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Part 14: Case 2 - Turnabout Sisters - Investigation (Day 2) - Part 2

Case 2- Turnabout Sisters
Investigation #2 - Part 2

So, we're off to Bluecorp today.

: ... (What's with the surreal decor...?)

: (What the...?)

: I was just inquirably asking the title that you go by.
: Uh... Wright. Phoenix Wright. ("Inquirably"...?)
: Mr. Wright, is it? Right, I see... Splendiferous. Perhaps I have intimidated you with my giantesque vocabulary...?
: (What is this guy's problem!)
: I'm Redd White, CEO of Bluecorp. You know, Corporate Expansion Official? My business dealings bring me into contact with the elite of the elite.

: (What a fruitcake!)
: Hmmm, let me guess... You are an attorney fresh out of law school, are you not? That's the only explanation for why you would come to meet me like this!
: (What does he mean by that?)
: No matter. So, what business does a "mighty" lawyer have with a man such as myself?
: (Yipes! This guy's arrogance meter is off the scale!)

Let's take a look around.

: ...? Haven't I seen this somewhere...? Is this a replica?
: Ridiculosity! I have no interest in anything but originals. That right there is a bona fide original! Worth five million, for sure.
: Hmmm...

: An impressive line-up of trophies. "Judges Special Runner-up" "Best Participation" "Judges Cooperation Award" "Special Good Try PRize" Hmm. The words "Judges" and "Special" kind of stand out.

: A statue of a man holding up the world. The "Bluecorp" sign certainly stands out enough... The model for the man is, of course, Mr. White.
: Truly a work of art! But, probably too beautacious for you to appreciate, correct?
: (I think it's a little too "beautacious" for just about anyone to appreciate.)

: I'm guessing this is supposed to be a desk? My my... This is quite the... thing.
: It is modeled on my body, see? Well? Does its sleek roundature not... inspire you?

: This is the top floor of a 20-story building. The view is quite... presidential.

Time for a chat.

: Miss May is an employee of Bluecorp, is she not?
: Correct. She was my secretariat.
: What a shock it was to hear what she has done!
: "What she has done"... You mean the wiretap?
: Indeed! She is paid to answer phones. Tapping them is NOT in her job description. She does gather information for us as part of her duties.
: But, I assure you, we do not condone illegal methods! It is ineffable that she would do this.
: (It sounds like he's trying to turn Miss May into a scapegoat...)

: On the night of the murder were you in April May's hotel room?
: Who can say? I seldom pay attention to mundane details such as time and place.
: My motto is: "Don't worry, be happy!"
: Still, Mr. White... The hotel bellboy has stated on the record that he does remember you very clearly.
: ...
: No matter! The bellboy can say what he pleases. I still won't talk to you. If you want me to speak, put me on the witness stand!
: Although I doubt you'd be capable of doing that.
: (Hmm. He raises a good question, actually... Why didn't prosecution call him as a witness? He should have "seen" the same thing as April May!)
: Oh hoh hoh. The police... the courts... To me they are mere toys. Playthings for my amusement!

: What kind of company is Bluecorp, anyway?
: Ah, excellent question! We buy and sell various kinds of information. We are a company of the future! You might say, we ARE the future!
: (Sell... information?)
: In just 10 years, I've built this business up into the grand office you see now. Ah, in case you were wondering, Bluecorp was named after the color "blue"!
: I, Redd White of Bluecorp, as founder and CEO, named it so! And why, you ask? Because I like the color blue of course!
: Fantabulistic, is it not?

: Uh... there's something that's been bothering me.
: Yes? What might that be?

: It's a very striking piece of art.
: Magnificentatious, isn't it?
: Yeah. ... (Why am I making small talk...?)

: You know, I've actually seen that painting before.
: Oh?
: Just yesterday, actually.
: Your point being...?
: My point is simple. Er, rather, my question is simple: Why is that painting hanging on your wall?

: Say, when did you get that painting?
: ... Hmm... no idea! I forgot!
: I've seen that painting before. Yesterday, in fact. Why do I find that painting here today?

The two above options converge here.

