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Part 41: Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes - Trial (Day 2) - Part 1

Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes
Trial (Day 2) - Part 1

: That's right, Manfred von Karma. He's the best prosecutor there is. He hasn't lost a case in his 40-year career. He is a god of prosecution, Wright! A god!
: Not a single case?
: He'll do anything to get a guilty verdict, anything.
: Hmm. Sounds like someone else I know, Edgeworth.
: Hmph.
: You don't understand. I mean he'll really do anything. Manfred von Karma is a man to be feared.
: (That's quite a claim coming from someone who forges evidence...)
: He taught me what it really means to "prosecute."
: Wh-what!?
: Just picture a prosecutor as vicious as me... multiplied by a factor of ten.
: Ugh...
: So... so was he your teacher, then, Mr. Edgeworth?
: Something like that...
: And now he's trying to get you found guilty!? What a creep!
: Oh, wait...
: Maybe he's planning on losing on purpose to help you out!
: Not a chance... He hasn't lost once in 40 years. 40 years!
: He's as ruthless as me, times twenty!
: That's pretty ruthless...
: Like I said. He's a god among prosecutors.
: (I guess that's something like Mia was to me. Speaking of Mia...) Um, Maya?
: Uh huh?
: We could really be using Mia's help right now... don't you think?
: Oh...
: ?
: I can't.
: Sorry. I tried, I really tried, but I couldn't reach.
: You couldn't "reach"?
: I think it's because I haven't been training.
: My powers are weak again...
: Oh man, what bad timing! I'm really sorry. I'll try my best!
: I hope so!
: What are you whispering about?
: O-oh, it's nothing. Well, it's time. Let's head in...

: Court is now in session for the trial of Mr. Miles Edgeworth.
: The defense is ready, Your Honor.

: Erm, Mr. von Karma? Is the prosecution ready?

: Fool...

: R-right, my apologies!
: (He's even got the Judge scared!)
: Very well, your opening statement, please.
: ... Decisive evidence... A decisive witness...
: What else could possibly be required?
: Ah... er, nothing of course. That should be fine. The prosecution may call its first witness.
: What's with this guy? Is he royalty or something?
: How am I supposed to fight against this!?
: I call the detective in charge of this case, Detective Dick Gumshoe.
: (Okay, Gumshoe's first... Let's see how this goes.)

: Describe the incident. Now!
: Y-yessir!
: (Detective Gumshoe looks nervous...)
: Er, please take a look at the map.

: There were two men on the boat.

: At 12:10 AM, she heard two pistol shots. Then the boat started to move.

: Hmm.

And while we're in here, our new profiles.


: Testify to the court about your arrest. Now!
: W-w-wait! Mr. von Karma...
: Yes?
: Actually, I'm the one that's supposed to be handling these proceedings...

: Wrong. There is only one thing you need to do here.
: You will slam down your gavel and say the word "guilty." That is your role!
: Y-yes, of course. You're quite right.
: (No he's not!!!)

: Hmm... I see. Very well...
: Begin your cross-examination, attorney. Now!
: ...

: You received a call from a "man"?
: Er... yup.
: But you said there was a woman camping there?
: She was the one who heard the two gunshots, right?

: That woman and the "man" who called in the report are two different people, obviously!
: Different people?
: There were two witnesses!

: Their testimonies were quite similar however. Today I've summoned the woman who was camping.
: (The woman who was camping... Lotta Hart.)
: What happened next, Detective?

: How long was it between receiving the report and your arrival at the lake?
: Er, well... I'd say it was about three minutes.
: That's pretty fast!
: Our motto for the month is "get there quick."

: Y-yessir! Sorry, sir!
: Do that and you'll be able to look forward to your next salary review.

: So much to look forward to, these days...
: This is no time for daydreaming! Continue!
: Y-yessir!

: What was Mr. Edgeworth like when you saw him then?
: Well... From what I saw, he looked pretty relaxed. Not like a murderer at all, really.

: Detective! The court requires the facts, NOT your opinion! How many years have you been on the force!?

: Facts only, Detective! Hard, cold, objective facts!
: Y-y-yessir!
: (Man, he's got his share of objections...)

: Why didn't you think he was suspicious?
: You should know! We have a deep, trusting relationship with the prosecutors.

