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Part 19: Case 3 - Turnabout Samurai - Investigation (Day 1) - Part 2

Case 3 - Turnabout Samurai
Investigation (Day 1) - Part 2

We left off having to go get a note from Will before we could get into the studio.

: They all think I did it, don't they?
: N-no, not at all! Isn't that right, Nick?
: Right, not at all. At worst, you're a suspect.
: *sniff*

: Mr. Powers, you aren't hiding anything from me, are you?
: W-what? No! I'd never do that!
: Just now you said that you were sleeping in your dressing room after lunch.
: Yes. Like a baby.
: But the security lady said she saw you that day. She says she saw you heading towards the scene of the crime!
: W-what!? That's not possible! I... I really don't know what to say! I was sleeping, I promise!
: Mr. Powers, if you want me to help you, you have to tell me the truth. I'm new to this lawyer business, and I need every advantage I can get.
: I know... I-I'm sorry. *sniff* But, I swear to you on my momma's grave, I was sleeping. Maybe the security lady only thought she saw me?
: (What did she see...? He doesn't seem to be lying.)

: Umm... about the security guard at the main gate to the studio...
: Oh, the security lady?
: She's terrible! She called me "suspicious lookin'"!
: Y-yes... actually, she's said the same thing to me before. "Take off that mask!" were her words, I believe. She sucks up to all the bigwigs at the studio... But let her see you stumble once and she'll never let up on you.
: Grr! She's got some nerve!
: Do you think you could write up a letter formally requesting my representation?
: Of c-course.

: (I just hope this will get me past that security lady.)

Let's find out.

: Hmm...? Yes, yes. I recognize the bold, childish scrawl.

: To think he would entrust his fate to youths of such unreliable appearance...
: Really!
: Really?
: Anyway, you may pass. But only left from here, toward the studios! No going to the right. That's the Employee Area.
: "No one allowed inside, pal" were my instructions. The good detective told me himself.
: Hey, hey, Nick.
: Huh?

: Hey! Not bad!

: 50 cents!

: Aren't you that murderer from the other day!

: Hey pal, you know Prosecutor Edgeworth is all upset, and it's your fault!

: Umm... so?
: Hey! If he's depressed, it's all your fault for doing sloppy detective work!
: !!! ... ... ...
: Um, Detective?
: I think you hurt his feelings.
: Oh no! I... I'm sorry!
: Well, I think his feelings are easily hurt.
: You're right, pal. It's all my fault. I can blame other people all I want, but I know the truth in my heart!
: Hey, hey! Don't take it so hard! There's always the next case!
: Yeah, I suppose you're right.
: Hey!
: What exactly are you two doing here?
: Um, well...
: We're on this case too, pal!
: Huh!? Hey! You can't just go saying "pal" like that! That's MY endearing character trait!
: I'd say he's a character alright...

Let's take a look around.

: Detective Gumshoe, what's down the path to the left? It looks like a tree fell down over the path...?
: Oh, yeah. That way's kind of dangerous. You should stay out, pal. There's nothing down there, anyway.
: That's where Studio Two used to be, they tell me. They don't use it now, though.

: Hey, there's a camera here.
: That's the security camera. It takes photos of people going to the studio.
: All you have to do is look at the data and you can see who went where!
: There's a number plate on the camera... [ST1-307]. That must be the camera ID number.

: I'm a little bushed. Maybe I'll take a short rest here.
: Hey, good idea, pal!
: Detective! Aren't you on the case?
: W-well, yeah, but... Hey, us detectives get tired of standing around too, pal!

: There's a big welcome sign above the path.
: Yeah, apparently the studio's fallen on tough times. They've started letting people in on days they aren't filming. They make a bit of extra money by charging for admission.
: Huh. You sure know a lot about this place, Detective.
: You know, you could always quit being a detective and work here?
: Yeah! And what perfect timing, with the monkey's neck broken and all.
: Huh? Just what's that supposed to mean, pal!?

