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Part 28: Case 3 - Turnabout Samurai - Trial (Day 3) - Part 2

Case 3 - Turnabout Samurai
Trial (Day 3) - Part 2

: Court is back in session for the trial of Mr. Will Powers.
: The prosecution has a concern. As our witness is a grade schooler of tender years, and this is a murder case... We worry that the defense might cause unnecessary trauma with his cruel questioning!
: (Nice to see Edgeworth taking the moral high ground...)
: However, we have no choice. The prosecution calls Cody Hackins to the stand.

: Your Honor. Perhaps you could arrange a box for him to stand on?
: Oh, r-right.
: Guard, please bring him a box. One of those donut crates should do.

: Will the witness state his name and grade in school.
: ...

: Witness!
: What!? Just 'cause you're all grown-up don't mean you can push me around!
: Mrph...
: Cody? Answer his question, okay?
: H-hey, it's you! The nice lady! I'm Cody Hackins. I'm in 2nd grade!
: (I get the feeling this is going to be a long, long day.)
: Mr. Edgeworth. Please remember that you're speaking to a child. Try to be gentle.
: M-mrrrrph!
: Witness! Er, I mean, Cody.
: (He's having trouble with this "gentle" thing.)
: You were present, er, you were at Global Studios on the day of the, er, incident?
: You got a problem with that!?
: Please tell us what you saw that day.
: What, pops? You want me to tell you and gramps with the beard over there?
: Just... Mr. Edgeworth will be fine.
: I prefer "bearded gentleman" myself.
: (A very long day...)
: Incidentally,
: photographic equipment is strictly forbidden in this courtroom.
: M-mpht!
: M-my apologies, Your Honor. He said he wouldn't testify if he couldn't bring it... I'd like special permission, if that's possible.
: Wait, so you're saying you had to bargain terms with a kid... and you LOST?

: Don't really know how to use it all that good yet! But I bring it with me wherever I go!
: Phoenix. I wonder if he had that camera on the day of the murder... You'd better make a note of it in the Court Record.

: Very well, Cody.
: Please testify to the court about what you saw the day of the incident.

: Hmm...
: Very well. The defense may begin its cross-examination.
: And, be gentle. Remember you're talking to a child.
: ...
: (This kid is tougher than most adults we see in here, honestly...)

: You really like the Steel Samurai, huh?
: Course I do!

: And I go to all the live performances!
: That's impressive.
: Have you been to the amusement park?
: Course! Duh!
: My Dad always takes me!
: (Poor, poor Dad...)

: Was that day the first time you'd been to the studio?
: Uh, actually I've been a couple of times. I never manage to get there on a rehearsal day!
: And that security lady's always yelling...
: Right, right. Please continue.
: Chill, pops! I'm getting to it!
: How am I supposed to talk with you cuttin' me off all the time? Geez!
: ...

: "Off the path"...?
: Yeah, you know how the studios are in a valley there?

: I see.
: Anyhow...

: Did anything unusual happen on your way to the studio?
: "Unusual"?

: Oh, you mean Mr. Monkey? Yeah I saw him, but his head wasn't busted!
: So you went straight to the studio?

: You got lost in the woods?
: Yeah. I couldn't figure out which way I was walking.
: Man, was I relieved when I saw the blue studio doors.
: But guess what happened next!

: The Steel Samurai?
: Yeah, he was standing by the studio gate. It looked like he was thinking about something before going in. Then he opened up the gate and went inside.
: I see. What then?

: What sort of "bad guy" was it?
: A guy. A person. Kinda tall. Skinny.
: Are you sure it was a guy?
: ... I dunno. He was kinda far away.
: (Huh, he's being awfully vague...)
: ...

: What happened to the bad guy?
: Huh?
: Well...
: Well, he kinda didn't move. Not a bit. Like he was dead.
: I-I guess he's a real pro! What a great actor!
: Y-yes, I suppose he was.

: "If" you had your camera? You mean, you weren't carrying your camera then?
: N-no, I wasn't.
: I-it's not like I have it all the time!
: (Really...?)

And we loop.

: (I guess seeing the killing freaked him out and he went home...)
: Phoenix. Remember, he's a child.
: Use gentle words... but be firm.
: (Easy for you to say...)

Can you spot it?

: Cody, what you just said seems, well, a little strange.
: Didn't you say before that you always bring your digital camera wherever you go?
: You were quite clear about that.

: Cody, you shouldn't lie here. You understand that, right?

