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Part 18: Case 3 - Turnabout Samurai - Investigation (Day 1) - Part 1

Case 3 - Turnabout Samurai
Investigation (Day 1) - Part 1

Video intro

: The pale moon in the sky cries for your blood!

: The moon? No, it is you who should gaze upon the moon... For it will be the last moon you ever see!

: See you in hell, Evil Magistrate!

: The warriors' swords gleam and strike in the moonlight! One has fallen... but who? Only the moon knows! Don't miss next week's exciting episode: "The Dark Messenger Returns!"

: "See you in Hell, Evil Magistrate!!!"
: Whoa! Stop waving that broom around!
: Oh, Nick! I didn't know you were here!
: Of course I'm here! What was that surreal show you were watching?

: Young...? Like, how young?
: Umm... 10 years old?
: Then what the heck are YOU doing getting all excited!?
: Hey! I'm only 17!

: Hey! Don't talk to me like I'm your grandpa or something. I'm only 24 myself.
: Then watch it with me! He's really cool! And... it's really popular!
: When they asked grade school kids what they wanted to be, "Steel Samurai" was no.1!
: I really worry about kids these days.
: Gramps!
: Well, the Steel Samurai's over. I guess it's time to close up the office.
: I guess... Wish we had some clients!

: Mia's murder was the talk of the town for some time... But no one paid any attention to the Wright & Co. Law Offices... How am I going to pay the rent this month?

: I'm sure some big client is just around the corner!
: Hmph.

: H-hello? This is Phoenix.
: N-N-Nick!!!
: Maya? What? It's still early...
: I-it's the Steel Samurai! The Steel Samurai got arrested!
: Huh? You mean the guy on that show?
: Yes! They're saying that the Steel Samurai killed a villain!
: ... Umm... Isn't that what he's supposed to do?
: Yeah, on TV!
: Yeah, on TV.
: No! I mean, he actually did it! In real life! He skewered a villain with his Samurai Spear!
: I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.
: Just come to the office, quick! Please, Nick!

: (Maya's here... watching television.)

: The actor Will Powers was arrested yesterday. Powers plays the lead role in the popular kid's show "The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo." He was arrested on suspicion of murder. The victim was Jack Hammer, who plays the villain known as the "Evil Magistrate." His body was found still inside the Evil Magistrate costume. The "Samurai Spear" was also found stuck through the body. Police believe this was the murder weapon, and are investigating further.
: ...
: This has to be a joke.
: No, no, no! It's a nightmare! The Steel Samurai is over! The world is over!

: Yes... Wright & Co. Law Offices. ...
: What!? Nick! I-it's the Steel Samurai!
: W-what!?
: Yes... yes, of course! We'll be right there!

: Let's go, Nick!
: Go? Go where?
: They have the Steel Samurai down in detention!
: So what!?
: So, I've decided this will be our first case!

But before that, let's take a look around.

: It's a nice day outside. The hotel across the way is always full these days. There's the bellboy, happily cleaning the room.

: Mia's favorite potted plant. Maya has been watering it so much lately it looks a little... swollen. She's either trying to make it grow... or she's perfecting her water torture technique.

: Mia's desk. Actually... it's my desk now. Sitting here always makes me feel like a professional.

: A poster of an old movie that Mia liked. I was thinking I should go see it myself. Then I realized that the poster doesn't actually say the title of the movie.

: There's a horrendous amount of legal books here. Scarier still is the thought that I have to read all of these now.

And we can chat with Maya. Usually, Maya has some vague advice on the current situation, but I doubt I'll ever remember to check back in with her between investigation events beyond those that bring us back to the office.

: Well, what should we do?
: What should we do!? How can you just sit there like that!? We have to get down to the detention center and meet the Steel Samurai!
: (Does she want to investigate this case or just do some sightseeing, I wonder? My money's on sightseeing.)

: We don't have enough information to make a case yet.
: Just admit it: you don't have a clue what happened.
: No! We just don't have enough information!

And the badge...

: You like showing that off, don't you, Nick?
: (My poor, poor ego...)

And let's check the Court Record.

Okay, let's get moving.

: ...
: What's wrong, Maya? It's him! In the flesh!
: Umm... Is that guy really him?
: Whaddya mean "that guy"? Of course it's him! Will Powers, our client! That's him.
: Um, maybe I shouldn't be saying this...
: But he definitely did it. Murder. At least once. Maybe twice.
: Whoa whoa whoa! What are you saying!?

: Y-yes!?
: Something wrong...?
: N-no! No!
: (This is getting off to a great start.)

: D-disappointed!? Oh, no. Oh no.
: No, it's okay. This is the real me. When I got the part of the Steel Samurai, with that mask... I decided I would never show my face in public until the job was over. It's the kids, you know. I didn't want to wreck their dreams.
: Oh...
: I guess it didn't matter. So much for dreams. I wonder what they think of the Steel Samurai now. *sniff* Uwaaah!
: Nick!
: What?
: He's a good guy! I mean, he's good!
: Yeah.
: He didn't do it!
: ...

So, let's get cracking.

: Smile for the camera...

: This guard monitors the visitor's room. He seems frozen in awe of Will Powers.

: Maybe you could start by telling us what happened.
: Y-yes. Of course. It seems like it was only yesterday. Actually, it was only yesterday. The cast had come down to Global Studios for a run-through. We went through a few action sequences at 10:00 that morning. There was a rehearsal scheduled for 5:00 in the afternoon. But when 5:00 came around, and the staff gathered at the studio... The Evil Magistrate was found lying in a crumpled heap near the set.

