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Part 35: Case 3 - Turnabout Samurai - Trial (Day 4) - Part 3

Case 3 - Turnabout Samurai
Trial (Day 4) - Part 3

: Hmm...
: I see no issues raised by this testimony...
: Mr. Wright, your cross-examination.
: Okay, Nick, we're close, real close!
: She may be acting tough now... But if you put her on the spot she's sure to falter!
: Find the key you need and twist the truth out of her, Nick!
: Right!

: What time was that?
: We were to meet at 5:00 for the rehearsal. So I'd say it was then.
: When exactly did you and Mr. Manella arrive at the studio?
: About 10 minutes before. I wasn't stuffing any bodies into costumes, mind you.

: Where were the other emplyoees when you got to the studio?
: They weren't there yet.

: Well!? Then you could have put Hammer in that costume, with Sal Manella's help!
: Oh? What did I just say? Did I not just say "I wasn't stuffing any bodies into any costumes"...?
: You should try to listen to what people are saying, boy.
: (B-boy!?)
: The witness will continue her testimony.

: Mr. Powers was taking a nap, correct?
: So he says.
: Did no one go to call him?
: Remember...
: Remember... what?
: There was a dead body lying in front of us. Yet you expect me to be calm?
: (You certainly seemed calm enough when I accused you of murder!)

: Wait a second! Wouldn't that be the other way around!?
: The other way around?
: You discovered a murdered body, and one person was missing, right?
: Wouldn't you normally go looking for the missing person!?
: Hmm...
: I have to agree with the defense on this one. Well, Ms. Vasquez?
: Hmph. Logically speaking, perhaps. But no one there was thinking very logically, I assure you. Also.
: Without his Steel Samurai costume, Powers doesn't really stand out.
: We often left him on the bus when shooting at location. No one noticed he was missing.
: (Poor Powers...)
: Hmm... Well, I suppose that explains that.
: Very well, Ms. Vasquez. You may continue.

: What was everyone else doing at that time?
: No one said a thing. It was silent. Completely silent. So we stood there until Powers finally arrived on the scene. "Sorry! Sorry I'm late!" Then... silence. Dead silence.

: Silent.

: Why's everyone so quiet?
: Someone should do something to lighten things up!

: (Oldbag... the security lady.)
: Why did the security lady think Powers had done it?
: She said because she saw him going toward the studio.

: Did the detective arrest Mr. Powers based solely on the security lady's word?
: Perhaps not. She seems to have also given the detective that photograph... Of course, I heard all this after the fact.
: (That photograph... meaning the one taken by the security camera.)
: She's not known for exhibiting the best sense of judgment when it comes to Hammer.
: (Hmm. I don't think there's anything in there I can use.)

: You "asked to be left out"?
: Yes. It seems that everyone else was questioned. And I'm really not fond of that sort of thing.

: But, you can't just decide who the police will and won't question!
: Thankfully, the studio thinks otherwise. They were nice enough to understand that, since we were in a meeting... There was no way we could have been involved. Thus, they covered for us.
: (Covered for you... or covered it up for you? There must have been a lot riding on it, with all those bigwigs at the meeting... I'm sure her "professionals" helped convince everyone they didn't require questioning.)

: The script and your direction notes?
: Yes, they're quite valuable. It wouldn't do to have them stolen.

: Wait a second! I thought you came to Studio One for a rehearsal!
: Why didn't you bring your script and notes!?
: Well, I was under the impression that we wouldn't be able to rehearse anything.
: Why?
: There was a murder, after all! Who could think of rehearsing after that!
: (Oh, yeah, I guess...)
: Hmm...
: Very well. Ms. Vasquez, please continue...

: Your Honor!!!
: I have an objection to the witness's last statement!

: (Huh...!?)
: Think!
: Ms. Vasquez said she didn't bring the script because there wouldn't be a rehearsal. Don't you see what that means?

: She would have had to know about the murder before going to Studio One!

: Order! Order!
: Mr. Edgeworth!
: ...
: What you have just said... is a reasonable observation.
: However, I find it hard to understand why the prosecution would make such a move! Or are you thinking of a career change to defense!?
: ...

: I... appreciate the concern, Your Honor.
: I will stand by my statement, however, regardless of how the court sees my role here.

: Now, Ms. Vasquez...

: (I can't believe Edgeworth is helping me!)
: Hmph. So the prosecution is in cahoots with the defense? What kind of court is this? No matter.
: I think you misunderstood me. I had a perfectly good reaosn to believe there would be no rehearsal.
: Hmm...
: Very well, the witness will change her testimony to reflect this reason.

: How did you know about the injury?
: H-how did I know!?
: Sal. He told me.
: (Sal the director... Hmm...)


: You have to find something to peg this on her here... Or everything we've done till now will have been wasted! I believe in you, Nick! Go get 'em!

Can you spot the contradiction? It's not hard.

: You "knew that Hammer was injured"...?
: Don't you think that's a little funny?

: I mean, it was the Steel Samurai who was injured!
: It was Will Powers!

: Mr. Wright! Explain yourself!
: Yes, Mr. Hammer is dragging his leg in this photo.

: P-pretending...?

: That person was Mr. Powers, not Mr. Hammer!

: Now, why did you think it was Mr. Hammer who was injured?

: I-I already said it was Sal who told me! Th-that's right! He must have gotten it wrong.
: I think not.
: Mr. Manella was at the run-through that morning. He would have known it was Mr. Powers who was injured. He saw it happen! Why would he tell you the wrong person?

: You must have heard Mr. Manella wrong! Even though he said Mr. Powers was injured...

: You thought he was talking about Mr. Hammer!
: ... Now that you mention it...
: Yes, I believe you're right.
: I'm sure that's what happened.
: Yeah! ...
: Nick!
: You're supposed to be putting her on the spot, not helping her out!
: Oh, right... I kind of talked myself out of that one, didn't I?
: Quick! Start over!

: Ms. Vasquez!

: Actually, you didn't hear anything from Mr. Manella.
: You saw Mr. Hammer limping with your own eyes!
: Yes, but... Wasn't it Mr. Powers who was injured...?
: Yes, but remember!
: Mr. Hammer was dragging his leg, too!

: Aah!
: And when was he doing this...?
: Well... It would have been after he put on the Steel Samurai costume... and went to Studio Two. Where he was murdered!
: Exactly!

: Ms. Vasquez!

: That's why you were confused!

: Order! Order! I will have order!
: Witness!

: Can you refute this claim?
: Hrrmmmm... hmph! ... ...
: (Yeah, let's see you sneak out of this one, Vasquez!)
: ... Very well! I have a question for you!
(Urk... Why are the real killers always so... persistent?)

: Why in the world would I want Mr. Hammer dead? Yes, he'd fallen on hard times, but he was a star! I had nothing to gain from his death! Nothing!
: Hmm...
: Yes, you would need a motive. Why would she have killed the victim? If there is a reason, it is unclear to this court.
: Does the defense have anything to say on the matter?

: Nick, no! Saying you can't prove it now would be admitting defeat! She'll get away!
: But... but what proof could I possibly have!?
: I don't care if it's impossible, you still have to fight this one!
: Ugh...
: Okay.

And we end up at the right choice's spot.

: I have proof, and I'll show it to you!

But what could it be?

Next time: Victory?

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