. Wright. It's over.
: !
: You shouldn't have presented that... By presenting that evidence,
: you tied Ema Skye to Neil Marshall's death.
: No...

: It appears we have our killer.
: NNNO...

In the end, Lana was found guilty.

So, that didn't go so hot. But hey, what if we...didn't present evidence?

: Your Honor,
: I don't have any evidence I can present at this point in time.
: What!? You lie!
: Chief Gant?
: You... you opened my safe! I know you took what was inside!
: The conclusive evidence!

: I don't know what you're talking about.

: Mr. Wright! Why don't you show them? We found it together!
: Oh, I see. It's because you know the truth, don't you? You know whose fingerprints are on it. That's why you won't present it!

: What are you talking about,
: Chief Gant!?

: It looks like part of it's been cut off for some reason.
: You mean, you had this...?
: In your safe?
: What!?
: That means you... the Chief of Police... concealing evidence! This is going to be the
: biggest scandal in the history of the Police Department!!!

: ... Impressive... To be honest, I didn't think you had the gall, Wrighto.
: ...!
: Well,
: I can't just let you pin me up as the murderer.
: I'll tell you what really happened.

: What!? You mean
: you admit to it!?
: I was the first person to arrive at the crime scene that day. It then occurred to me that
: I could use the situation to control Lana.
: So you realy were manipulating her!
: I knew
: Lana.
: If I made it look like the blame lay with her sister...
: That when she saw the scene, she would ask me for my aid.
: So you "assisted" Ms. Skye!
: I told her to arrange all the evidence. I had her plant the knife tip in the victim's body, and move the body across the room.
: And I ended up using that evidence
: to get Joe Darke convicted!
: When we rearranged the crime scene,
: I hid two pieces of evidence.
: I did this before Lana arrived at the scene.
: Two pieces of evidence...
: You mean those items in your safe!
: But... why?
: For insurance,
: of course.
: "Insurance"...?
: I was sure my plan would work, but it's always best to be prepared for the worst.
: I wasn't about to let anyone blame me for a murder that girl committed.
: You mean you were calcluating that far ahead
: while forging the evidence!?
: Who do you take me for, a fool?
: I didn't make police chief by dumb luck.

: But if you fabricated all the evidence...

: Ho ho ho... Some people just don't know when to quit, do they? That's why I kept one more item for "insurance."

: You mean
: that piece of cloth?
: Come on, Wrighto. Cough it up, already.
: I know you have it.

: ...
: What are you waiting for, Mr. Wright?
: So you admit to it then, Chief Gant?

: Yes, I admit it. I didn't want to have to do that, being Chief and all, but it's a lot better than
: being portrayed as a murderer!

: Well, Mr. Wright?
: What do you have to say for yourself?
: Just a moment ago, you said you didn't have any evidence you could present.
: Foolish move, Wrighto. You should have shown it then before it was too late.
: (It's been a long battle...)

: (No! It's too late to show the evidence now!)
: (Besides, even if I did...)
: (it'd just expose that poor girl's fingerprints!)
: Wright. Think hard over the circumstances.
: The circumstances...?
: I'm talking about "then" and "now."
: There's one major difference between the two.
: Weren't you waiting for that difference?
: ...! (So...)

: Mr. Wright! This is your only chance!

And that leaves us where the right choice does.

: Your Honor,
: I do have evidence ot present now.

: All right then, let's see this "conclusive" evidence!

: Let me verify this once more.
: On the day of the crime,
: you personally cut out this piece of the victim's vest?
: Oh, yes!
: At last you've finally brought it out into the open.
: There's a handprint
: on this piece of cloth!

: Your Honor! The prosecution requests that be immediately sent to the lab for analysis! This handprint on the leather...
: There must have been a strong impact for it to be left so clearly!
: !
: You mean...

: Ho ho ho... You're as slow on the uptake as ever, Worthy!
: What?
: Think about it. Wrighto had all this time to present this evidence...

: ...! You mean you already know?
: You know whose fingerprints are on that?
: M-Mr. Wright... Do you really know?

: Whoever the fingerprints belong to must be the real murderer!
: Whose fingerprints are the they!?

: Very well. I'll tell you.

: Ema?
: Ema Skye!?
: What!?
: They're mine...!?
: I'm sorry, Ema...
: But why...
: Why didn't you tell me!?

: Oh ho ho ho!

: You're really something, Wrighto!

: and you still tried to pin the murder on me!
: So it's true. Tragic, but true.
: This girl really did shove Prosecutor Marshall to his death.

: How could you!? You... you monster!!!
: Ms. Skye...
: You knew whose fingerprints those were all along, yet you...
: you acted like she really didn't...

: Ms. Skye.
: It's not over yet...
: What!?
: I said this trial isn't
: over yet.
: Ha! But I'm afraid it is over, boy! Not only this trial...
: but your career too!
: ...
: You purposely concealed this conclusive evidence.
: That, my friend,
: is a serious offense.
: ...
: I'm looking forward to pressing charges after the defendant is convicted.
: I'll have your badge, boy!
: ...

Next time: Maybe this was a bad idea?