: ... Mr. Wrong, was it?
: Wright.
: It appears you do not fully grasp your position here.
: I ask again. Who are you?
: Umm... huh? A lawyer?
: No, my feeble friend, A "mere" lawyer. Worth nothing. Zilch. Zippo. Nada!
: Just like that sorry excuse for an attorney, Grodyburger!
: (Wh-what!?)

: Well, Mr. Lawyer. What will you do, eh? Charge me with assault?
: Charge away, I welcome it! For it is YOU who will be found guilty!
: What...?
: Heed my exposition! The police, the courts, they all do my bidding.
: (So you say... But I wonder... Is that kind of control really possible?)
: I don't expect you to understand. It is a world beyond your compensation. ... You came here from Grodyburger's, I presume?
: Mr. Grossberg's... yes.
: Then you must ask him: Why is it that this painting of his hangs here? Perhaps then he will tell you?
: Perhaps he will explain how a man can live life purely for personal profit! ...
: Go now! Skedaddle! there is nothing more to discuss!

He's right about that, at least.

: ... ...
: (Huh? I don't think he's noticed me standing here. Maybe I should... clear my throat?) Aaa-HHHEM!
: Jumping Jehosephats! Oh! You!
: What's wrong? You looked so pensive... like an old man at the end of his days.
: Hmm? I'm not senile yet! I was just thinking about this whole mess...
: (Something's really bothering him, that much is clear.)

Let's see what Grossberg has to talk about.

: So you came to see the trial?
: Yes, yes I did. Something was bothering me all last night, you see, couldn't get a wink of sleep.
: Really? What was that?
: Well, you see, it's just... Mia's sister, that poor girl.
: My boy, I owe you my thanks, truly. I don't know what I would have done if things had gone poorly for the girl.

: I asked before, but, why did you refuse her request for defense? I think I have a right to know.
: A right, Mr. Wright? No, no, I'm sorry. It's just, I need more time to think about it, my boy.
: ... (He does seem troubled about something... I'm starting to have a feeling I know what it is.)

: So, I paid Bluecorp a visit.
: Oh? Oh, I see.
: Mr. Grossberg... I have to admit, something has been bothering me.
: Oh? What is it? Well, out with it, my boy!

: Mr. Grossberg, sir... There was a giant painting hanging right there the other day, was there not? The one you said you had "no intention of parting with"? Well, I saw it. Today. It was in the CEO's office at Bluecorp. Redd White's office.
: ... So... you noticed. I suppose I should have guessed you would. It is a large painting...
: Mr. Grossberg, I know you and Mr. White are connected somehow!
: C-connected, you say?

: You're his client, aren't you? He's giving you information!
: What's that now?
: You've been protecting him all along. You protect him because you need his services!
: ...
: You gave him that painting in exchange for some valuable information, didn't you?
: Utterly ridiculous. Me, his client? I would never willingly deal with that man. Never!
: (Huh? Did I get it wrong?)

: Mr. White has something on you doesn't he? Blackmail?
: ...!
: I think that painting is fairly gaudy proof.
: ... Very well. This may be the chance I've been waiting for. Maybe it's time to get this off my chest, so I can finally rest easy again. After all, you were Mia's understudy. Perhaps it was fate?
: (What's he talking about...?)

: It's not something I can claim to understand... But you and Mr. White are lovers, aren't you!
: W-w-what! My boy!
: You sent that painting to him! As a sign! A sign of undying love!
: M-m-my boy, please! You're letting your fancies run away with you! Where do you get these bizarre ideas?
: I... I don't understand how you could...
: That's because I'm not, we're not... Don't be ridiculous! ...
: Enough. I'll swallow my pride and tell you all.
: (I knew it! They are lovers!)
: N-no! We are NOT lovers!

: That photo of Mr. White... Why would you have his photo, Mr. Grossberg?
: Umm... yes, well. It's been a long time since then...
: A long time ago? I'm sorry... but I think not. I think you still have ties to Mr. White, even today.
: R-really! Whatever gave you that idea! W-what connection could I possibly have to an individual such as he?

