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Part 12: Case 2 - Turnabout Sisters - Trial (Day 2) - Part 4

Case 2- Turnabout Sisters
Court - Part 4

When we left off...

: Ah! Oooh!
: Th-that!? Eh heh...
: I found this in Miss May's room.

: Mr. Wright! Please explain to the court what this is!
: Miss April May?
: You were tapping the victim, Ms. Mia Fey's phone, were you not?
: Oooh. Oooooh!

: Your Honor, This is irrelevant!

Capitalization mistake is in the source. Whoops!

: I'm not entirely sure that it is. Objection overruled. It troubles that me that our witness was in possession of a wiretap.
: This is outrageous! Does the defense truly claim that the witness was tapping her phone?
: Absolutely!
: Even if that was the case, (which it's not) you still have to prove one thing! Did the victim ever say that the weapon was a clock on the phone?

: Here's my proof.

Can you guess it?

: Yes, we've seen that.
: Listen once more to the conversation between the defendant and the victim.

: Mia! What's up? You haven't called in a while.
: Well, actually there's something I want you to hold on to for me.
: Again? What's it this time?
: It's... a clock. It's made to look like that statue, "The Thinker." And it tells you the time!

: Miss April May! You used a wiretap to listen to this conversation! That's how you knew "The Thinker" was a clock!
: Am I wrong!?
: I... I...

: Your Honor, this is ridiculous!

: The defense demands an answer.

: Witness, answer the question. Did you tap her phone?

: Miss May!

: I-it's no fair! All of you g-ganging up on me like that... Oh, so I'm the bad girl, is that it? Is that it?

: (That did it! The court's seen the real Miss April May now!)

: Miss May!
: What is it you little shrimp! Talk to me in that tone of voice will you!?
: You killed her, didn't you!

: Order! There will be order!
: What? How can you possibly say that!? Are you mad?

: Oops!
: So you admit you tapped her phone!
: Heh... heh... hrrah!

: I didn't do ANYTHING bad like murder! I'm a good girl!
: Really? Can you prove it!? (No way can she prove it!)

: But I can prove it! And I will!

: Why did you tap her phone?
: ...
: Answer the question!
: Do I have to? Isn't this a murder trial? Isn't tippity-tapping er... irrelevant?
: (Gah! She's saying exactly what Edgeworth wants her to say.) Miss May. You were tapping the victim's phone!
: I hardly call that "irrelevant"!

: While this court does not condone the defense's tone of speech, he has a point.
: Well, Miss May? Do you have an explanation for the court? Can you prove you had nothing to do with this murder, even though you tapped her phone?
: (Hah! I'd like to see her pull THAT off!)
: Mr. Lawyer, I saw that evil, evil grin! You were probably thinking "I'd like to see her pull THAT off," weren't you!
: (Damn... she's good!)


: You can't be serious! No way!
: Way, I say! Way! Oh, and I assure you I'm serious, Mr. Lawyer!

: Okay? So, the killing happened around 9:00 at night?
: Why, that's just when I was getting room service from that sweet bellboy...
: R-room service!?
: Ice coffee, I believe it was?
: Ice coffee? You know? Like normal coffee, but COLD.
: If you don't drink it quick, the ice melts and then you have... regular cold coffee.
: I-ice coffee...!?

: So, where does that leave us...?
: It is my great displeasure to inform you... That the witness appears to have been tapping the victim's telephone.
: However! That is a separate crime, with no bearing on the current case whatsoever!
: Her testimony stands! She saw the defendant, Maya Fey, commit murder!
: (No! They're going to let her just walk away! There's no way I can win this unless I tie Miss May to the murder somehow...)
: Well, does the defense have anything to say?

For once we're skipping over the other path because, simply, it is long but not very interesting - just a conversational loop in which Phoenix vacillates and eventually decides to call the bellboy because we'll lose if we don't.

: The defense would like to call the hotel bellboy as a witness! There's something suspicious there, and I'm going to get to the bottom of it!
: I think you've sunken quite low enough already.

: I object to calling the bellboy!
: W-why? What's your reason?
: Because I hold that the wiretapping had nothing to do with the killing!
: ...!
: However... If you agree to one condition, I'll consent to calling this witness.
: Condition...?
: If Miss April May's alibi is not called into question after you examine the bellboy... Then you will recognize that Miss April May is not the killer, thus she is innocent!
: Therefore you must accept the verdict of "guilty" for Ms. Maya Fey! That is my condition.
: (What...!? I'd better find something suspicious in that bellboy's testimony... Otherwise Maya will be declared "guilty" on the spot!)

This, incidentally, is roughly where the other path before would have taken us, though with slightly different dialogue.

