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Part 31: Case 3 - Turnabout Samurai - Investigation (Day 3) - Part 1

Case 3 - Turnabout Samurai
Investigation (Day 3) - Part 1

: ? M-Maya!
: So, what happened?
: Well, I think I've got a pretty good idea who did it. Now all I need is a motive... and proof.
: Wow! Good going, Nick!
: Under the "initial trial" system, tomorrow is the last day we have.
: "Initial trial"...? What's that?
: That's the new court system they introduced two or three years ago. They had so many cases in the system, they decided to speed the whole process up.
: So under that system, trials have to end in three days?
: Yeah, pretty much. Well, we've no time to waste!

: I don't get it, Maya.

: What!? You mean Mr. Hammer was wearing the costume!?
: Yeah!
: B-but Mr. Hammer was the victim, Nick!
: Why would he go through the trouble of stealing it?
: That's what we have to find out.

: What happened with the director's testimony?
: Well, it's pretty clear that the producer and the director were both in the trailer.
: Huh...
: Which means that the killer has to be one of them!
: Really!? Why?
: Because the real scene of the crime was Studio Two... where that trailer is!

: (Hmm... was Maya always this excitable?)

: Well, have you noticed anything that might help us?
: I can't see what's going on when Mia is here... So, no. I haven't noticed anything.
: Right...
: Maybe we should go talk to WP?
: (WP... Powers... right.)

It's as good a plan as any.

: Mr. Wright! You did very well again today... thank you!
: Oh... thanks. Um, could you not look like you're about to burst into tears...?
: Wow, Nick! You must have really wowed 'em in there.
: You could stop looking so... vulnerable, too.
: Hey, WP! Only one day left! Let's make it count!
: Yes... Though there's not really anything I can do to help.
: Hah hah hah! I'm not really sure what I can do, either.
: Please... this is no laughing matter.

: Could you tell me more about Ms. Vasquez?
: Oh... the producer? She's well respected in the industry. They say she's a genius.
: A genius...?
: She's been at Global Studios for five years now.
: Right or wrong, nobody dares tell her different these days.
: Why is that?
: Ever since she came on board, we've had nothing but hits. Global Studios was on its knees, but she picked it up and made it shine.
: Oh, and...
: And... what?
: N-nothing. Forget it. I... I've only heard rumors, anyhow.

: Can you tell me anything about Mr. Manella?
: Oh, he used to be a minor straight-to-video director. But something in his work caught Vasquez's eye. She brought the Steel Samurai idea to him. Now everyone knows the name Sal Manella.
: I hear he's pretty much at her back and call, though. Whenever she says "jump!" he asks "how high?" and all that.
: (I can imagine him being at her beck and call... though I can't imagine him jumping.)

: I was wondering about Mr. Hammer... He was a big star back in the day, right? But then he just dropped off the face of the Earth.
: Oh... Yes, you're right. In fact, he was my role model when I started in this business. But he just stopped taking on big roles. That's when he began appearing in little productions at Global...

: I was really looking forward to a sequel to "Samurai Summer."
: He just gave up being a star five years ago. Actually, now that I think about it... That was right when Ms. Vasquez came to Global.
: (Five years ago...?)

That's about all we can get out of Will, I think. Let's head to the studio.

: ... ... ...
: The old windbag sure is quiet today.
: ...
: You know, this place is really... peaceful, like this.
: ...
: Nick? I think her guard's down...
: Y-yeah?
: I bet we could even eat those donuts in the guard station... if we wanted.
: ... You eat, you die.
: Whew! She's alive!

: Um, I was wondering about Dee Vasquez, the producer.
: Oh, the studio bigwigs LOVE her. So she always gets her way.
: (She seems bitter...)
: Do you... not like the producer?
: Look, the studio people don't want me talking her, so, sorry.

: Can I ask you about Sal Manella, the director?
: Sal? He's soft--a pushover. Does whatever Vasquez tells him to.
: She treats him like dirt, but I think he likes it.
: Huh? Why would anyone like being treated like dirt?
: That doesn't make any sense, does it, Nick?
: Er... No, no it doesn't, Maya.

