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Part 42: Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes - Trial (Day 2) - Part 2

Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes
Trial (Day 2) - Part 2

: Court is back in session.
: Mr. von Karma, call your witness.
: Yes.
: Will Ms. Lotta Hart take the stand?

: Lotta Hart, you are a research student at a university?
: That I am.
: Good. Begin by telling us what you saw the night of the incident. and don't add anything trivial or subjective.
: Understand?
: ... Y'all need to learn some manners.

: Y-yeah, I understand, I understand!
: Er... very well. Your testimony, please.

: Enough.
: Huh?
: Judge! She happened to take a photo of the incident!

: W-well! This is a surprise!

: O-Order! I will remove you from the court if I do not have order immediately!
: As the witness testified, she looked at the lake when she heard the shot. There were no other boats on that lake! So, the man in the boat with the victim must have been the one who shot him...

: Yes. It was the defendant, Miles Edgeworth!!!

: Order! Order! Order...! I will have order!
: ...

: The evidence is... decisive.
: I have very little doubt about this case.

: Very well, this court finds the defendant...

: W-wait! Your Honor!
: I haven't cross-examined the witness yet!
: A cross-examination?

: This photo is worth a thousand words... and they all read "guilty"!
: You lose. Or...
: Do you claim to have found a contradiction in her testimony!?

: ...!
: Very well. If you have to, you may cross-examine the witness. You will only flounder and ask meaningless questions!
: You will fail to find anything!

: And then, I will have you held in contempt of court!
: Uh, Nick... contempt...?
: "Contempt of court," you know?
: I... guess I understand.
: Well... what are you going to do?

: I... think I noticed one little thing...
: Wow, I'm impressed, Nick! I didn't notice anything!
: Right! Let's take him on!
: Y-yeah... (I got a bad feeling about this...)

: Honestly, I found nothing.
: I dunno, I thought her testimony was strange. She was so vague about everything!
: I bet von Karma probably fed her her lines.
: But...
: But if you don't cross-examine her, the judge will...
: He'll bang down that "flimsy gavel" of his and declare Edgeworth guilty.
: I guess we'll just have to bluff it.
: But if we mess up... contempt of court.
: Hey, if we lose we'll be held in public contempt!
: Er... right.


: I understand... I will cross-examine the witness!
: Tsk tsk tsk... Very well!
: I pray for your sake this isn't a waste of time.

: "Just after midnight," you say?
: In other words, it was no longer Christmas Eve... but Christmas Day!
: Huh? Uh, yeah, well, yes.

: I know you want to find contradictions, but really!
: Mmmph.
: I hope your next contradiction is a little more relevant to the trial. Witness, continue your testimony.

: Why were you camping there, anyway?
: I'm a research student at my university.
: I was taking pictures to use in my research.

: Ms. Hart. Could you be more specific about your "research"?

: What does the witness's motive in camping by the lake have to do with this case!? The answer is "nothing"! I object to this line of questioning! Objection sustained!
: W-w-wait, now, I'm the one who says that!
: Well, then say it already!
: Objection sustained.
: (Thanks for nothing, Your Honor...)

: So, you weren't looking at the lake at that time?
: Nope. I looked after I heard that noise.

: She's said that already! I asked you to find "contradictions"!
: Not leisurely chat with the witness!
: (Urk...)

: Could you clearly see the two men?
: Just look at the picture! Clear enough for you?

: Wait a second! I wasn't asking you about the photo!

: I was asking if YOU saw the two men!
: Uh, yeah, well, of course...

: The witness has testified that she saw them! There's also a photo! You'd best look elsewhere for your precious contradictions!
: (He jumped in quick... He's hiding something!)

: Were you watching the very moment the shot rang out?
: Well, yeah, sure...

: You're asking meaningless questions! Meaningless!

: "Contradictions," Mr. Wright. Not meaningless babble!
: (von Karma, I think I hate you. He's trying to keep me from talking to the witness... To what end...?)

