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Part 21: Case 3 - Turnabout Samurai - Trial (Day 2) - Part 1

Case 3 - Turnabout Samurai
Trial (Day 2) - Part 1

: The court is now in session for the trial of Mr. Will Powers.
: The prosecution is ready, Your Honor.
: The defense is ready, Your Honor.
: Very well. Mr. Edgeworth, your opening statement, please.
: The prosecution will show the court that at 2:30 PM on October 15, the defendant, Mr. Will Powers, killed fellow actor Jack Hammer at Studio One of Global Studios. It is impossible for anyone else to have committed this heinous crime. The evidence presented during the trial will all point to this fact.
: Hmm. I see.
: Very well, I would like to move on to your testimony.
: Mr. Edgeworth, the prosecution may call its first witness.
: First, I would like to call a familiar face, Detective Gumshoe, to the stand.

: Detective, if you would briefly describe this case to the court?
: Yes sir! I'll explain with the guidemap here.

: Now, jump ahead to later that day... 5:00 PM. The production staff came to Studio One to perform a rehearsal.

: The "Samurai Spear" found lodged in the victim's chest was the murder weapon.
: That's the case, in brief. Anyone like to hear that again?

: (I think I can probably remember that...)

: How... medieval!

: Your Honor. This case is quite simple if you ask one question:
: And that question is:

: Understood.
: Let's call this security officer to the stand!

: Will the witness declare her name?
: ...

: My, aren't you a handsome fellow!
: I'm afraid I'm a bit flustered!

: Y-your name, please!
: Oh, dearie! No need for you to be embarrassed! Just call me "grandma."
: (Seems Edgeworth has a bit of trouble getting his witnesses to say their names...)
: Wendy Oldbag, dearie.

: O-objection! I... object to the witness's talkativeness.
: Objection sustained!
: The witness will refrain from rambling on the stand.
: I was just getting to the good part, dearie!
: Perhaps we can get to the testimony?
: Now, the witness was stationed at the main gate on the day of the murder, correct?
: Yessey I was.
: And to get to the scene of the murder, someone would have to pass by you?
: You know your stuff, dearie!
: ...
: You may begin your testimony.
: (She sure is one hell of an Oldbag...)

: You saw the defendant, then? Hmm...
: Very well. Let's begin the cross-examination. Mr. Wright?
: Yes, Your Honor.

: So up until that time, anyone who wanted to could go into the studio?
: Well, there wasn't a security guard at the gate, no. But the main gate was locked, dearie.

: (Right... the cardkey that I have. So, what she's saying is no one who wasn't supposed to be there could get in.)
: Was there anyone at the studios when you arrived at the guard station?

: A "run-through"...?
: They were working out a scene between the Steel Samurai and the Evil Magistrate.
: They got the basics figured out by noon, and were to use the afternoon for practice. Rehearsal was to start at 5:00.
: That's why poor old Hammer went to Studio One in the afternoon.
: (So Powers was in his dressing room sleeping... when he was supposed to be practicing!)
: (Talk about a laid-back hero...)
: If there was a run-through in the morning, why did you only get there after noon?

: What kind of "errands"?
: Oh, well, you know.

: Answer the question!

: O-observing? Weren't you supposed to be at the guard station?
: Whippersnapper! I told you I locked the gate, didn't I? I did my job!
: (I'm not sure your boss would see it that way...)
: Anyway!
: I always watch Hammer's run-throughs. Always!
: Never missed one in all my years.
: Wow! I want to see a Steel Samurai run-through too!
: You could quit being a spirit medium and take up guard duty.
: Not a bad idea...

: Did you see the victim then?
: Did I see poor old Hammer? Nope. He'd already gone to the studio before I got back to the guard station.
: Tell us what happened next.

: So you were watching there the WHOLE time? No breaks? Not even a second?
: O-of course! I am a professional, you know! Or are you criticizing how I do my job!? Whippersnapper!
: No, it's just, after seeing you eating those donuts in the guard station yesterday...
: I can watch the gate and eat donuts at the same time! Snipperwhapper!
: "Snipperwhapper"...? Old windbag is losing it, Nick.
: Why don't you raise an objection?
: So, the witness was on duty through the afternoon, the whole time. Very well.
: What did you see?