: About Mr. Hammer...
: Arrgh! I heard about what you said today! Cheeky whippersnapper! Poor old Hammer! You'd drag his star down from the sky and stomp on it! Calling him a criminal! A thief! I-I-I-I... I won't forget this!!!
: (Uh oh, she's really pissed this time!)
: You listen to me, whippersnapper! My poor old Hammer would never do such a thing! Why would he steal Powers's costume so he could sneak by me? He would never stoop so low! It's impossible!

Perhaps it's best to retreat while she's shouting.

: I guess they're not filming today, either. I did want to see them filming... just one time.
: This trial will be over and done by tomorrow. You can come see them film later.
: I guess...

: Uh huh.
: I wonder if there're any other clues lying around.

: No no no! No touchin'!

: Didn't mean to frighten you.
: D-didn't mean...? I almost had a heart attack!
: Heh heh. I guess I can be a little dramatique at times...
: I suppose it's the actor in me...
: ("Dramatique" indeed...)
: Ahem.
: Anyway, I'm here to examine the plate on that table.
: Wait, are you looking for sleeping pills?
: Yeah, pal. Traces thereof.

: So you're looking for traces of the sleeping pills... how?
: For a thorough examination I gotta take the plate back to the precinct. But I have the capabilities to make a cursory examination right here!

: This reacts to sleeping pills, see? If there're traces it'll change color.
: Wow! Neat! Well, Detective Gumshoe? What are you waiting for?
: Now, now, everything in due time, pal.

: ... ... Well, the testing solution on the plate changed color alright.

: Looks like it.

: How goes your investigation?
: To tell the truth, it's a real mess, pal.
: Some people think we should pursue the case we already have against Powers... And some people think we should switch suspects!
: What do you think, Detective Gumshoe?
: Well, pal, I hate to admit it... But I'm not sure I buy the case against Mr. Powers any more. I feel kind of bad for Mr. Edgeworth, though.

: How is Edgeworth doing, anyway?
: Edgeworth is out of control!
: He was in the waiting room and he crushed this paper cup with hot, hot coffee in it.
: Whoa...
: Talk about burns, pal!
: Wow! The fury of Edgeworth!
: Yeah, crushing paper cups... (Cups... bottles...?)

: Oh, the bottle of sleeping pills?
: Well, I got some good news for you about that. They found the victim, Jack Hammer's prints on the bottle.
: So that means...
: Yep, it sounds like the one who put Powers to sleep was none other than... the victim!
: (So I was right!)

Now, we'll leave the detective to his work.

: What are you doing here?
: Oh... I was just cleaning up the dressing room. I guess WP won't be using it anymore, so...
: Wha!? What!? Why!? But WP's innocent!
: Yes, and I'm really grateful for all you've done. But... This week is the last episode of the Steel Samurai...

: I was wondering if I could ask you about Mr. Hammer.
: Yes?
: On the day of the murder, he went to Studio Two.
: Huh? I thought he went to Studio One?
: He stole the Steel Samurai costume, too!
: What!? Why would Mr. Hammer do something like that? ... Oh...
: I guess the rumor must be true, then.
: The rumor?

: Yeah. Ms. Vasquez, that producer, had some kind of hold on Hammer. She had some dirt on him... He'd do anything she said, apparently.
: Some "dirt"?
: What dirt!
: ... Dirt. You know, bad stuff.
: ...
: Um, I know what dirt means...
: About five years ago, they were filming a movie starring Mr. Hammer. They were using the new studio... Studio Two. Some sort of accident happened during filming.
: After that, they never used Studio Two again. They left the film set the way it was, too.
: (The film set...? Was that trailer part of the film set, then?)

: W-what do you mean, the "last Steel Samurai"!?
: I know it's a shock, but nothing can be done to save it now. Whoever really did kill Mr. Hammer, also signed the Steel Samurai's death warrant.
: No... no!
: Also, I hear that Global Studios is going to change its programming. They're not going to make kids' shows anymore.

: I don't know. It's sad, but that's what Global Studios decided.