: The studio mascot. I guess it's a monkey of some kind. But what kind of monkey has a nose like that? He's holding a sign in his hand. [Right: To Studio One. Left: To Studio Two.]

: Oh, the wind was pretty strong yesterday, and the head broke off. It took that tree down with it, too.

: The entrance to Studio One. This is the studio where they found Jack Hammer's body.
: Let's go in and check it out, Nick! ...
: Hey! It's locked!
: Looks like you need a cardkey to get in. It makes sense that they would want to keep the non-employees out.

Now we can question Gumshoe.

: So, how is your investigation going, Detective?
: Well, it's... Hey! I can't tell you that, pal.
: Nick... Maybe you need to be a little more indirect with your questions?
: Right. So, Detective, mind if I take a look at what you got?
: What I got?
: The autopsy report! The latest version, if you please...
: Hmm... right, right. Sorry about what happened last time, pal.

: Why was Mr. Powers arrested?
: Simple, pal! The murder took place right over there in Studio One.
: Now, the victim entered Studio One at approximately 1:00 PM. At that time, there was no one other than the victim in the studio. According to the autopsy report, the time of death was 2:30 PM.
: Only one person went to the studio between 1:00 and 2:30!

: No one else, pal! If you think I'm lying, ask the security lady at the main gate.
: Nick! If that's true...!
: Anyone would think that Powers did it with that kind of evidence!
: Thanks for cheering me up...

: About the security lady...
: Oh, that sweet old lady. What a charmer!
: Huh? A-are we talking about the same person?
: When I showed her my badge she gave me a donut and some coffee!
: Remember what Powers said. She's a sucker for authority.
: She even gave me a piece of valuable evidence!

: What kind of evidence!?
: Well, that, er, photo.
: The photo of the Steel Samurai heading toward the scene of the crime!

: See the camera up on that gate, pal?
: The gate? You mean the one with the welcome sign?
: Yeah. Whenever someone walks by, that camera automatically snaps a photo of them!

: Nick, he has evidence! We're finished!
: (Funny, for someone with hard proof he doesn't look too happy.)
: ...
: What's wrong, pal? You seem down.
: Don't look so happy when you say that.
: Oh hoh hoh hoh hoh!
: Umm... We'd like to ask the employees here some questions...
: Sure thing, pal. Go wherever you like. Of course, you're not going to find any clues I haven't already found! Hah hah hah!
: (I'm glad someone around here seems to be enjoying themselves.)
: Nick, let's go! We've got a free pass to the place. Now's our chance to check things out!

And hey, let's try the badge for the road.

: Uh huh? Don'tcha think it's a little sad when you have to explain what your badge means, pal?
: Real men show their P.D. badge and that's that!
: I'll admit the design of my badge leaves a lot to be desired...
: Maybe it should just be a big "L" for "Lawyer"?
: Hmm... I'm not so sure about that.

: That security lady is in the guard station stuffing her face with donuts!
: I guess all cops like their donuts!
: Yeah, and they're soft enough she doesn't need teeth to chew them...
: Hey, you!

: Well? Are you satisfied Powers is guilty yet?
: (Urk! She had to make my life harder by giving that photo to Detective Gumshoe...)

: Why didn't you tell us about the security photo, ma'am?
: Hmm? Oh, that? I just thought it would be more thrilling to talk with the detective himself!
: These things are important, you know.

: It's my job to check the photos every day, you see.

: This guard station is in a central position. No matter where you go here, you pass by my station first! Now poor Hammer, he went to the studio just before 1:00. The murder happened right around 2:30, see?
: The only one I seen go through here between 1:00 and 2:30 was Powers himself! The security camera got a good look at him too.
: If he's not the one what did it, I don't know who is!
: Maybe... it was you?
: Gyah hah ha hah! Good one, sonny.
: (She thinks I was joking.)