: You go drinking together! You're friends, aren't you?
: ... Now you're being foolish, my boy. Why in the world would I ever drink with the likes of him!?
: (Huh? Whoops... maybe that wasn't it.)

: Mr. White has something on you doesn't he? Blackmail?
: ...! I don't... I don't know what you're talking about!
: Mr. Grossberg, sir... There was a giant painting hanging right there the other day, was there not? The one you said you ahd "no intention of parting with"? Well, I saw it. Today. It was in the CEO's office at Bluecorp. Redd White's office.
: ...
: So... you noticed. I suppose I should have guessed you would. It is a large painting...
: Mr. Grossberg... tell me what happened.

: Redd White is supplying you with information, obviously!
: What's that now?
: You've been protecting him all along. You protect him because you need his services!
: ... Now you're being foolish, my boy. What possible use could I have for the services of the likes of him!?
: (Huh? Whoops... maybe that wasn't it.)

: I thought it was strange. Here was Maya, your own apprentice's little sister, in desperate need... Accused of killing her own sister no less, and you wouldn't take the case! I finally realized why.

: I'll bet you and White go way back! He's your boss now, and was before, I bet!
: My what? Boss? Are you serious?
: Yeah! you both have that sort of "we're in the same club together" feel to you.
: Please, stop. You have a very peculiar sense of humor, Mr. Wright. Very well, I'll talk.
: (What does he mean... "sense of humor"? I was serious!)

: Mr. White has something on you doesn't he? Blackmail?
: ...! I don't... I don't know what you're talking about!
: Mr. Grossberg, sir... There was a giant painting hanging right there the other day, was there not? The one you said you ahd "no intention of parting with"? Well, I saw it. Today. It was in the CEO's office at Bluecorp. Redd White's office.
: ...
: So... you noticed. I suppose I should have guessed you would. It is a large painting...
: Mr. Grossberg... tell me what happened.

: It's not something I can claim to understand... But you and Mr. White are lovers, aren't you!
: W-w-what! My boy!
: Mr. Grossberg. The other day, there was a giant painting hanging on that wall. I saw that painting again, today. It was in the CEO's office of Bluecorp. It was a present, wasn't it?
: Well, my boy, you have a splended imagination!
: I... I don't understand how you could...
: That's because I'm not, we're not... Don't be ridiculous!
: (Hmm... I guess I was wrong. But it just seemed so right!)

And all of that, eventually, converges here.

: Redd White is a man who makes his living through intimidation. Bluecorp is a company that excels in finding people's weaknesses, I'm afraid. I've been paying them for 15 years now...

: (15 years...!)
: All because of the "DL-6 Incident," as you may have guessed.
: (The name on the back of those photographs!)
: As you suspected, I could not stand in defense of Maya because of this. White would have destroyed me if I did.
: (So that's the connection!)
: It is hard for me to tell you this, my boy. But arresting Redd White will be nigh on impossible.
: Impossible? Why!?
: He has information on everyone. It gives him an iron grip! He owns judges, attorneys, prosecutors, police... and politicians.
: What!?
: They are bound, unable to do harm to themselves, and therefore, to him. Don't look at me like that. What you see is nothing more than the weight of many years.

: What is the "DL-6 Incident"?
: "DL-6" is nothing more than the sorting code the police gave the case. It was 15 years ago now... I received a request from a medium. A spirit medium.
: (A medium...?)
: Her name was Misty Fey.
: (Fey!)
: Indeed. She was Mia's mother. She had been investigating a murder at the bequest of the police. And... she failed. As a result, the police called her a fraud.
: (This is what Maya was talking about the other day!)
: I did all I could for her, and in the end, cleared her of wrongdoing. That murder case, however remains unsolved to this day. That case, is the DL-6 Incident.

: But why were you blackmailed over this, Mr. Grossberg?
: The DL-6 Incident was top-secret at the time. It made sense. The police didn't want people to know they were using a medium! They couldn't let people know. But one person found out.
: I... I told him.
: You told White?
: He offered me riches... It is an embarrassment to me now. Because I talked, the police were mocked far and wide. In secret, they began looking for the one who sold them out. Of course White heard about it, and he came to me. Only this time, the offer was blackmail.
: ... I see.
: ... White controls the law of this country as he sees fit. Yet if you would still challenge him... Have a close look at Mia's office.
: Mia's office...?
: She followed his every move for years. She may have recorded something of what she found.