: Mr. Wright! A word with you...
: (Uh oh... was I putting the pressure on too much?)
: What is this "digital" camera contraption you're talking about?
: It's umm... a digital camera, Your Honor.
: It's kind of a new sort of camera. (How do I explain that!?)
: I see.
: Anyway, Cody...
: I can't believe you wouldn't bring your camera on a trip to the studios!
: You did bring it, didn't you?

: Mr. Wright! How cruel you are, to terrorize a poor child so!
: I don't care if he's a child or a prosecuting attorney! No one should lie in court!
: What do you mean "or a prosecuting attorney"!?
: Well, Cody?
: Wh-what! Yeah, so I had my camera. So what!?
: You got a problem with that!?

: So, you did have a camera? And did you use this camera?
: W-why would I use it?
: I... I was too busy watching.
: Hmm...
: Very well. Please testify to the court about what you were so busy watching.

: Hmm...
: Ah? Is that all?
: Well, that was brief.
: Mr. Wright, your cross-examination.

: So, why didn't you use it?

: He's getting to that! Relax and listen.
: Umm...
: I didn't use it 'cause I was too busy watching the real thing!

: So you were watching the Steel Samurai. Did you watch the whole fight?
: Y-yeah, of course!
: You didn't turn away, not even once?
: N... no!
: Okay, then tell us exactly what happened.
: Y-yeah! I'm getting to that!

: So the bad guy attacked him first?
: Yeah!
: What sort of person was this "bad guy"?
: I told you, a person. He was a person.
: How was he dressed?
: ... I kinda don't remember. I was too busy watching the Steel Samurai!
: I see. And what happened next?

: Why?
: Huh? Whaddya mean, "why"?
: Why wasn't the bad guy moving?
: W-well 'cause the Steel Samurai brought him to justice!
: And how exactly did he do that?

: (He's still being vague about this...)
: What! Don't gimme that look, pops!

Just for now.

: (Yeah... If I press too hard now, the judge might keep me from continuing.)
: (I'll sit back and see how the rest of this goes.)

: What did you do after the bad guy fell, Cody?
: ... Um, actually... The fight was so... so intense that I got kinda scared. So I went straight home.
: (Something isn't adding up here...)

And we loop.

: (Something about his account doesn't seem right...)
: Phoenix. It doesn't seem right because he's being deliberately vague! Press him on the facts, Phoenix! Find out what he saw!

So, back to that thing above.

: Cody.
: Wh-what!?
: Something's bothering me. Before you said that you "couldn't take your eyes off" the action.
: Y-yeah? So what?
: Yet you missed the most important part!

: What is the meaning of this? The witness has stated what he saw quite clearly...

: You know as well as I do that he's being vague!

: M-mmph!
: My point is this: Cody, you may have seen some of the Steel Samurai's fight...

: But you missed the most important part: the killing blow!

: Order! Order! Mr. Wright! How could this be? Can you explain how he might have missed something so vital?
: Um, well... er, that's the thing...
: Phoenix! I believe you're on the right track with this!
: Think: why didn't Cody see the climax of the fight? I know you! You can figure this out!
: Mr. Wright, your answer! We have ascertained that this young boy is a great fan of the Steel Samurai...

: Because he couldn't watch it! How could he calmly watch a murder taking place at his age!

: Just a moment, please...
: One thing has become quite clear in this boy's testimony. He did not believe he was witnessing a murder! He was watching the Steel Samurai fight, like on TV.

: The more real the fight, the more he would have watched!
: Umm... huh.
: I have to agree with Mr. Edgeworth. Well, Mr. Wright. Do you have another explanation? We have ascertained that this young boy is a great fan of the Steel Samurai... Why wouldn't he watch the climax of the fight?

: He missed the climax of the fight...
: Because he was looking at something else! Probably!
: "Probably"?
: "Something else"?

: Mr. Wright, explain yourself! What could possibly distract this boy from seeing his idol, the Steel Samurai, fight!?
: What do you claim he was looking at?
: O-ooof! (C'mon, think of something... think of something... Nothing.)
: Mr. Wright! Please refrain from making baseless claims!
: Y-yes... Sorry, Your Honor.
: Do you have another explanation? We have ascertained that this young boy is a great fan of the Steel Samurai... Why wouldn't he watch the climax of the fight?

: Your Honor, I have evidence.
: "Evidence"...?
: Yes, Your Honor.

Next time: Do you know why?

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