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Part 39: Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes - Investigation (Day 1) - Part 3

Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes
Investigation (Day 1) - Part 3

We're heading back to the office to regroup.

: What is it?
: Oh.
: Nothing... just, something's been bothering me.
: ...

: ... ... ...
: Hey! I-I remember now!

: This is a lawyer that was at that office Mia worked at!

: I met him once when I went there to hang out with Sis!
: That office...? Wait!

: Right! That guy!
: (That was the last name I expected to come up... Maybe I should go talk to him... for old time's sake.)

But first, let's ask Maya for advice.

: Well, what should we do?
: Hmm... The police have pretty much made up their minds that Mr. Edgeworth did it. And Mr. Edgeworth won't tell us anything.
: I guess we could go look for clues down by the lake?
: Right.

: Well? Penny for your thoughts?
: Thoughts... Thoughts... Yeah, why won't Mr. Edgeworth tell us anything? And... and...
: And why did he refuse to ask for our help?
: What a jerk!

: It's been a while since I was here last. Mr. Grossberg is out as usual.
: Hey, Nick. Look at the wall.
: (That painting is still missing... Mia must have known about the deal with Mr. Grossberg and Redd White... She kept track of all of White's extortion and blackmail rackets.)

We can still look around, though.

: A table for clients. Hmm... an elegant ebony case, and if I'm not mistaken, that lighter's made of solid gold. Even I can tell someone here's got money to burn.
: We should put things on our client table too.
: I'm not really into smoking.
: We could put out candy, or gum.
: Classy...

: An expensive potted plant. No idea what kind of plant it is, but it's probably the most expensive one available.
: I think our Charley is cuter.
: Right. He's a really cute... plant.

: A solid mahogany desk. The wood's been polished to a deep luster.
: Hey, Nick! I want a desk like that in our office too!
: I don't know. I don't think I'm ready to sit at a desk like that yet.
: Huh?
: I meant for me!
: You'd better start saving your allowance, then.

: Why is the wall there a different color?
: A big painting was hanging there until recently.
: Huh. What happened to it?
: Uh... well, he gave it to someone.
: I bet he gave it to some romantic interest! Love blooms eternal, Nick!
: Uh... yeah.

: Expensive-looking mahogany bookshelves, filled with expensive-looking books. Hmm... funny... They don't look like they've ever been read.
: Well then let's take them back to our office! He won't miss them!
: Uh, we don't need them.
: Then, can we take that wooden bear?
: (Hmm. It is kind of cute.)

And now, back to the lake.

: Lotta!
: Wait up a sec! We got bingo!
: Bingo...?
: My automatic camera took two pictures last night!
: Hey!

: See? See? He's shooting him with that pistol!
: I-it looks like that, yes.
: But you can't really tell who that is shooting.
: Yeah, well there was enough fog out there last night t' strangle a bullfrog.
: But, y'know...

: What...?
: I saw the murder happen. I'm a witness!

: A-are you serious!?
: Course!
: (How do you forget... never mind.)

: I... reckon so!
: What's that? Now don't y'all go tryin' to mock my accent!
: I'm a sensitive lady!


: I... reckon no!
: What's that? Now don't y'all think y'all can pull one over on me just cause you speak the lingo!
: I know enough to know that when you see a murder, you'd best tell the cops! It's my obligation as a citizen!


: Hey, so, I'm off to talk to the cops.

: Later.
: W-w-wait! Lotta!
: What? Can't y'all see I'm kinda busy?
: T-tell us what you saw, too! Please?
: Nice try, honey, but I wasn't born yesterday. I'm a witness, and that means I'm on the side of justice, and that means the cops! I'd sooner eat the south side of a north-bound skunk than tell you!
: L-Lotta!
: Don't let it get your skivvies in a bunch. Friends today, enemies tomorrow! Or was that the other way round? No matter. I'm gone!
: Hey! Maybe they'll let me do some testifying! Hot darn!

She leaves.

: She left... ... Well, that's one more witness. What do we do now, Nick?
: (Well, if she saw something, there's not much we can do about it. The question is: what exactly did she see...? I guess we'll find out in the trial tomorrow.)

