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Part 26: Case 2 - Turnabout Samurai - Investigation (Day 2) - Part 3

Case 2 - Turnabout Samurai
Investigation (Day 2) - Part 3

: Now what... We're fresh out of clues. Everyone's alibi is watertight. We don't even have any promising leads. Things are looking pretty grim.
: It's a little early for giving up, don't you think?
: Huh?
: You've got one lead...

: What took you so long!?
: Sorry, Phoenix. Maya has trouble calling me unless she's really in trouble.
: Right! Oh, wait. I guess that means we're really in trouble.
: I'd say so.
: What did you mean, we have one lead...?
: The boy, of course.

: I dunno. He didn't sound like he was going to help us at all.
: I'm sure you can find some way of bringing him over to your side.
: Either way, we should get back to the studios. That boy is our last hope, Phoenix.
: (Thanks, now I'm more worried than I was before...)

Oh, and some new witness profiles got added!

Now, let's chat with Mia!

: So, what's the best thing to do from here?
: We need to get to the studio and talk to that boy.

: So, do you have any ideas about who might have done this?
: We don't have enough information to make a case yet.
: (Where have I heard that phrase before? So THAT's where Maya got it from...)

And the badge...

: Showing me that isn't going to do any good.
: You know what they say, "Dead men don't tell tales."
: (You sure are talking enough!)

: Huff... puff... huff... puff... whih... whippersnapper!
: (She's been chasing that boy this whole time.)
: Huff... puff... when... when I ca... catch him... I... huff
: (Sounds like she hasn't had any luck catching him.)
: Huff... puff... I... I got a hostage now, whippersnapper!
: (A "hostage"...!?)

: Umm... what happened to the boy?
: I-if I see him a-again, I'll... huff! L-lay him flat! Huff... puff...

: Actually, I met with the director just now...
: Eh? Hah... my heart, it don't feel so good.
: (Is she okay!?)
: B-before I go, I'd like to v-visit the place where poor H-Hammer died...
: (Right... she was saying she wanted to visit the studio where he died.)

: What's this about a "hostage"?
: Huff... huff... W-when that boy was running away... ...he dropped this, a-and ran! Huff... huff... H-he'll come back... huff... huff... for this one!
: (It's kind of hard to understand her with all that huffing and puffing.)
: Phoenix! That "hostage" might be what we need! Cody might talk to us if we gave him that!
: (Good idea!) Ms. Oldbag! Might I...
: No!
: I'm catching that brat if it's the last thing I do!
: Phoenix. Do you have anything you might trade with her?
: (A trade, hmm... I wonder...?)

As it happens, we might.

: That's a card... huff... Studio One?
: Right. A cardkey to Studio One.
: Huff... puff... I... I could visit poor Hammer... I'd like to visit... huf... he died... whew. I was his... his fan.
: You don't have your own card, Ms. Oldbag?
: Studio One isn't my turf. Huff... huff... You'll let me borrow... borrow it, then?

: Why don't you let her borrow it, Phoenix?
: I guess it can't hurt. Her you go, Ms. Oldbag.
: ... Listen to me, sonny. I don't like having debts to no whippersnappers.

: What's this...? A Steel Samurai trading card?
: That sneaky kid dropped it! I figure it's pretty important to him, though.
: Thank you, I may have a use for this. (This must be the "hostage" she was talking about.)

: Right. I'm off.
: (There she goes, hobbling off toward the studio...)

: ... Phoenix... Was that the boy?
: Yeah. His name's "Cody Hackins."
: I think he ran into the dressing room.

: He's sure to be in here somewhere...

: Dammit! He's getting away!
: Come back! ... There. He's back.

: ...
: Hey there. Would you mind helping us out? Please?
: ...
: I-I'm Cody.
: Hello, Cody. I'm Mia. Mia Fey. Nice to meet you.

: And I'm Phoenix Wright!
: Who asked?
: Phoenix, you can take it from here.
: (I'm not so sure I'm qualified...)