: How did you know that?
: Oh hoh hoh. I have my ways! That over-dressed young detective told me. I fed him donuts and he talked and talked... If you ask me, that detective isn't cut out for his job.
: ...
: (Poor Detective Gumshoe, getting chewed out by a security guard...)

: 2:00? You're sure?
: Sure as spit!
: Well, who was the man!?
: Really, you should try not to get so excited at your age. You might strain something.
: ...
: Now, now, don't get your skivvies all in a bunch. I'll tell you who it was!

: So you saw Mr. Powers?
: That's what Is said! Got wax in your ears, sonny?
: Nick, this is your chance!
: Yeah, time to pull out hte secret weapon...
: I'll say it again! It was him!

And loop.

: Nick...

: Windbags love gossiping about other people's misfortunes.
: Ugh. Can't she get her kicks somewhere else?

This one's not too hard.

: Let me get this straight, old bag! Er, Ms. Oldbag!
: You've been saying since yesterday that you "saw Mr. Powers," correct?

: J-just a moment, Mr. Wright. Let me see that photo!

: What is this, exactly?
: None other than the Steel Samurai, defender of Neo Olde Tokyo.

: Ms. Oldbag!

: Of course! Didn't your momma teach you any sense, sonny? Anyone can plainly see that's Powers! Right?

: ... Umm... well. I wonder?
: True, Mr. Powers does play the role of the Steel Samurai!

: But that doesn't mean Mr. Powers IS the Steel Samurai!

: I... I know that! I wasn't born yesterday!
: No one in this court is accusing you of that, Ms... er, witness.
: (He's having trouble calling her "Oldbag" apparently...)
: However, you do not have proof that the person in this photo is Mr. Will Powers, do you?
: Humph! Nosy old man!
: Of course I have proof!

: (Even Edgeworth is surprised!?)
: The prosecution would like to ask the old... the witness.
: Please make known all the information in your possession ahead of time!
: How was I to know everyone would be so nosy! You should be ashamed, all of you! Anyway, I showed that photo to the young detective.
: He told me "this isn't any good as evidence, pal."
: He didn't even give it a second look!

: (Wow, old windbag has left even Edgeworth speechless. She's good!)
: Let's hear about your proof, then.

: Hmm. So he had sprained his ankle...? Very well. Mr. Wright, you may cross-examine the witness.
: (She's got to be hiding something... I'll press her until she squeals.)

: Umm...
: Whippersnapper!
: (Hey, I haven't said anything yet!)
: I'll have you know I'm not pointing fingers at anyone behind their backs!

: Mr. Wright! Please, for all our sakes, try not to upset the witness!
: (I think Edgeworth has met his match...)

: Who was present at the run-through?
: Well, let's see... There was Powers, he's the Steel Samurai... Then poor old Hammer, the Evil Magistrate. And...
: me.
: And what exactly were you doing?
: Observing! Just... observing.

: Oh, she was off moving backdrops around and such.
: (So she didn't see the run-through, then...)

: "Trip and fall"...?

: So Powers sprained his ankle. I helped make it better for him, of course.
: You... helped make it better?
: I kissed it where it hurt.
: L-let's just skip over that part, shall we?

: Oh, her? She was cleaning up backdrops, I think. She didn't know about Powers's ankle.
: (Hmm...)
: You may continue your testimony.

: He broke a prop?

: (His Samurai Spear... the murder weapon!?)
: Luckily I was there with my duct tape to fix it.
: (This strikes me as a significant detail... I'd better write this down in the Court Record.)

: Was Mr. Power's ankle badly sprained?

Not my error on Powers' name. Game's.

: Not so bad that he couldn't walk around. He went to his dressing room to rest up after lunch.
: (Thus the nap...)
: Anyway, I saw him dragging his foot when he walked.
: (Dragging his foot... okay.)

: I think we've heard enough!
: Haven't we, Your Honor?
: Well, there is one thing that bothers me.
: Which is?
: Where is this "Steel Samurai" costume now?
: Umm... hmm.
: Actually, well... We couldn't find it. We're looking, though.
: Hmm...
: Anyway, that's not important! The witness did see the Steel Samurai, yes.

: And it is clear that the person in the Steel Samurai suit was Mr. Will Powers!

: Hmm... I suppose that's right.

This is getting a bit long, so this is a good cliffhanger for today.

Next time: Objection?

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