We get this evidence, at least. We start making our way back.

: Hey!

: Aah! N-Nick! I think Santa's mad at you!
: Long time no see, Nick.
: Nick... you know Santa!? Wow... Nick and St. Nick... Hey! I see the connection!
: Don't be ridiculous!
: Dude, it's me!

: What are you doing here!?
: Isn't it obvious? I'm working my day job! I sell Samurai Dogs! Want one? Gotta get money for dates, you know. My girl Kiyance deserves the best!
: (K-Kiyances...? Not another model, I hope...)
: Oh, Kiyance's a fine, fine woman, Nick. It was her idea that I wear this costume! She was all "You go girlfriend!" Y'know? She bought this costume for me!
: That's... that's great, Larry.
: Wow! A Santa costume! She must be really nice!

: Nick! Who's she? She's not your...?
: Not my... what? N-no, she's not!
: I'm his partner, Maya Fey. I'm, uh, the little sister.
: Sister...? ...

: Working nine to five, having to take care of a little sister...
: N-no, I'm not Nick's sister, I'm my older sister's little sister...
: Huh. Sounds great!
: (Don't worry, Maya, he's not listening...)

: Hey, Larry. There was a murder here last night... You work here. Have you heard anything?
: Nick, you're wasting your time. Last night was Christmas Eve!
: He was with Kiyance, obviously!
: He wouldn't have been standing out here in the cold!
: Oof!
: ?
: I think what you just said caught him off guard, Maya.
: N-no, it's just... Kiyance's not in town right now. She... she's in Hawaii on a photo shoot.
: (A model. I knew it.) Well, anyway, there was a murder here on the lake. The trial's tomorrow.
: Huh. Neat.
: The defendant is Edgeworth. Miles Edgeworth.
: Um, Nick?
: Why would Larry know Edgeworth...?
: Whoa, Nick! You don't mean THAT Miles Edgeworth!? Old Edgey!?
: Yeah. He's a murder suspect.
: Wh-whoa! Murder?
: Huh? You know Mr. Edgeworth, Larry?
: Yeah! Of course!
: Edgey was in the same class as us in grade school!

: Umm... umm... tell me about the dogs!
: Huh? Oh, you mean the Samurai Dogs?
: W-why are they Samurai Dogs?
: I... I mean they kind of look gourd-shaped.
: Oh, well originally, they were Gourd Dogs! Y'know, like "guard dogs"?
: Ouch...
: The Samurai thing was Kiyance's idea. Oh, she's my woman, y'know. She was all "change the name and you go girlfriend!" She made me that banner! Man, the kids can't get enough of those Samurai Dogs!
: Erm... Something about that just seems... wrong.
: Oh, and guess what? We're getting a ton of customers here at the lake, what with the big news!
: The "big news"...?
: Yeah! Gourdy!
: G-"Gourdy"...?

: So, Mr. Edgeworth was your classmate, Larry?
: Yeah, Nick, him, and I used to hang out all the time.
: Wow... I never knew.
: Don't get me wrong. He's always been kind of a stick in the mud. Studying all the time, trying to "be like father."
: Like his father...?
: Yeah. Edgey's pop was a famous defense lawyer back in the day.
: Wow.
: Wait... You said "defense lawyer"?
: Yeah.
: Wait a second!
: But Mr. Edgeworth is a prosecuting attorney!
: What? Edgey's got a proboscis on his knee!?
: No, no--he's a "prosecuting attorney." That's like the total opposite of a defense lawyer!
: ...
: Huh. Go figure! He always used to talk about defending the "weak" who were "unable to defend themselves." Man, he used to go on and on about man's duty to society and all that. What a bore! I wonder what changed his mind, though?

I feel I should point out that this took place when everyone involved was, like, ten.

: Do you know, Nick?
: ... Nick...?

: Umm... what's "Gourdy"?
: Huh? You mean you don't know? It's here, in this very lake! A giant, mysterious monster! Gourdy!
: A... monster?
: Yeah.

: Wow! It's r-really real!