: (Grr! I can't accept those conditions!) Very well. The defense will refrain from calling the bellboy as a witness.
: I see. You may continue your cross-examination, Mr. Wright.
: Right. On with the cross-examination.
: What exactly do you have left to examine, Mr. Wright? Miss April May has admitted to the wiretap, yes. But that bears no relevance to the case at hand: murder! There's no way you can prove any connection!
: (Uh oh! This can't be the end... but I'm out of evidence!)
: Then I believe the cross-examination is over.
: Mr. Edgeworth, does the prosecution have any other witnesses to call?

: (What!? B-but that means... Maya's guilty...!?)
: W-wait! Your Honor!
: Yes, Mr. Wright?
: The defense would like to call the bellboy after all!
: ...
: Tsk tsk tsk... As I thought!
: ...?
: May I remind you, dear Mr. Wright. Should you question the bellboy... and Miss April May's alibi prove to be solid... then, by default, your client Ms. Maya Fey will be pronounced "guilty"!
: Are you prepared to accept my condition?
: (Edgeworth... He's got me backed into a corner... But I don't see any other way to take this!)
: I accept!

: (Alright! I've got nothing to lose! Except for... well, everything!)
: Understood. I accept your condition.
: Hmph.
: Fool... You fell right into my trap!
: (Uh oh!)
: Uh... um, wait...


: Very well! The court calls the hotel bellboy to the stand!

: I believe we're ready for the witness to testify. He certainly does look like a bellboy.

: I received your summons in the middle of work, sir. I'm happy to be of service.
: That tea set looks rather heavy, so without further ado,
: the witness may begin his testimony.
: Very good, sir!

: I see. The defense may begin its cross-examination.
: R-right! I'm ready. (I hope...)
: (This is it... If I can't prove Miss May was involved with the murder now... Maya will be finished!)

: What exactly is it you do at the hotel?
: Why, anything required of me, sir. I check in guests, I check out guests. I clean rooms, I make beds. I even deliver room service, sir. I checked Miss May in personally.
: Are you always so... so prim?
: Mr. Wright.
: You will refrain from asking frivolous questions...

: Are you sure it was Miss May on the phone?
: Absolutely, sir.
: H-how can you be so certain!?
: I checked Miss May in personally, sir. Not only did I see her in all her stunning radiance, but also heard her voice. And then I saw THEM, and I...

: The point being, I remembered her quite well, sir.
: Yes, what then?

: 9:00 "on the dot," you say?
: Yes. I confirmed that detail several times. She was watching a program on the TV, and wished to drink after she finished, sir.
: (9:00... the time of the murder!)

: "Precisely" 9:00, then?
: Precisely, exactly, and most definitely, sir. 9:00 PM.
: How can you be so sure!?
: Miss May was quite insistent that it be brought then. "Oh, bellboy? Tee hee! I'd like, like, ice coffee at exactly 9:00!" Something like that, sir. Therefore, I knocked on her door at the crack of 9:00, sir.
: (Why would she be so particular about the time?)

: You are sure it was Miss April May herself?
: Ab-SO-lutely, sir.
: "Ab-SO-lutely"...?
: Yes, sir. As in, "So very absolutely," sir. It's an endearing mannerism of mine.
: How come you're so very certain!?
: Well, when I brought the room service, sir... S-she... the guest, sir, favored me w-with a, um, an "embrasser," sir.
: "Embrasser"!? Is that French for "embrace"?
: It's French for "kiss," sir. But not a french kiss, sir! More of a peck on the cheek.
: Wh-why would she have done that...?
: I believe, perhaps, she was momentarily swayed by my prim demeanor, sir. It was a moment I shall never, ever forget, sir.
: (Sounds pretty fish to me... I think our Miss May was up to something and wanted the bellboy to remember her!)
: ...
: It's no good! (There's nothing there! Is... is that it?)

: Tsk tsk. Finally, you understand. This bellboy has absolutely no reason to lie! Now...
: If you have any decency, you will end this rather tedious cross-examination here!
: Hmm. It was a bit tedious. The witness may leave the stand.

: (No...! If I give up now, I lose everything... If I just give up the case, I'd be giving up the very reason I became a lawyer!)


: W-wait! Please wait!
: Yes? Does the defense have something to add?
: One last question... let me ask one last question!

: Your Honor, I must object. This charade of justice has gone on long enough!
: Now, now, Mr. Edgeworth. Alright Mr. Wright. I'll give you one more question, that's all.
: (Okay. This is really it, now. This is my last chance!)

: T-tell me about check-in! Tell me about when you checked-in Miss May.
: Oh, alright. Very well, sir. My first thought was that she was a beautiful, beautiful person. She's just my type of girl, so it was a disappointment, really.
: I see... ? Excuse me... what exactly was a "disappointment"?
: Well, I am not without charm, sir, but even I'd have little chance with her lover there.
: (...! What did he say!?)
: What did you say!?
: Ah! Oh... er... rather, quite!
: Bellboy! Tell us the truth now...