: Why aren't they going to make kids' shows anymore?
: The studio bigwigs don't want the Steel Samurai around anymore. They want to forget all this ever happened. They want it quiet, you understand?
: H-how can they just do that!
: What about all the kids who love the Steel Samurai!
: It's okay. I'm sure the kids iwll be fine. They'll find a new hero to follow.
: No, that can't be true! If the program just ends, they'll be heartbroken for sure!
: N-Nick! Say something!
: Umm... yeah.
: (I think evidence, rather than words, is called for here.)

This shouldn't be hard to figure out.

: And this is...?

: The kids love the Steel Samurai! The show shouldn't be cancelled just so some adults can save face! I would think you would understand that better than anyone.
: ... ... You're right...
: Okay! But what can I do?
: Well, for starters... You can tell me something. Tell me what it is that Global Studios is so intent on hiding? Tell me about this accident five years ago.
: ... Okay!

: Could you tell us what happened five years ago?

: Well, I can tell you what I've heard. Apparently, five years ago, someone died... and it was Hammer's fault.
: S-someone died!?
: It was an accident, of course! Anyway...
: The producer, Ms. Vasquez managed to hush it up.
: And that's the "dirt" she had on Mr. Hammer?
: And that's why Mr. Hammer would do anything Ms. Vasquez asked him to do! ... But, it was an accident, right? Why didn't they just make it public?
: Well, you know Mr. Hammer was a big star back then. They were afraid about what would happen to his career if word got out.
: I see...
: You know who knows more about this? Ms. Oldbag. She was here at the studios back then, you know.
: Thanks, We'll try asking her.

Yeah, they mistake a comma for a period there.

: (If she'll talk...)

Anyway, let's talk to her.

: If you like the place so much, why don't you take over for me?
: The old windbag doesn't look so good...
: E-everybody's doing their darnedest to forget Hammer. Who do they think made Global Studios what it is today? Hammer! It's all due to Hammer!
: She's starting to froth at the mouth, Nick...
: Maybe we should keep a safe distance?

: Umm... I wanted to ask you about five years ago...
: ! Who told!? Who did you hear that from!?
: I, uh... huh?
: Nichols!
: N-nickels?

: O-oh, right. Anyway, we heard about the accident. It was during filming with Jack Hammer... He killed a man. Didn't he?
: Wh-whippersnappers! Dredging up dirt on someone's past like that... and the recently departed, no less! I suppose you think this is fun!?
: N-no, I'm just doing my job to protect Mr. Powers...
: And you claim that Hammer stole Powers's costume! You expect me to believe that rubbish!? Or do you have some kind of proof?

: Proof? Well... no.
: See! See!? I see how you work! Anything that doesn't fit, you just blame on the dead!
: Well... well... Just butt out, lawyer-boy!
: (She knows something! But how am I going to get her to talk...?)

: I'm sorry Ms. Oldbag, but I do have proof.

: Here's my proof.

: It's a bottle of sleeping pills. With Mr. Hammer's fingerprints on it...
: Wh-what does that prove? I'm... I'm sure old Hammer had some sleepless nights!

: Mr. Powers ate a t-bone steak for lunch, correct?
: W-well... yes. So?

: There are traces of sleeping pill powder on the plate!
: ...! ...
: ... I see. Poor, poor Hammer. You did wrong, Hammer, rest your soul.
: Ms. Oldbag...?
: Okay. You win. I'll talk. I'm tried, see... Tired of holding it all in.
: Ms. Oldbag...

: You're right. Five years ago there was an accident... a fatal accident. What's worse, a paparazzi took a photo of it. That photo, well, it caused quite a stir.

: She has ties to the mafia... She silenced that paparazzi.
: That was the beginning. After that, she became a force to be reckoned with here at the studio.
: I see...!
: But, you have to understand... Poor old Hammer never meant any harm to anyone!
: Ms. Oldbag...
: Hold on a minute.
: Poor Mis. Oldbag...

: ...? A photograph?

: W-wait a second!
: This is the picture.
: Is... this the trailer in Studio Two?
: Hammer was supposed to fight with a bad guy on the top of those stairs, there. He pushed the other actor, and the man fell onto the flowerbox fence.

: It... was a long time ago. I don't feel much like talking about it.
: I understand...

Next time: Truth?

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