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Part 20: Case 3 - Turnabout Samurai - Investigation (Day 1) - Part 3

Case 3 - Turnabout Samurai
Investigation (Day 1) - Part 3

Why are we back here? Well, we have the Studio One keycard now.

: The entrance to Studio One. This is the studio where they found Jack Hammer's body.
: Let's go in and check it out, Nick!
: I wonder if this cardkey we borrowed from the dressing room will work...

: It opened!
: Alright! We're in!
: (She's way too happy for someone visiting a crime scene.)

: ...
: What is it?
: ...
: You're real quiet all of a sudden.
: Doesn't it give you the shivers, Nick?
: That white tape! It's so... so real!
: Well, the Evil Magistrate did die here. And the Steel Samurai killed him. The murder weapon was the Samurai Spear. Sounds pretty real to me...

Time to look around.

: Looks like a backdrop for a stage. This must be used in the Steel Samurai show.
: Of course! That's the mountain, Neo Fujiyama!
: Doesn't the Steel Samurai take place in Olde Tokyo? Can you even see Mt. Fuji from there?
: Not Olde Tokyo, Nick! "Neo" Olde Tokyo!
: Oh. Right.

: Wow, look at that camera! That must cost a ton!
: Yeah! So don't touch it!
: Whoa! It's heavier than I thought...

: Ah, um, sorry, my partner is kind of, y'know...
: "Y'know"!? No I don't know!
: Umm... who are you?
: Who me? I'm an assistant here. I help with props and stuff. Moving them aorund, ordering new ones, et cetera.
: We're lawyers representing Mr. Will Powers.
: Oh, you're WP's people.
: "WP"...? Oh, Will Powers. W.P., I get it.
: I don't envy you guys one bit! But... do what you can for WP, okay?

: Don't worry, leave it to us!

: They outlined where Jack Hammer's body lay with tape. His body was found still inside the Evil Magistrate costume. I guess that's why the head part looks like a helmet. Funny, I expected a spear stabbing would leave at least a few bloodstains. I guess the costume must have absorbed most of it...

: Look, a ladder!
: That's a "step"-ladder.
: So? What's the difference?
: You need to stop judging things based on narrow-minded cultural assumptions, Nick!
: R-right... sorry. (This girl is OUT there!)

: Hey! Look! That's the chair the director sits in! I've always wanted to sit in one of these.
: Hey Nick, take a look at that. One of those black-and-white boards they clap at the start of filming!
: And look! A megaphone! A real live megaphone!
: ...
: Ready, Nick? Action!
: (This girl is more troubled than I thought...)

: What's this?
: That's for reflecting light. They call it a reflecting screen or something like that. The assistant holds it during filming.
: Huh.
: What? Where's your enthusiasm for all things entertainment?
: Well, lighting is fine, but I'd want to be the director. Or maybe the Steel Samurai!
: (I think she's being serious...!)

Now, let's question that assistant.

: Could you tell me anything about the day of the murder?
: Yes. I was in the studio the whole day. I was the only assistant on staff that day, you see.
: Only one assistant?
: Yes, well, the studios aren't doing so well right now. And yesterday was only rehearsal for our action sequences.
: I see. Neat!

: WP and Hammer were there, along with everoyne else.
: The employee area--that's where Powers's dressing room is, right?
: Yes, that's the place.

: Then I saw WP go into his dressing room. But I didn't see either of them after that.

: Did you know that Mr. Powers was sleeping in his room?
: No! I wouldn't go in there unless I had some urgent message for him... I mean, it's his private... What kind of a girl do you think I am!?
: W-what kind...? No, no, I'm sure you're a fine girl. Um, sorry. (So much for getting a confirmation of Powers's alibi.)
: What do we do, Nick? We haven't found anything. If WP was the only one who came to the studio...
: Then he has to be the killer! They even have a photograph...
: Hmm...
: Umm... Sorry... I know you're busy.
: Not really.
: Actually, there's been something bothering me.
: Ah hah! That's what I'm talking about! A clue! A lead!