That's a good idea.

: Hard to imagine a murder took place here. Mr. Grossberg said there would be clues... Maybe I should have another look.

: All the cases the chief ever worked on are filed here. They're in alphabetical order. Let's take a look...

: Let's see if there's "A" recordi n this file that catches my "I." "A"... "B"... "F"! "Misty Fey." That's Mia and Maya's mother.

: "'I have tarnished the Fey name.' Leaving only these words, my mother vanished. I was determined to find the ones who had made my mother blame herself in this way. Using the E.S.P. that runs in my family, I held an audience with the dead. Finally, the names of two men surfaced. One was Marvin Grossberg, a lawyer who sold my mother's information for riches. The other was the man who sold that information to the press. This parasite, who makes his fortune on threats and coercion... His name is..."
: Hmm. The record stops there. ... So Mia knew Grossberg...

: Let's see... "J" through "S"... Nothing much in here.

: *sigh* Well, no harm in flipping through a bit, I guess... The biggest part's here at the end in "S"... "Suicide"? Eww... She has a collection of suicide reports. There's politicians... policemen... ... ...! There's writing on most of these in pencil. "White"...? This is Mia's handwriting. Wait, I get it! Mia thought he was involved in these "suicides"! White drove them all to...

: ... I can use these newspaper clippings. Hmm... let's find the most disturbing one...

: "T"... "U"... I know, "W"! "White"! ... ! The entire "W" section is missing! Was it taken...?

: Sorry, but there's something I have to ask you.
: Mr. Lawyer, I really hate having to repeat myself...
: But it seems the message has not yet penetrated your thick skull... Stop bothering me!
: If you try my patience further, I fear a nasty accident may occur. Do I make myself clear?
: (Transparent...)

: (This is the only clue that Mia left me... I'd better make this one count!) Mr. White... see this?

: ...
: He was embezzling secret government funds. Then, one day, word get leaked to the press. The very next day he took his own life.
: And this concerns me how...?
: I found this article in Mia's office.
: Miss Mia...?
: She had a file filled with articles like this. Every one of them was labeled with a single word... "White."
: ...!

: You bribed him!
: B-bribed!? ....
: What exactly has led you to say this?
: (Um... gee, that's a good question. I guess I got ahead of myself there...)
: Hmph. You certainly have an active imagination.
: (Dammit!)

: You were spying on him, weren't you?
: "Spying"...?
: You snooped on him, and found out about the embezzlement. Then, when you revealed it, he was driven to suicide!
: Mr. Lawyer. I know nothing of this. And, even in the highly unlikely event that I did do such a thing...
: All I would have done is provide "information." That is not a crime in this country.
: (Gah! This guy's as cool as a cucumber...!)

: You were blackmailing him!
: Blackmail?
: Not just him, either. You were threatening and coercing hundreds of others! You were involved in all of the suicide cases that Mia investigated! This company is built on blackmail! I'm right, aren't I?
: What a bizarre accusation. Mr. Wrong...
: What is it that you should be doing now? Investigating me?
: No no no. I think not!
: You should be searching for the one who killed Miss Mia!

: Mr. Wrong will be leaving now.

: You are absolutely right. I should be looking for the killer now. And actually, I've done better. I've found him. He's sitting right in front of me.

: You're wrong, Mr. White.
: Excuse me?
: What I should be doign now is going after you!


: Just what are you insinuating?
: Mia was on to you. She was keeping tabs. For this reason you had April May tapping her phone. Then, Mia was murdered, and all the documents about you mysteriously disappeared. So, the culprit would be...?
: ...
: Even a child could work it out, Mr. White. You did it!
: ...

: We won't be needing an escort for Mr. Wrong. Instead, please connect me to the public prosecutor's office.

