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Part 15: Case 2 - Turnabout Sisters - Trial (Day 3) - Part 1

Case 2- Turnabout Sisters
Trial #2 - Part 1

: Yeah. One way or another, this case gets decided today.
: Aaa! Ph-Phoenix! Look!

: (Prosecutor... Edgeworth.)
: I received a call from the public prosecutor's office yesterday.
: ?

: If I raise an objection, I have it on good faith that the judge will listen to me.
: (What, does White have the judge in his pocket, too!?) So... you're saying I'm going to be guilty. End of story?
: ... I will do anything to get my verdict, Mr. Wright. Anything.
: Why... Why!? How can you torment an innocent person like this!?

: How can we know that? The guilty will always lie, to avoid being found out.
: There's no way to tell who is guilty and who is innocent! All that I can hope to do is get every defendant declared "guilty"!
: So I make that my policy.
: Edgeworth... You've changed.
: Hmm? Phoenix! You know him!?
: Don't expect any special treatment, Phoenix Wright.

: Well... court will be opening for session soon.
: What? But wait!
: Your defense attorney isn't even here yet! He's not...
: I'll be defending myself.

: Okay, let's do this.

: The court is now in session for the trial of Mr. Phoenix Wright.
: The prosecution is ready, Your Honor.
: The defense is ready, Your Honor.
: Mr. Wright... Are you sure you're up to doing this?
: Yes, Your Honor. I will be defending myself.
: Understood.
: Very well. Mr. Edgeworth, your opening statement, please.
: As the details of the event are already quite clear to the court, today we will hear the testimony of another witness to the defendant's crime.
: I see. The prosecution may call its witness.
: (That went far too smoothly!)
: (Why didn't the judge ask Edgeworth why his witness didn't testify before!? It's like... it's like he already knows why!)

: Mr. Edgeworth, you owe an explanation to the court! Why didn't this witness testify in the trial against Ms. Maya Fey!?
: Hmph. I'm ever so sorry! Mr. White is a busy man, and besides... at the time, I thought that Ms. May's opinion was all that would be needed. Again, my sincerest apologies to the court.
: Excellent, Mr. Edgeworth. I appreciate your demeanor.

: (Great. He gets to show off and I get nowhere.)

: (Forget it. I smell a trap.)


: I would like to call Mr. Redd White to the stand.

: Please state your full name.
: You wish to know the title of my personage?

: Er... your name?
: Yes! That is what I said! Oh dear, do my locutions confuse?

: (These two are great together...)
: My name is Redd White. But my friends call me Blanco Nino. I am the CEO, or to use a more common term, the President, of Bluecorp.
: Did you know the victim, Ms. Mia Fey?

: ... You were at the Gatewater Hotel the night of the murder?
: Correct.
: And you witnessed the murder from there?
: Ahem. Why tell you what you already know?
: Very well, Mr. White. You may begin your testimony.
: (If I can't rip this guy's testimony apart, I'm done for.)
: (Why do I always feel like it's the end of the world and I'm the last man standing?)
: Ho hoh hoh.

: I hope you have made your peace with God, Mr. Lawyer!
: ...!

: Hmm...
: If things occurred as you testify, then I'm afraid the defendant is guilty.
: Very well, defendant... er, I mean, Mr. Wright.
: Your cross-examination...
: Yes, Your Honor.

: How do you know what time it was?
: Because I am always abso-posi-lutely perfect, you know?
: No no no, you're not getting away with that!
: You are so mistrusting, Mr. Lawyer! So... what was the proper term for "secretary" again...?

: It happened soon after the room service arrived.

: True, the bellboy who brought the coffee saw Miss May.
: But he testified that he did not see you at the time!
: Ahem. This is your concern?

: (Hmm...)
: Tell us, what were you doing at that time?

: By window, you mean the one directly across from the Fey & Co. Law Office?
: Correct! That is the only window, you see.
: And there you were reading... papers?
: Correct!
: The Gatewater is a businessman's hotel, and I am a busy man who had business to do!

: A "bedlam"?
: It must have been when you attacked, I assume.
: We see. Continue.

: So you were reading your papers until you heard that sound?
: But of course. I am no snoop, peeping out of windows at night.
: (No snoop? Yeah, right! You've made a career out of snooping!)

: S-spiky-haired!?

: What you just said directly conflicts with Miss May's testimony! Miss May clearly stated that the assailant looked like a "girl"!

: Just what is your eyesight?

: Counting both eyes... 40!
: 40!? Don't add them together!
: I think the witness is trying to say his eyesight is good.
: (Hey, whose side is the judge on, anyway?)
: And what did you do then?

: What was Miss May doing at that time?
: She had just finished watching a soap opera on the TV, and was weeping openly.
: Did you know she had been tapping the Fey office phone?

: Irrelevant! That has nothing to do with the case at hand!

: Miss May was acting alone when she tapped the phone of this Fey woman.
: You'd make a good politician, Mr. White.
: Ho hoh! After all, I am "El Presidente."
: Please continue.