: Well, I don't know about that, but that day, just after noon, I sensed someone was here...
: You "sensed"?
: Yes, several times.
: Some other studio employees, maybe?
: No, I don't think so. The only thing we had scheduled was an action scene run-through. I was the only assistant here that day.
: I have a feeling it was someone from... outside.
: R-really!?
: But wait, if someone had come in here...
: Wouldn't that security lady have noticed them?
: Yeah, you're right.
: I'm sorry I don't have any better information than that.
: No, thanks! That helps us a lot. Anything helps.
: Let's go put that security lady on the spot!

: So you sensed that someone other than the regular film crew was in the studio?
: Yes... I think.
: ("I think" doesn't cut it in a witness testimony.)
: Nick! What about that security lady! If someone else came into the studio, she must have seen them!

And there's Penny's profile. As for our badge...

: Um, any thoughts about this?
: Sorry... I... don't really want to think too much about what happened just yet.

: What? You're still here?
: Really! You look as though you've seen a ghost!

: What? I saw that suspicious look on your face!
: I wanted to ask you again about yesterday... You came here at 1:00 PM, correct? And the estimated time of Hammer's death was 2:30. Are you sure that Powers was the only one to go through here between those times?
: Sure as can be!
: But we have a witness who thinks there was "someone from outside" here that day.
: What!?
: Are you absolutely sure you were here watching hte whole time?
: ...
: Ma'am?
: Who was it?
: Who told you that? Who dares question ME!?
: Eek!
: Alright you better tell me and tell me quick, you spiky-haired cretin! Someone's been complaining about the work I do, eh!?
: Uh... um, we were just talking to the assistant in Studio One.
: Her! She's not even a full-time employee!

: She left...
: Well, Nick?
: This is our chance to do what we can without her looking over our shoulders!

: The computer that runs the studio security cameras.
: Nick! Maybe we can see that photo of Powers with this computer!
: Yeah, maybe.

: Okay. Let's give it a try.
: You know how to work these things, Nick?
: Looks like I just have to enter in a few numbers. Let's see... first, I need the date of the murder. (It looks like the camera turned on at 1:00 PM that day... 1:00... That was when the security lady arrived at the guard station.)

Getting it wrong just has Maya and Phoenix talk about how they should go back and check the camera, not even a joke in there.

: There! Entered! ...

: Let's see what we got...

: ... Huh?
: How is this a picture of Will Powers?
: Well, he is the one who always wears that suit... I guess that's why the security lady thought it was him.
: I don't imagine the detective was very happy with this photo as evidence.

: Huh? [Oct 15, 2:00 PM, Photo #2]
: What does that mean?
: Maybe there's more photo data from that day?
: Nope--that's the only one in the computer.

: Hey, hey, Nick! Can't we use this photo as evidence for the trial?
: Yeah.
: We'll put that security lady in her place with this!
: Right, we'll put her in her place...

: Let's show her this photo and see what she says!
: Wait. Let's not.
: Why not?
: It's never a good idea to reveal your hand to the enemy too soon.
: Nick! You're craftier than I gave you credit for.
: Why, you could be the next... Evil Magistrate!
: Hey! Why do I have to be the villain.

That's not my typo.

: Relax, it was just a joke! So, are we done for today?

: Still, it'd be better if we had some idea who the real killer was! Maybe it realy is that security lady...?

Next time: Trial.

North Carolina Gen. Stat. Section 20-136 posted:

Section 20-136. Smoke screens.
(a) It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to drive, operate, equip or be in the possession of any automobile or other motor vehicle containing, or in any manner provided with, a mechanical machine or device designed, used or capable of being used for the purpose of discharging, creating or causing, in any manner, to be discharged or emitted, either from itself or from the automobile or other motor vehicle to which attached, any unusual amount of smoke, gas or other substance not necessary to the actual propulsion, care and keep of said vehicle, and the possession by any person or persons of any such device, whether the same is attached to any such motor vehicle, or detached therefrom, shall be prima facie evidence of the guilt of such person or persons of a violation of this section.
(b) Any person or persons violating the provisions oif this section shall be guilty of a Class I felony.