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Part 43: Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes - Trial (Day 2) - Part 3

Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes
Trial (Day 2) - Part 3

: Got you, Ms. Hart! Finally!
: Wh-what!? You got what?

: The photo I took...?
: The very same.

: The fog, Ms. Hart.
: So... so?
: This picture was taken with professional, high quality film, correct? Yet even it could not capture the faces of the men on the boat!

: Yet you claim you saw Mr. Edgeworth!

: How!?

: Mr. Wright has a point!

: That's why I told her not to say that in her testimony! Please!
: Yet, now she has said it, Mr. von Karma.
: How could you possibly see Mr. Edgeworth!? Explain yourself!
: Ms. Hart.
: What!
: Could you see the defendant that night?
: O-of course! I said I could and I meant I could!
: Then, please testify as to the circumstances of your sighting.
: (I did it! I finally found a hole in von Karma's carefully vague testimony!)

: Hmm... You used binoculars?
: Very well. You may begin your cross-examination, Mr. Wright.
: (This one'd better be good!)

: So? How could you see Edgeworth!?
: Now, just hold your horses for a second!
: You hasty Yankee types'd never find a gal where I'm from.
: Defense attorneys have trouble with that as it is.
: (Nobody loves me...)

: Your "camera"...?
: Yeah. It's got an automatic...

: The issue we are concerned with here is Ms. Hart seeing Mr. Edgeworth!
: The camera has nothing to do with this at all!

: Objection sustained.
: (Argh! He's not letting her answer any of my questions!)

: "Binoculars"?
: Yeah, binoculars.
: Yesterday, you mentioned that you were out looking for shooting stars, correct?
: Well... yeah.

: Wouldn't you need a telescope, not binoculars, for that?

: I've got doubts about your camera, too!
: Was that really to take pictures of meteor showers?

: The camera is irrelevant to this case!
: You can't say that for certain!
: Hmm... Mr. Wright.
: Is the camera really relevant to this case? If you believe it is, you may continue with this line of questioning.
: But know this!
: If you find nothing with this, there will be consequences!
: Well, Mr. Wright?

: (This is make-it-or-break-it time!)

: The camera is of utmost importance, Your Honor. It is, perhaps, the key to this entire case!
: Therefore, I will continue my line of questioning! (Wow! Maybe I went a little overboard there...)

: Very well! Ms. Hart! You will testify to the court about the camera!
: Yeah, yeah, I hear ya.

: Ms. Hart. What made you choose that lake to photograph meteors?
: You know the fog gets thick on that lake. It's not very suited to stargazing.
: Yeah, well... Y'see, I...
: I guess I wasn't thinking too straight! Har!

: Mr. Wright!
: I will not have you badgering my witness because of her challenged intellect!
: Now wait a minute!
: Continue your testimony. You were saying how it was that you saw Edgeworth?
: Grr...
: No unnecessary comments, please.

: If there was a heavy fog, how would binoculars change that at all?
: What do you mean?
: Even binoculars can't see through fog! But... you say you clearly saw him?
: Er...
: I did... yeah.

: Enough! There is no room for doubt in her testimony!
: (Hmm. She sounded pretty doubtful to me!)
: (But... I have to find a clear contradiction first. I don't care how many von Karmic objections I get... I'm going to find a hole in this testimony if it's the last thing I do!)

And loop. Do you see the contradiction?

: You were photographing shooting stars? That's a lie!

: S-says who!?

: I saw the camera you set up yesterday. It was pointed directly at the lake!
: You have to point a camera upwards to take photos of the stars, Ms. Hart!

: Mr. Wright! What are you driving at?
: The witness was not at the lake to photograph shooting stars, Your Honor!
: ...!

: Well... that I don't know.

: What the witness takes photos of is entirely her business! This has nothing to do with the case!
: Not to mention that you can't even show us another reason why she might have been there.

: Mr. Wright... If you are out of material, I suggest we end this mockery of a cross-examination.
: (Uh oh... I can't let the trial end like this! I have to show them something!)

Which drops us at the other choice.

: Your Honor! Take a look at this...

: Ms. Hart.

: What's this? A newspaper article?

: Ah, the sighting at Gourd Lake...
: Well, Ms. Hart?
: I... I never heard of no lake monster! You got proof or something?

: Well, I don't have proof...

: Bah! Your ineptitude is entertaining, Mr. Wright, but enough is enough! I've had enough of baseless claims without a hair of evidence to support them!

: Well all right, if that's how you want to play... I'll show you evidence!
: Mr. Wright! Are you sure about this?
: (I'm sure sick of that smarmy prosecutor putting me down!)
: (Or... did he taunt me so I'd get mad and make a mistake?)

: I have it! Proof!
: Hmm... Intriguing!


: Very well, let's see it. And... no joking around this time, please.

: Your camera was set to take photos in response to loud noises, correct?

: ...

: Gourdy made a loud noise when it emerged!

: Well? You were trying to photograph Gourdy, weren't you!
: That's why you had set your camera to respond to loud noises!

: Order! Order!
: I see...
: I, too, thought it was a little strange.
: (Yeah, sure!)
: Well, Ms. Hart?

: You were camping there to try and take a photo of Gourdy, weren't you?
: ... Yeah.
: Not bad. Are all you lawyers that smart? So, smart boy, I was down there trying to photograph Gourdy, you got me.
: So what?
: Huh...?

: That doesn't change what I saw, does it?
: Exactly! What you just used several precious minutes of our time to prove...
: is nothing more than that the witness is an idiot who thinks monsters exist!
: H-hey!
: But, as she so succinctly said, so what!?
: It changes nothing!
: (Not true! You were hiding the whole thing about Gourdy for some reason, I know it!)
: (But what could it have been...? Whatever it is, I'm getting to the bottom of this!)
: Ms. Hart. Why did you hide the fact that you were searching for Gourdy from the court?
: Please revise your testimony.
: ...
: Right. Fine, I'll testify. It won't change nothing, though.
: (Something will change... it has to! And I'm going to spot it!)
: ...

: Hmm...
: Well, Mr. Wright. You may cross-examine the witness.

: The witness's testimony is unchanged from before! Whether she is a research student or a photographer has no bearing on this case!

: There is no need to waste more of our time with another pointless cross-examination!
: Er... hmm.

: I claim the defense's right to cross-examine the witness, Your Honor! (von Karma's up to something, I know it! He doesn't want me to cross-examine her because... why? Was there a contradiction?)
: Very well. You may begin the cross-examination. You seem sure of yourself, you must have something in mind.
: Hah! That would be a first!
: (Hah hah, very funny.)
: You understand that this is your last chance at a cross-examination, Mr. Wright?
: If there is no problem with the testimony this time, we will let the witness leave. I will announce my verdict at that time, Mr. Wright.
: Understood?
: Yes, Your Honor.

Next time: The last chance.

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