: Can you be a little more detailed about that? I think it's worth knowing exactly what happened.
: Of course! Comprende! I understand!

: You gave chase, and struck her down!
: Are you sure?

: As you know, I am always abso-posi-lutely perfect!
: Perhaps you could change your testimony to reflect this new detail.

: Are you sure about that?
: How many times must I say it?

: I am abso-posi-lutely perfect! End of story!
: (How many times must I hear that?)

: Doesn't something about that strike you as a little odd?

: Um... "impaction"? Don't you mean just "impact"?
: Ridiculosity! I think you need to brush up on your language skills!
: (On second thought, perhaps I'd better leave the whole language thing alone...)

And we loop.

: (Did Edgeworth "prep" this guy, too, I wonder? Anyway, I'd better find a weakness in there...)

Have you spotted it?

: Wait right there! Mr. White, you've dug your own grave!
: What is this!?

: But that directly contradicts Miss May's testimony!

: ...! Oh hoh hoh. It is simple. You have misheard her.
: I think not. Look at the floor plans...

: She would have been running directly away from the door! She would have been running into a dead end! Don't you find that odd?

: I did see her run to the left... I did.
: Phoenix... look at his face. I don't think he's lying about this one.

: (Maybe he really did see the victim run left...? So he did witness the killing...? Wait a second!)
: Mr. Wright?
: Yes, Your Honor?
: Miss May says "right," and Mr. White says "left."

: As Mr. White has testified, Mia ran to the left.
: But... But if that's the case...
: Why would she run in the opposite direction from the door?
: She did not. She was running towards the door, Your Honor.
: Bwah! Now you're the one making a contradiction, Mr. Wright!
: Not at all.

: As Miss May has stated, Mia ran to the right after she was attacked.
: What is this? I am not fashioning fabrications, I assure you! That lady ran to the left! I am sure of it!
: Then there can be only one explanation.
: Eh...? And that is?

: Both witnesses are telling the truth. (For once...)

: Er, rather, that does not clear up the contradiction.
: There is one scenario that would explain their conflicting accounts.
: What!?


: Obviously, the witness was not viewing the crime from the hotel!

: Mr. Wright! What do you mean?
: Yes, what do you mean, he was not "viewing the crime from the hotel"!?
: If he was not in the hotel, where could he have been!?
: In the law offices of Fey & Co., of course!

: More specifically, he was standing here!

: This is where he was!

: If he was watching from this point, to him it would appear that she ran to the "left."
: Please! This is no time for jokes in ill taste!

: Order! I will have order! Anyone disturbing the order of this courtroom will be held in contempt!
: Mr. Wright! What are you suggesting?

: The postulations of the defense are a distortion of the truth, Your Honor!
: Indeed. They do seem a bit far-fetched...
: ...

: You provide us with so much entertainment, Mr. Lawyer!
: (What now!? He's... laughing!?)
: The hilarity of the moment made me remember something... It appears I have been unclear, and for this, I apologize.
: Mr. Your Honor... Might I be allowed to testify once more?
: Very well, let's hear your revised testimony.
: (Good luck. You can't fix a broken testimony, buddy!)

: Hmm... That does seem to make sense.
: Will you be cross-examining the witness's testimony?
: You bet I will! I mean, yes, Your Honor.

: What do you mean by that!

: You Americans, always so impatient! It does not become you.
: (Hey buddy, you're an American, too!)

: What do you mean "first"?
: "First"? That is what comes before what happens "next." You do speak English, right?
: Please, sit back, relax. I will try to use simple words for your benefit. First, she ran to the left, and then...

: I didn't hit anyone!

: I'm not hiding anything!

: The prosecution requests that the defense refrain from interrupting the testimony!
: Mr. Wright, you have been warned.
: (Why's he mad at me!?)

: What do you mean "next"!?
: "Next" is what comes after "first."
: I know that!
: Then that is all you need to know, Mr. Lawyer.
: As I said, she turned and made a desperate dash to the right.

: Stop saying it was me!

: But, it was you.

: Mr. Wright! If you claim that it was NOT you, then show us proof!
: (Argh! Can I do nothing right? Nothing!?)
: May I continue?

: So each of you saw different parts...?
: Abso-posi-lutely! That's right, of course!
: (Where did he pick up that annoying phrase...?)
: Anyway, moving along!

: So were you watching both times?
: I suppose I was.
: And please excuse me for not testifying to this sooner!

And we loop - they actually cut off the last bit of his testimony for some reason.

: What do you think Phoenix?
: I think we've got him right where we want him! He slipped! Let him laugh for now. I'll soon wipe that smile off his face!

Next time: Doing that. But how?

Louisiana Rev. Stat., Section 4:81 posted:

Open betting or quoting of odds; insulting or abusive remarks [related to boxing or wrestling matches]
A. There shall be no open betting or quoting of odds in the club or arena where the exhibition or contest is being held. Whoever does so shall be ejected.
B. There shall be no insulting or abusive remarks made by seconds, managers, or spectators and directed at the contestants. The officers of the club and the attending member of the commission shall at once eject persons who violate this or any other provision of this Chapter.