: Are you sure about that?
: Yeah, sure as a country gal can be!

: How come you're so sure?
: Well, heck, I scanned the whole lake.
: ("Scanned the whole lake"? It almost sounds like she was more interested in the lake than the boat...)
: Ms. Hart... you--

: Mr. Wright! The witness has answered the question in full.
: Mmph!
: No need for further questions! Objection sustained!
: U-uh, that's what I'm...
: Sustained!
: Y-yes, of course.
: (Oh great...)

: Enough!
: I think we've heard all we need to hear, Mr. Wright. It seems you are unable to find a contradiction in the testimony worth noting.
: B-but, Your Honor!

: You keep your promise!

: Mr. Wright. I am afraid that I will have to penalize any further outbursts...
: By holding you in contempt of court!
: And if that happens, you will have to leave the courtroom immediately!
: Understood...?
: Uh... uh huh.
: Nick...! Lotta's testimony is fishy, Nick! Real fishy!
: I... know what you mean. But... If I can't say anything, what can I do?

: I believe we've covered the evidence sufficiently to make a decision.
: Then, pass your judgment!

: Very well. Mr. Miles Edgeworth, please take the stand.

: (Maya!)
: I-is something wrong? D-do you need to use the facilities?
: No, I do not! Lotta Hart! Your testimony stinks! It's unclear whether you were actually looking at the lake! It's highly doubtful that you actually saw Mr. Edgeworth! Tell us the truth! This is a matter of life or death!

: Lotta! Did you really clearly see Mr. Edgeworth that night!? Did you see him fire that pistol!?

: You will stand down!
: The court does not acknowledge the defense's outburst!
: Answer me, Lotta!
: What's the big idea, treating me like some kind of criminal!? I saw him! I swear it! I saw Edgeworth...

: Enough! Judge...
: Declare the defense in contempt of court!
: Y-yes... yes, of course.
: I'm sorry, but you WERE warned.
: Guard! Escort Mr. Wright out of the courtroom! He is in contempt of court, and must leave.
: (No... No...!)

: I-I was the one who made the outburst, Your Honor! Nick is innocent!

: Hah! What's the difference? All that remains is for the guilty verdict to be declared!

: (Dammit, he's right...)
: N-Nick! There must be something we can do!
: I... don't think there is. The cross-examination is over already!
: B-but... but didn't Lotta just say she saw him? She did, Nick! She just said that she saw Mr. Edgeworth!
: She didn't say that in her testimony, did she?
: ...! Y-you're right!
: Your Honor!

: Wrong!
: What!?


: Did you hear what Ms. Hart just said?
: She said she clearly saw Mr. Edgeworth!

: That was not in the testimony! That changes her testimony, and I have a right to cross-examine her again!

: Order! Order! Order! Order! Order! Order!
: You're in contempt of court! It's too late for wild claims! Judge! Sustain my objection!
: ...
: I'm sorry, Mr. von Karma, but I cannot.
: What!?
: Ms. Lotta Hart has made a new testimony.
: The defense does have a right to cross-examine her again.
: B-but he is in contempt of court!
: No, I am! If you're going to arrest someone, arrest me!
: Hmm...

: Very well. Maya Fey! You will leave this courtroom immediately.
: Nick!
: I did what I could...
: You have to do the rest! Good luck!
: M-Maya...!

: Peh! I care not for this melodrama! Listen well, Mr. Wright!
: I do not tolerate badgering of my witnesses!
: (I'm running out of time... I'd better find a contradiction in here or else...)
: Mr. Wright! Begin your cross-examination!

We can press, but that may not be the best plan.

: Well, what about the other man?

: You cannot expect to be allowed to blithely ignore your promise, Mr. Wright! I believe you claimed there was a contradiction in the witness's testimony! Well, find it!
: If you can!

: (Damn...!)
: (That's it...? Uh oh. I don't know if I can find anything in that...)
: (What will Maya say...?)

Can you spot it?

Next time: Objection.

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