: Detective! The court isn't interested in your musings! "Deep"? "Trusting"? Poppycock!

: I've never heard so many flippant comments from an active detective on the force!
: Mmph!
: (Detective Gumshoe doesn't look so good...)
: Continue! Now!

: Did you find any clues on the body?

: He was shot through the heart... fatally.
: Judge! Here's the bullet... It didn't strike bone, so its shape is well preserved.
: Very well. The court accepts this bullet into evidence.

: W-why is that?
: Well, we found the murder weapon in the boat.
: The murder weapon...?

: Detective Gumshoe... That is a vital piece of information. Please revise your testimony.
: Right! S-sorry, Your Honor.

: What about the pistol made it "decisive evidence"?

: (Ack! He has the same evil laugh as Edgeworth...)

: They were clear prints from Mr. Edgeworth's right hand.

: Order! Order!
: So Mr. Edgeworth's fingerprints were found on the murder weapon!?
: Y-yes, Your Honor.

: A-accepted into evidence.

: Members of the court... We now have the pistol used in the murder, and the bullet found in the body!

: Detective!
: Y-y-yessir!

: ...
: Hey, Nick!
: What does he mean, "ballistic markings"?
: Shocking! To imagine someone here does not know something as basic as ballistic markings!
: N-Nick! He's glaring at me!
: Tsk... very well, I'll explain. Actually, Judge! You do it.
: Eh? M-me? ...
: Erm, ahem.

: Ballistic markings are like the "fingerprints" of a gun. The barrel leaves distinctive marks on each bullet it fires. You can examine these "ballistic fingerprints" to see which gun fired the shot. It's quite accurate.
: Indeed.

: This pistol which, as you may recall, was covered with the defendant's own fingerprints!

: O-order! Order!
: (This is bad... This makes it look like Edgeworth did it!)

: Well, Judge?
: I'd say it's almost decisive, yes. Honestly, I could declare a verdict at this point. However...

: You wish to hear the witness speak, no doubt. Very well.
: I am somewhat fatigued, and so I will take a brief break. I will call my witness after the recess. Which will last ten minutes.
: Judge!
: Y-yes?
: What are you doing? A ten minute recess! Now!
: B-but, wait, I...

: Just bang your flimsy gavel and get on with it, man!
: Y-yes!

: Ahem. The court will take a ten minute recess.
: (Who's running this court, anyway!?)

: Your fingerprints were on the murder weapon!
: Uh... hmm...

: The only one who could have shot that man was the person in the photo!
: True...
: Was that you in the boat?
: ... Yes. It was me.
: What!?
: But... you must believe me. I didn't shoot him.
: Th-then who did!?
: I... don't know.
: You don't know!? Weren't you right there!?
: ... I heard a gunshot from very close by. Then... the other man fell from the boat. I can't say why, but...
: I thought, at the time, that he had shot himself!
: Y-you mean it was a suicide!?
: ...
: That's the only explanation I can come up with.
: Huh... (How am I going to convince anyone of that!?) Say, Maya?
: Huh? Wh-what?
: Any progress with Mia?
: Oh... Sorry. It's no good.
: Ugh...
: I know... I'm no good for anything, am I, Nick?

: Um, well, actually... (You don't know law, you don't have any trial experience or techniques... Yeah, you're pretty much useless... but I can't say that!)
: It's okay Nick. You don't have to say anything. Your face said it for you.
: (Whoops!) N-no, o-of course we... I'm sorry.
: It's okay, Nick.


: No, of course not, I need you here! I can see you're always trying to help out. Even if oyu don't actually help... it's the thought that counts, right?
: It's okay Nick. You don't have to make me feel better.


: I don't know anything about trials, or defense... What's more, I'm a spirit medium who can't even contact spirits...
: Aww, everyone has their off days! I mean, I've just been getting lucky lately... But you never know when my luck is going to run out!
: Really...?

: Don't jinx this case any worse than it already is!
: It's bad for my heart...
: Oh? Oh! S-sorry... (Whoops!)

Next time: The Curse of Draculawyer.

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  • Treat a particular event that actually happened as having happened at a time different from the time it actually happened, or having involved particular action by a particular entity (whether or not the event actually involved any action by that entity).