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Part 106: Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes - Trial (Day 4) - Part 13

Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes
Trial (Day 4) - Part 13

: Well, to be honest, I was a little panicked too.
: I had a bad feeling about it, but never knew it would come to this.

: I couldn't just pull it out.
: You would only increase the amount of blood and you couldn't finish what you started.
: Even so, the blood was just pouring out.
: I didn't know who might stumble in, so I was wiping it up. I was worrying so much about the floor,
: I didn't realize my mistake.

: I used to be known as the "crime computer"...
: But everyone has to start somewhere I guess. I was too nervous.
: I had no business doing any of it.
: Then you put the body in my car?
: I'm sorry! We couldn't think of any other way to move the body.
: We broke the trunk, but what's the big deal?
: You pull down a lot more than us detectives!
: Grr...

: W-what does this have to do with anything? You're horrible!
: How could you get Ms. Skye involved in all of this!?
: Well, she had as much to lose as I did if the truth came out.
: So you took the evidence from Detective Goodman's locker?
: I feel bad for having to do it.
: I couldn't sit around and pick and choose what to take.

: ... Yeah... It looks like I was better off being an investigator of crimes than a committer. They all did their best to get in my way... I've got to hand it to them,
: they do their jobs well... much to my dismay.
: Fake evidence doesn't hold up very well upon close examination.
: You must have known that...
: Tell me, Worthy.
: What are you going to do in court?
: Me?
: You despise
: criminals. I can feel it. You and me...
: we're the same.
: !
: One day you'll understand. If you want to take them on alone...
: you'll figure out what's needed!
: ...
: Well, looks like
: it's time to say goodbye.
: Oh, Udgey.
: Wh-what?
: Looks like we'll have
: to cancel that lunch date.
: Sorry old friend!
: ...

: I'm sorry too, Damon Gant.
: ...
: I knew you as you used to be, long ago.
: You were once a fine investigator, and an example to others on the force.
: I'm sorry to learn that
: you are no longer that person.
: Those days are gone now, Udgey. Thanks for all the memories, though...
: Don't worry, you'll be fine!

: With these two around,
: you can't go wrong...
: You see, if I listen carefully, I can hear it right now...
: The sound of a new beginning!

: There are two things I want you to understand.
: Yes?
: First,
: your sister never hurt anyone.
: Second, Damon Gant betrayed you from the beginning.
: You see, Ms. Skye...
: you no longer have any reason to keep silent.
: You're right. When the trial is over, I'll tell everything.
: All that I've done these past two years...
: from the time I had Gant help me forge evidence, up until today.

: So...
: it seems all the questions raised in this trial have been answered.
: I'm sorry, Ms. Skye...
: I couldn't get you out of all your trouble.
: ...
: My, my. What high standards you have... for a rookie.
: ...!
: I can see why Mia thought so highly of you. Who knows? A few years from now,
: you just might make it to the top.

: Ms. Skye...
: And to you too, Mr. Edgeworth.
: ...!
: You've suffered every bit as much as I have over these past few days.
: Believe me,
: I know how much of an ordeal it's been for you.
: Hmph!
: It was nothing.
: (Liar...)
: I was worried the pressure might break you. And yet...
: you rose above it all and guided Mr. Wright to victory.
: You've done well, Mr. Edgeworth.
: S-stop it!
: I only did my job!

: In light of this case...
: it seems a good self-examining is in order for all of us.
: Ms. Skye.
: Yes, Your Honor?
: You are innocent of murder. However...
: Although the Chief blackmailed you, the fact is you still acted as his accomplice.
: A trial will be scheduled for these crimes at a later date.
: Yes. I understand, Your Honor.
: Is there something amusing about all of this? Why are you smiling?
: It's been a long time, Your Honor. A long time since I've felt free of these heavy chains...
: Well, this trial has gone on far too long already. Regarding the charge of murder,
: this court finds the defendant, Ms. Lana Skye...

: That is all. The court is adjourned!

: (At long last... It's finally over...)

: ...
: Why the long face? I'm sorry your sister didn't get completely off the hook, but at least she wasn't convicted for a murder she didn't commit!
: No, that's not it.
: Just now, after the trial ended...

: I owe you my thanks, Mr. Wright.
: And to you too, Mr. Edgeworth.
: ...!
: You've suffered every bit as much as I have over these past few days.
: You've done well.

: But...
: Lana didn't say a single word to me.
: Hope I'm not interrupting anything.
: ...
: ...
: Oh...
: Guess I am.
: I'll come back later.

He starts to leave.

: Ah, Detective Gumshoe! What is it?
: You're doing this on purpose, aren't you? Making a detective run all around while on duty,
: and to top it off you call me here... I've seen happier people at funerals!
: Hey, lighten up, pals.
: I'm only kidding!
: Oh...
: Are you here because of my sister again?
: Nope,
: not this time!
: I came today because of
: you, pal!
: Me...?
: That's right.
: I thought you'd like to see someone.

: Lana!
: Should you be doing this? She's still under arrest, you know.
: ...
: Well, I won't tell if you won't.
: Ema...
: I owe you
: an apology.
: It's okay, Sis. Don't worry about it.
: That day, two years ago,
: ...!