: Nick! A monster! A real monster!
: Umm... yeah. (It's probably just a log or something... right?) Hey... there's a quote here from the person who took the photo. Hmm? What's this? "I set the camera to automatic, and when we got into the frame... I heard a loud 'bang'! Like an explosion... followed by the sound of something slipping into the water..."

: I wish I could have seen it!
: (Why would there be a sound like an explosion...?) Larry. Could I borrow this article from you?
: Sure, no problem. That'll be one million dollars!
: O-one million...?
: (Grow up, Larry.)

Oh, and we use the badge, of course.

: Dude, you really helped me out back in that trial.
: S-sorry, I can't really pay you.
: (Cause you blow it all on "Kiyance"...!)
: But... you can have all the dogs you want!
: R-really!?
: Larry... If you let her at your dogs, you won't have any left for the other customers.
: Hey, no problem. If that's what makes her happy, y'know?
: (How many times do I have to remind you that it was ME who got you off the hook!)

And now, back to visit Grossberg.

: (Ah, that old familiar clearing of the throat!)

: Ah hah! You're Mia's... something, are you not?
: I was her understudy, yes. Phoenix Wright.
: Ah hah! And you, you're Mia's... something too, are you not?
: Her little sister, yes!
: You've grown! You've come to look a lot like your sister, you know? It takes me back. "Ahh... the days of my youth... like the scent of fresh lemon..." you see.
: Um, Mr. Grossberg, sir?
: Hmmm...?
: Ah, yes. I beg your pardon. Of course you came here to discuss something.
: What is it then? Something the matter?

: There was a murder last night...
: A murder?
: You haven't heard...?
: I, er, just got up, you see.
: Well, Miles Edgeworth shot someone with a pistol.
: Edgeworth!? What!? W-who!?
: Well, the identity of the victim is still unknown.
: T-this is terrible news indeed!
: (I guess he hadn't heard anything...)

: Mr. Grossberg? Whatever happened to that painting?
: Oh, yes...
: I do not think it shall ever be coming back home to this office. I can't exactly claim it as stolen...
: I suppose it's my just desserts. Old, bitter desserts.

First, badge.

: How proud Mia would be if she could see you now!
: She said she was more worried about me than anything.
: Aw, just go on and take the compliment, will you?

But next we present the autopsy report.

: I feel as though I've seen this man somewhere before! ...
: Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!
: Did you remember!?
: He was a lawyer! Here, in my office! That's Hammond! Robert Hammond!
: Mr. Hammond...?
: And you say this is the man Miles Edgeworth shot?

: Who is this Hammond guy, anyway?
: Mr. Hammond... He was the defense attorney in that case...
: "That case"...?
: Yes, the "DL-6 Incident."
: "DL-6"...? (Why does that sound so familiar?)
: Perhaps you remember?
: (I'm sure someone mentioned it during the trial for Mia's murder.)
: That was the incident where the police were so at a loss they used a spirit medium.
: ...! Wait... you don't mean?
: Was that medium my mother?
: Yes, my dear. The spirit medium, Misty Fey, your mother, contacted the spirit of the victim.
: But... the case was at a loss. No conviction was made.

: The DL-6 Incident, yes... Happened 15 years ago. A very strange case, indeed.

: They never caught the criminal, right?
: Correct. Misty Fey used her powers to talk to the spirit of the late victim. Her testimony led to charges being laid against one man.

: ... And the police blamed my mother, calling her a fraud.
: You were the one who helped her out then, right, Mr. Grossberg?
: Er... y-yes. Yes, quite.
: Thank you!
: N-no... please. D-don't mention it.
: ... (DL-6... Never thought I'd hear that name again...)
: But wait...
: What does that case have anything to do with Mr. Edgeworth?
: It has everything to do with Mr. Edgeworth, my dear! The victim in the DL-6 Incident was none other than his father, Gregory Edgeworth!
: Wh-what!? His father!?

: ...
: If you want to know more, you should ask him yourself.

: Wait...
: This is a photograph of my mother!

Next time: Defense.

Walnut City, California, Municipal Code Section 17-31 posted:

17-31 Male dressing as female.
No man or boy shall dress as a girl or woman without a permit from the sheriff, except for the purpose of amusement, show or drama.