: And discovered that it was Jack Hammer... dead! He had been expertly skewered with the Samurai Spear.
: The "Samurai Spear"...?
: Yes, it's a long spear that I... that the Steel Samurai uses as a weapon.

: Maybe you could explain to me just what "the Steel Samurai" is.
: Nick! How could you say such a thing?
: I-I'm sorry, sir, I apologize for my partner!
: He's new to this, and a bit OUT OF TOUCH with the world.
: Hey! Who's "new to this"!?
: No, it's alright, really.
: The Steel Samurai is the lead character in a popular kid's show. He walks the streets of Neo Olde Tokyo... Fighting battle after battle against the Evil Magistrate and his minions. Of course, he never really defeats the Evil Magistrate.
: Although... I guess he did defeat him this time... *sniff* Uwaaah!
: I-I see. (Neo Olde Tokyo...? Who comes up with these names!?)

: Now, where were you on the day of the murder?
: Well, that morning I came to studios at 9:00.

: Rehearsal was to begin at 5:00, but I was a little tired.

: When I woke up, it was after 5:00! I was late for the rehearsal!

: They arrested me on the spot, and brought me here.
: (So he was sleeping the entire afternoon of the murder? Some action hero!)
: What will the kids think? *sniff*
: I think I should probably check out the scene of the murder...
: Right... Global Studios. I'll draw you a map.
: Wow! Nick! Let's go!
: (I'm willing to bet 10 bucks she asks for autographs.)

Naturally, we end with the badge.

: I... I see. ...
: (Let me guess... this guy wasn't the top student in improv class.)

: Wow! So this is where they make the Steel Samurai show!
: Awesome! Aren't you excited!?

: You want in, you gotta go through me!
: O-oh... s-sorry! W-we're, um, lawyers.

: And it's my job to make sure that gawkers like you stay OUT.
: G-gawkers?
: Gawkers! Sightseers! Tourists!!! I know the type. You heard about the incident and came to snoop around.

: Umm... Nick?
: Will I grow up to be like her? Please say "no."
: I dunno! It's possible.
: Hey!
: Listen when you're being spoken to! Youths today!

As always, our first task is to poke around.

: The main entrance to the studio. There was a big scene here yesterday with onlookers pressuing up against the gate.

: An overhead map of the studios. Right from here is the Employee Area. To the left are the actual film studios.

: The computer that runs the studio security cameras.

: The security guard station. That security lady must like junk food., There's a mountain of it on the desk in there. I can see the computer that runs the security cameras.

: Looks like a studio van. They probably use it to carry around film equipment.

: So, what do you do here at the studios?
: At Global Studios, we make children's dreams come true!

: No! You were a star!?
: Only a little twinkle between the stars here, I'm afraid, dearie.
: Wo... wow.
: This place has really gone downhill, you know? But 10 years ago, now that was a studio of dreams!
: Hammer was a big star back then too, he was...
: Hammer...?
: The victim, dummy!
: The Evil Magistrate!
: He's been reduced to playing villains now. Not exactly the best material to work with...

: Can you tell me about Mr. Will Powers?
: He's not a bad kid, but don't be fooled by his mask!
: You wouldn't want him on the silver screen without it, believe me. Little old ladies watching would lose their lunch!
: That's probably why he thought that the Steel Samurai was his "big chance." No one thought he was capable of doing what he did to poor Jack Hammer...
: We don't know for certain that Will Powers is guilty!
: Powers? Of course he's guilty!
: How do I know? I know everything! That's my job.

: What kind of person was Jack Hammer?
: What "kind of person"? Oh... if you only knew!
: Jack Hammer will live on in many hearts as the ultimate action hero!

: (Should I have heard of that...?)
: But... there was an accident during filming five years ago. He got an unlucky break after that. Reduced to playing the villain on a children's program! What's more, I heard they were paying him peanuts. It's enough to make you cry.

: Why are you so certain Mr. Powers is the killer?
: I was standing right here yesterday, I was. I was here from 1:00 in the afternoon, to 5:00, when they found the body!
: Now the studio where the murder took place is to the left here. So if you want to go to the studio, you have to pass by me!
: Only one person went by here between 1:00 and 2:30, when the murder took place!
: And... that person was Mr. Powers?
: Yes. I saw him!
: But Mr. Powers says he was sleeping in his dressing room.
: Oh, I'm sure he would say that. He's no fool! But he was the only one that walked by.
: He's the killer, you can bet your biscuits on it. Isn't it about time for you to be heading home?
: There's nothing to see here. Move along.
: Um, actually, we're here at Mr. Powers's request.
: Hmph! I thought you were suspicious lookin'! Show me a "letter of request."
: And maybe I'll just let you in.
: This lady here thinks she owns this place, obviously.

Well, at least we have some new Court Record entries.

And a badge, of course.

: What's that? You giving that to me?
: (Absolutely not!)

So it looks like we'll have to go back to Will and get a letter before she'll let us in.

Next time: We do that thing.

Nevada Rev. Stat. Subsections 642.470, 642.480, on unprofessional conduct of funeral directors. posted:

[U]nprofessional conduct includes:
1. Misrepresentation or fraud ...
2. Solicitation of dead human bodies by the licensee or his or her agents, assistants or employees, whether the solicitation occurs after death or while death is impending, but this does not prohibit general advertising.
6. Gross immorality.
8. Using profane, indecent or obscene language in the presence of a dead human body, or within the immediate hearing of the family or relatives of a deceased whose body has not yet been interred or otherwise disposed of.