: T-tell me again about er... room service!
: A-again, sir? At exactly 9:00, I delivered room service to Miss May in room 303. The guest had requested ice coffee... $18 was the charge, as I recall.
: I see... ...?
: E-eighteen dollars? Doesn't that seem a bit expensive?
: Y-yes, well, ice coffee for two, you know. And we don't skimp on the ice, sir.
: (...! What did he say!?)
: What did you say!?
: Ah! Oh... er... rather, quite!
: Bellboy! Tell us the truth now...

: Bed... bed-making! Tell me about making beds that day.
: I was wondering what you were going to ask, but bed making? A new low!
: Now, now, Mr. Edgeworth.
: The witness will answer the defense's question.
: Yes, well, it was quite like any other day's bed making. I changed the sheets, the pillowcases, and then I proceeded to make the bed. I had to bring pillows for two, of course, but they're quite light, you see.
: I see. Thank you. ... (Pillows... for two!?)
: Bellboy! What did you just say?
: Eh!? Ah, yes, pillows are light... sir?
: Bellboy! Tell us the truth now...


: I object! That was... objectionable!
: ... Objection overruled. The witness will answer the question.
: Er... yes, I see.
: Why did you not mention this in your testimony!?
: W-well, sir, you er... you didn't ask!
: (Nice try!) That's the sort of thing you're normally supposed to mention!
: Ah, yes, quite. Indeed... It was the, er, good barrister there, Mr. Edgeworth, who...
: !
: He asked me not to mention it if I wasn't specifically asked, sir.

: Y-you fool!

: Miss April May checked into a twin room... with a man. Correct?
: Yes, sir.
: Then, when you brought them room service, you didn't see that man in the room...?
: That's right, sir.
: Hmm...
: Your Honor!
: We have just learned of another person involved who may have been the murderer! In this new light, I hold that it's impossible to judge the defendant. You agree, Mr. Edgeworth?
: Who! Who is this "other person"!

: None other than Miss April May!

: Eh!? Have you heard nothing that has transpired so far!?
: She has an alibi! She was in the hotel at the time of the murder!
: Oh... right.
: Mr. Wright!
: S-sorry, Your Honor! Give me one more chance!

: It was the bellboy and none other!
: Well, this comes as some surprise...
: Your Honor, Mr. Wright... It was the bellboy who confirmed Miss May's alibi...
: And this in turn confirms the bellboy's alibi! He was in the hotel!
: Well, s-sure... if you put it that way...
: I do put it that way, and I trust you will too!
: But what if they were in cahoots!
: You have evidence of this?
: Um... no, Your Honor.
: Mr. Wright!
: S-sorry, Your Honor! Give me one more chance!

: The man who checked in with Miss May!
: Oof!
: Your Honor! As has been previously revealed, Miss April May was tapping the victim's phone. Yet Miss May herself has an alibi at the time of the murder.
: However, that does not clear the man that was with her!

: M-my, what a convenient little setup... but it's too late...
: "Too late"? I suppose you'd like it if it was too late, wouldn't you...
: After all, it was you who hid the presence of the other man from this court!
: Oof! Upstart... amateur...! T-these accusations are... ludicrous!

: Enough!
: The court acknowledges the defense's argument. I expect the prosecution and defense to look into this matter fully! Am I understood?
: Yes... *gasp* Yes, Your Honor.
: That is all today for the trial of Maya Fey. Court is adjourned!

: You were amazing in there!
: R-really?

: Oh, I was just "doing my job" you know... heh heh.
: Then again, that other attorney was pretty cool, too...
: Huh?
: That face of his! With his eyes wide, and trembling lips!
: It sent shivers up my spine!
: Hmm... if you say so.
: So, what happens with me? Do I get to go home now?
: Well, no.

: Oh... I see.

: A "lead"?
: That man with Miss May! He's the key!
: Oh! I get it.

: Anyway. This case is far from closed.
: Yes sir!
: I'm going to find out more about this man.
: Do you think he was the one who...?

: Sis...
: Don't worry, I'll find him by tomorrow. I promise.
: I'm counting on you!

: I thought it might come in handy during the trial tomorrow. But now that I have it, I'm not so sure. Most of her testimony was all lies... In fact, there's only one part that got left on the record.

: I don't know how much good this will do me at all, now. Anyway, time to hit the pavement and do some investigating! Maya doesn't belong in that detention center, and it's up to me to get her free!

Next time:: Investigation!

Hawaii Rev. State, Section 263-9 posted:

263-9 Dangerous flying a misdemeanor; penalty. Any aeronaut or passenger who, while in flight over a thickly inhabited area or over a public gathering within the State, engages in trick or acrobatic flying, or in any acrobatic feat, or flies, except while in landing or taking off, at such a low level as to endanger the persons on the surface beneath, or drops any object except loose water or loose sand ballast, or paper handbills, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and punishable by a fine of not more than $1,000, or imprisonment for not more than one year, or both.