: Was the victim, Mr. Hammer, a popular actor?
: Oh, he was the biggest star in the studio!
: ("Was"? Past tense?)
: Oh yes! He was great as the "Bearded Samurai"!
: That too, yes. He shone the brightest! Back in the day.
: Making a star like him play the "Evil Magistrate"... It's a disgrace, I tell you! Hammer took it pretty hard, and who can blame him?

: About the security camera...
: Oh yes, the camera.

: Then it snaps a photo! Apparently, it records the time when it takes a picture too.
: But I don't bother myself with those details. I just view all the photos on the computer over in the security guard station. I check 'em every day before going home, I do.

: Nick!
: This is where they do all the behind-the-scenes stuff!
: Hey! Look! There's Powers's dressing room!
: No one's here this soon after the murder I guess.
: Let's take a look around!

An excellent idea. There's no one here to talk to, of course, but there's plenty to look at.

: The door to the dressing room. It's not locked.
: Hey, Nick! Let's take a look inside! Maybe we can find something as a souvenir...?
: What do you mean "find"!?
: You never know! There might be something like... the Samurai Spear!
: We don't need a spear! (And that's the murder weapon for crying out loud!)

: There's a sign on the dressing room door. "Mr. Will Powers"... it must be neat to be the star and have your own room like this.

: A window into the dressing room. The glass is frosted, so I can't see inside.

: Let's see... cola, candy, chips, gum... Huh. It's so... normal. I was expecting some cool theme snacks or something. Popcorn, at least!
: W-wait! Look! "Samurai Soda"! Nick! Try this!
: (Ladies first...)

: That must be the storage room. That's where they keep all the film equipment.
: Wow, Nick! You know a lot about the industry!
: Umm, what else would they keep in a film studio?

: The remains of yesterday's lunch are scattered around. Everyone was probably too shocked to clean up.

: Mmm! T-bone steak! That would have hit the spot.
: You just had a burger!
: Yeah, but I have a second stomach just for steaks.
: (What!?)

We move over to the other half of the area.

: Looks like one of those electric-powered bicycles. I dunno about these. I mean, what's the point?
: It makes it a lot easier to go up hills!
: Don't people cycle to get exercise!?

: There's a half-finished backdrop for a stage here. Looks like a castle. Probably "Neo Olde Tokyo Castle."

: The metal grate on the drain here has been taken off. That's a pretty big drain. A kid could fit through there, I bet.
: Yeah, if you snuck in that way you wouldn't have to pay at the gate!
: Well, if you want to leave that way, be my guest.
: Right!

Nothing left to see here, so...

: (Powers's dressing room... So this is where he was sleeping? Or at least, this is where he claims he was sleeping.)
: No one actually saw him taking a nap here, did they?
: Right, and there's a picture of him near the crime scene. (I hope he's telling the truth... for his sake!)

Let's get to work.

: Hmm? This must be Powers's bag.
: Hey, don't open that.

: An employee cardkey. That must be Powers's. It says "Studio One."
: Let's take it, Nick!
: Borrow it. You mean borrow.

: There's a vast array of cosmetics here.
: Ooh!
: This is the wig he used in "Samurai Boogey-Woogey"! Nick! Try this on!
: No. And how can you tell the name of a show just by looking at a wig!?
: I, um, kinda like samurai movies.
: ("Kinda"...?)

: There's some regular suits in among the costumes here. Those must be his own clothes.
: It'd be fun to wear one of the costumes...
: (I'd say you were already wearing one, myself.)

: There's a bunch of snacks on the table. They must give these to the employees. Some tea and cookies...
: Nick... I'm hungry!
: You just had a burger!
: Yeah, but I have a separate stomach for sweets!
: (How many stomachs does this girl have!?)

: It's locked. Looks like he doesn't open his window much. I guess it is kind of dusty outside.

: Looks like someone was sleeping here. Maybe Powers did take a nap here yesterday...

Well, that seems to be all we can get from here today.

Next time: Studio One.

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