: It was all I could do to keep myself from screaming. All I could think about was keeping you from getting wrapped up in that mess.
: Sis...
: I asked Gant to help me cover up the "truth."
: I thought I was doing it for your sake... But now
: I realize I was wrong.
: ...
: I changed after that day.

: I knew how much I was hurting you by distancing myself...
: but I couldn't bring myself to tell you what I did. I... I was scared.
: Scared that you'd look at me with those eyes of yours. I was scared of how you'd react if you knew...
: But Sis! You were only doing it for me...
: No...
: Huh?
: I turned my back on you that day. In hiding what I believed to be the truth,
: I was deceiving you!
: Sis...
: I'm such a fool... It took me all this time to realize it. Ema...
: I'm so sorry.
: But Sis!
: You don't have to apologize!
: I'm
: happy now!
: You're... happy?
: Of course!

: You know, Sis, I always knew that one day you'd come back.
: And now you have!
: Oh, Ema... Ema!

: The only thing we can do is strive to make up for our mistakes. Why must we make up for our mistakes, you ask? Because in so doing... we can find the way back to your path. And once we've found our path, we can move on from our past mistakes toward a brighter future.

: Mr. Wright. Mr. Gumshoe.
: M-Me?
: Thank you both, for all that you've done. I'm sure we'll meet again someday. Isn't that right,
: Edgeworth?
: E-Edgeworth...?
: Stop hiding and come over here.

: I just came to say...
: Congratulations.
: Thank you.
: Thank you, Mr. Edgeworth!
: Right. Well...
: I'll be going now!

He starts to leave.

: Mr. Edgeworth. I hope you don't blame yourself for what happened.
: ...!
: We were the ones who acted corruptly,
: not you.

: ... It's too late for me.
: ...!
: No matter what anyone may say, I realized today that
: I can't change my own mistakes!
: Mr. Edgeworth...
: Not only that, but I don't even trust myself anymore. Chief Gant was right...

: !
: One day you'll understand. If you want to take them on alone...
: you'll figure out what's needed.

: I planned to dedicate my entire life to fighting them. But in order to fight crime alone, one needs a "weapon." It's scary,
: but I've been thinking the same thing for quite some time now.
: But Edgeworth...
: Who knows? Given enough time, I might have tried to pull something like Chief Gant did.
: That thought terrifies me. That's why
: I can't continue on as a prosecutor!
: Edgeworth... Don't you understand?
: Damon Gant and your mentor, Manfred von Karma...
: ...!
: were both the best of the best when it came to fighting crime. But they both made
: the same mistake.
: ...
: You said, "in order to fight crime alone, one needs a weapon." That may be right,
: but think back to today's trial.

: You weren't alone.
: ...!
: You were working together with
: Mr. Wright. And because of that partnership, you were able to present evidence that otherwise would have gone undiscovered. Isn't that right
: Mr. Wright?
: Huh? What? Oh, uh... yeah. (What is this, a pop quiz?)
: Come on, Mr. Wright! Show him what Lana's talking about!
: (Evidence...)

: Our counterattack began with this. You had one half of the evidence list, and I had the other. Apart, we wouldn't have been able to completely restore Ema's picture.
: That didn't
: just happen by "chance," Edgeworth.
: ...! ...
: It's time for me to go.
: Mr. Edgeworth...
: If you'll
: excuse me... there are still some loose ends that need wrapping up.
: Take care, Chief Prosecutor.
: Edgeworth! What will you do now?
: ...
: Well, whatever you do, just remember. What happened in this trial can either make or break you as a prosecutor. In the end, it's up to you.
: I know...
: It seems I owe you my thanks too, Wright. But what I face now...
: is my problem.
: Edgeworth... I'll be waiting for you in court.
: ...
: Farewell.
: I'd better be getting back too.
: Okay.
: I'll come visit you!
: It seems we both still have a lot to learn.

: "Scientific Investigation"...
: It's the first book I ever bought. Study it well.
: Thanks, Sis!
: I will!

: As for the sisters... I have faith.

: have only just begun. And as for me...

: A journey to rediscover myself.
: Well, don't go trekking off just yet, pal!
: Huh? What is it, Detective?
: There's just a little matter to be resolved about the Chief Prosecutor.
: You see, she isn't supposed to be out of jail like this.
: But...
: I thought you said it was okay.
: Yeah, well it may be "okay" with me, but the folks at the prison are a different story.
: Huh?
: Basically, I had to bribe a guard in order to sneak her out for 30 minutes.
: Believe me, it wasn't cheap either!
: Huh?
: Way to go, Detective!
: I didn't know you had a wild side!
: Yeah, well... ha ha!
: You see...
: Mr. Wright here's the one who'll be footin' the bill.
: Huh? Huh?
: What, you think I could afford that with my salary? You gotta be kiddin' me, pal!
: Huh? Huh? Huh?
: Thank you, Mr. Wright! You're the best!
: ... (Why is it... I suddenly feel like I want to scream?)
: Since we're all here, why don't we all go together?
: Yeah! That's a great idea! Come on, guys!
: Let's go!!!

And at this point, the game pauses. It will not advance to the credits until you activate the microphone and shout - because, remember, this is one of the options to...

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