: Hello. Chief Prosecutor? I've changed my mind. I want to testify tomorrow.
: What's this about?
: The Mia Fey case. I witnessed the murder, you see.
: And, thus, as a very important witness, I would like to testify.
: What? Why now? I thought you said you didn't want to go to court?
: Quietude...! I told you I changed my mind, didn't I? Oh, and one other thing. Send the police over here right away.
: The man is standing right in front of me. He looks dazed but could be violent!
: What? What man?
: Are you even listening?

: What!?
: Mr. White... this isn't another one of those...
: Chief Prosecutor.
: I do not believe you are in a position to freely offer your opinions to me, correct?
: I'm telling you to send the police, now!

: ... Did I not tell you, Mr. Wrong? You are a mere lawyer!
: As was Miss Mia.
: How dare you!
: I'll point the finger at you, and you will be tried as Miss Mia's killer! The case is as good as settled. No lawyer of any worth will defend you. I have friends in the local lawyer's association, you see.
: You'll be given a lawyer so stupendously inept that they make even you look competent.
: (I... I feel faint.)

: Aaa! Butz! Hairy Butz!
: Wright, actually. Phoenix Wright. And my friend's name is "Larry"...
: Oh, right! Sorry, pal. Butz was that murderer, right?
: Detective Gumshoe.
: I present to you, the man who killed Miss Mia Fey!
: W-what!?
: Take this despicable human being into custody. ...
: Farewell, Mr. Wrong!

: My trial begins tomorrow. White's going to set a trap for me. And the prosecution will be in on it, of course. Edgeworth, included. An attorney was assigned to me by the state, yesterday. I refused. I had an idea.

: Wright! Mr. Wright!

: Great, they let you out of detention.
: Just now, yes. It's all thanks to you!
: Hah. Now I'm afraid we've switched places.
: What? You mean, you...?

: ...

: How many people does that man need to destroy before he's satisfied!? My mother... My sister... And now you!
: This has gone too far! Mr. Wright, please tell me, is there anything I can do?

: Alright, you can be my defense lawyer tomorrow!
: Alright!
: Huh?
: Leave it to me! I am Mia's sister, after all! Lawyership runs in our blood!
: (Wasn't it E.S.P. that ran in your blood...?)
: I'd better run to the bookstore and pick up a copy of "Law for Rookies."

: Well, you could cheer for me in court.
: Cheer for you? You mean... like a cheerleader?
: Huh? Um, yeah, like that.
: Alright! Leave it to me!
: Huh?
: I'd better go get a uniform and some pom-poms...!

: Right. Okay, listen up. I want you to help me break out of here!
: You mean... a jail break?
: Yeah. Tonight's our only chance!
: Alright!
: Huh?
: Oh, I'd better go get a hacksaw while the stores are still open. Oh, oh! And a rope ladder, and a getaway car! Can you drive?


: W-wait. Wait wait wait.

: I'm kidding! It was a joke!
: No way!
: No really, I was kidding. But thanks. It's good to know you're on my side. (And there really isn't anything you can do for me anyway...)
: But... but I can't just sit here and do nothing!
: I've got to give that man a piece of my mind!
: (Just a piece...?) Okay. Then, come to the court tomorrow.
: O-okay! I'll be there!
: I'll show them a thing or two!

: In fact, it's gotten worse. Lengthy court preceedings are no longer realistic. Beginning a few years ago, a limit of three days was put on initial court trials. Almost all finish in a day. Most with a guilty verdict. I never thought I would end up in the defendant's chair myself.

: This is it! It's me or him!

Next time: Phoenix Wright on Trial.

255 Illinois Comp. Stat. Section 605/18.1 posted:

The notice regarding safe reptile-handling practices [shall contain] all of the following statements:
(A) "As with many other animals, reptiles carry salmonella bacteria, which can make people sick. Safe reptile-handling steps should be taken to reduce the chance of infection."
(B) "Always wash your hands thoroughly after you handle your pet reptile, its food, and anything it has touched."
(C) "Keep your pet reptile and its equipment out of the kitchen or any area where food is prepared. Kitchen sinks should not be used to bathe reptiles or wash their dishes, cages, or aquariums. If a bathtub is used for these purposes, it should be cleaned thoroughly and disinfected with bleach."
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