: The Steel Samurai's so cool. I think he's the, um, the "bomb."
: Hah! What would a lamer like you know about the Steel Samurai!
: H-hey, watch that attitude!
: Phoenix, you really shouldn't yell like that. He's only a kid.
: Yeah! Don't yell like that I'm only a kid!

The game seems to be short on punctuation suddenly.

: So, do you know anything about what happened here? Could you tell me, please?
: I don't know nothing!
: (Hmm... looks like a little persuasion's necessary. Maybe a bribe...?)

: Hey! My UR!
: "You are"... huh?
: "U.R." You know, "ultra rare"! That card's really hard to get!
: Man, for a grown-up, you sure are dumb!
: I'll give you this... IF you help me.
: But that's my card! By offering me something I already own, you're in effect eschewing the very basis of our consumer society, namely the principle of fair trade! Man, for a grown-up, you sure are dumb!
: (W-what do they teach these kids in school these days!? Quantum physics!?)
: Whatever, I don't need that card.
: Huh?
: I got a double.
: Just keep it. It's yours.
: (What!? After I went through all that trouble...)
: If you want to ttrade, find me a REALLY rare card!
: "Really rare"!? You mean there's something rare than "Ultra Rare"!?
: Ultra Rare Premium cards are way rarer than plain Ultra Rare cards! Come ON!
: Man, for a grown-up, you sure are dumb!
: Premium... rare... why do I feel like we're talking about steaks?

OBviously, the place to look for one of these is Studio Two. Clearly.

: Hello. What brings you here?
: Oh, well, I had to arrange some stuff... Umm...
: Yes?
: They, um, girl with you. Doesn't she seem a little different? Like, is she even the same person as before?
: Um, nope! She's the same as always.
: Same as always.
: Okay... whatever you say...

: Have you seen the boy since then?
: Nope. You missed it, though.
: The security lady was chasing around after the boy so fast I thought she'd collapse. Of course, he got away in the end. Boy, was she mad!
: Actually, we saw them. How's the old windbag doing?
: She was squeezing donuts through her clenched fists back at the guard station.
: (Some people take their jobs a little too seriously.)

: Are all the posters on the wall here of Hammer?
: Yes. It's really a terrible loss for the studios.
: But... his popularity had been waning recently, right?
: That's true.
: Then again, after what happened...
: After WHAT happened?
: Y-you mean, you don't know about Hammer...?
: No, what?
: I-I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said anything.

: Wait, now you have to tell me. What happened with Hammer?
: I-I'm sorry. I'm probably not the one who should tell you.
: (Uh oh. Why do I get the feeling something's being covered up here?)

Well, no matter. May as well see if she knows who might be into Steel Samurai cards.

: Do you know anything about this?

: I collect those, actually. I'm one card away from a complete set!
: A complete set?
: Yeah, a set of one of each card.
: Huh...
: ... Wait... Waitwaitwaitwait!!! That's it!!! That's the card I need! You don't know how long I've been looking for it!
: Uh...
: I don't care what kind of girl you might think I am, I need that card!

: T-trade with you?
: Yes, trade cards!

: Trade me a... huh?
: Yes, it's a good deal for your Ultra Rare! Please!!!
: Phoenix! Can't you see she's desperate?

: Okay.
: Really!? Th-thanks!!! Then this is for you. Yaa-hoo!
: (And there she goes...)

: Doesn't doing good things like that make you feel great?
: Yeah. Yeah, it does.

Now, back to Cody.

: See this card?

: That's the last Ultra Rare Premium card I need! C'mon give it to me, please! You gotta give it to me!
: (Wow, I've never seen him so... eager.) R-right! Okay! How about a trade?
: You're on!

: No no no no... not that kind of trade. I don't want cards. I want information.
: Huh? You sure? Fine by me!

We hand over the card.

: Okay, Phoenix. Let's hear what he has to say. If he knows something that could help us, we can have him take the stand tomorrow.

: So... you like the Steel Samurai.
: He's so cool!

: You're judging him by his looks! You have to look at his actions, at his life!
: (I'm being lectured on life by a grade schooler...)
: You like him too, don'tcha?
: Uh... Oh, me? Y-yeah! I, um, love the Steel Samurai.

: R-right... (C'mon, think of something!) I really like his, um, his kind nature. What a guy!
: Totally! He looks so tough, but inside, he's as gentle as a kitten!
: Yeah...
: So what else do you like about him?
: (Don't tell me I have to keep this act up...)

: W-well... (I've never even seen a full episode of that dumb show.) A-actually, I'm kind of a fan of Will Powers...
: Whoa! That's totally hard-core!
: (You're calling ME hard-core?)
: So what else do you like about him?
: (Don't tell me I have to keep this act up...)

: (Got to think of something...) I like it when he, uh, he vanquishes his foes!
: Yeah! Whizzam!
: The Steel Samurai always wins! Always! Check this out! It's my fan album!

: I go to every live performance!
: (Those stupid publicity stunts where they beat each other up in public...?)
: I always take a picture when the Steel Samurai lands the final blow! Whizzam!
: I got 'em all! I never missed one! A perfect collection!

: Wow, that's very impressive. The newest model, isn't it?
: You bet, lady! I just got it for my birthday!

: The Steel Samurai always wins! Always!
: Hey, if you want this, you can have it, lady.
: Really? Are you sure?
: Yeah, I took these with a digital camera. I got all the data at home so I can always make another one.
: Well, then I'm happy to accept! Thank you.

: (What's with people always giving stuff to Mia? What a life!)
: ?

: You were here on the day opf the... incident, right?
: Yeah...
: Did you see anything unusual?
: ...
: Cody.
: !
: Cody, he needs to know because he's fighting for justice. Isn't that the Steel Samurai's motto? "For great justice"? You have to help us fight for great justice, too.
: I... I saw... I saw everything!
: (Well, well... We might get some useful information out of him yet.)

: Cody... I need to ask you something very important. What did you see on the day of the incident?
: ...

: I got here that day around 2:00... I had to come in through the woods out back so that old lady wouldn't see me.
: I got kinda lost, though. I was in there for maybe a half hour or so. Then I finally got to the studio. After that...
: What is it, Cody?

: He used his Samurai Spear! Just like always! One shot, one kill! It happened so fast... I got scared. I went home after that.
: I... I see. It must have been hard for you.
: Man, you say those nice things but it's so obvious you aren't speaking from the heart.
: (Umm... right.) Mia?
: Yes?
: I think we can say for sure this means the Steel Samurai did it.

: True enough.
: And the director has an alibi, so it wasn't him.
: Indeed.
: So... the only person left who it could have been is Will Powers!
: ... I have to admit, it's kind of a shock. But if you put this boy on the witness stand, your client iwll be "guilty" for sure.
: Let's not call him then...
: I think that would be wise. Best to leave this one alone.
: Not so fast, pal!

: And he's under police protection, starting now! C'mon, son.
: You've got a rendezvous with me down at the precinct!
: No! I ain't going! Waah!
: ... That didn't go so well! We're back to zero leads.
: And now we have a serious handicap in court.
: W-what're we going to do, Mia!
: Well, hmm... I... really need to be going.
: Don't worry, Phoenix. I'm sure you'll be fine!
: Whoa whoa whoa! C-come to the trial tomorrow, please! I need you there!
: Phoenix, can I ask you something?

: (I never expected things to go this badly for Powers's case... I'm not sure we can win this one.)
: Phoenix? If you don't believe in him, who will!?
: (Uh oh, she's mad.)
: Oh well... I'll see you in court tomorrow then.

: Of course he is!
: ... That's all I wanted to hear.
: Excellent. I'll see you in court, then.


: Great! Thanks, Mia!
: See you soon.

Next time: Court.

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