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Part 45: Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes - Investigation (Day 2) - Part 1

Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes
Investigation (Day 2) - Part 1

: Hey! Nick, it's you! I'm glad Mr. Edgeworth made it through the day okay. It's a relief...
: Hey. Why'd you do that, anyway?
: ... I don't know.
: I... just knew I had to do something.
: I know I'm not the lawyer my sister was...
: ... I'm sorry.
: Well, you did save the trial... Just, behave from now on, okay?
: O... okay.

Now, let's chat with Maya.

: Have you been questioned yet?
: No... not yet.
: Detective Gumshoe was here just now. He said "seeing as this is your first offense, we'll let you go after questioning."
: Whew...
: Oh, and he wanted me to get bail money ready.
: You can pay for me, okay?
: Huh? How much?
: I don't know. I guess they'll send you a bill or something.
: (Why do I picture giant bales of money every time I hear the word "bail"?)

: Any luck with Mia...?
: None... I can't get through to her at all. I tried... I really did!
: I don't know what to do... ... I think I probably shouldn't have stopped my training.
: (Hmm... she sounds like she really did do her best. I should check and see if there are any waterfalls in the local area...)
: I wonder if I'll ever see my sister again...

And, of course, the badge.

: It must be nice, Nick.

: But, spirit mediums, well...
: I dunno, with your clothes, I bet at least some people would recognize you...
: But these are medium-in-training clothes... I wonder if I'll ever be a proper medium...

We should probably go see Gumshoe about getting her out of there.

: (Detective Gumshoe's not here...)

: Huh? Oh, really?
: He's a live wire that one. Got into a fight with the chief for not following protocol...
: (Not following protocol...? I bet he wouldn't help them build the case against Edgeworth...)

So, off to the lake.

: There are fewer than there were yesterday, but the cops are still around in the park. I wonder if Detective Gumshoe is here today?

: Haven't seen Larry around today at all. Probably off paying through the nose on a date with the lovely Kiyance...

: Hey, pal!
: The trial today, it, er... ...
: Yes? What about the trial?

: Well, I was going to say "good show," but it wasn't really all that... Though you did save Edgeworth, I guess...
: I just wasn't sure how to thank you... you know?
: Er... thanks.

Now, let's see about getting Maya out.

: Detective Gumshoe? Any idea what strategy von Karma is planning for tomorrow?
: It sounds like he's bringing in another witness!
: Another witness!? Oh, right, he said something about that in the trial today...

: I was wondering who that other witness was! Er... who was it?
: S... sorry, pal. As much as I'd like to, I'm not at liberty to divulge that information.
: (Right...)

: Oh, right... I wanted to ask you something about Edgeworth.
: What's up?
: Is he afraid of earthquakes? I never heard anything about that before.
: ... Mr. Edgeworth doesn't talk about himself too much, see.
: But there's one thing that's clear as day...
: Him hating crime the way he does... And him becoming a lawyer... And him being scared of earthquakes...
: It all started with that incident.
: The DL-6 Incident?
: Yep, that's the one.
: Fifteen years ago... when he saw his father shot befgore his very eyes! He still feels the pain now, you can see it in his eyes.

: I wanted to talk to you about Maya Fey...
: Huh? She's not out on bail yet? That's strange. I told 'em to let her go as soon as they had their report written up.
: Man... I don't know what would have happened in that courtroom today if it weren't for her. Seeing her getting dragged out by the bailiff...
: I'll be honest with you, pal. I shed a tear or two. Edgeworth, he was so moved I saw his lip trembling.
: Really!? (Cold-as-ice Edgeworth!?)
: He was really grateful for what she did, you know.
: I'm going to head back to the station. I'll get the report on Maya and get her out of there as soon as I can.
: Thank you. Oh, wait! Umm... I was wondering, how much is bail going to be?
: Don't worry about that. Mr. Edgeworth is posting the whole amount.
: What? Edgeworth...?
: Didn't I tell you? He's grateful to her for what she did.
: Alright, pal. Well don't forget to go pick her up, okay?

And he leaves.

: (Hmm... Maybe I can get Edgeworth to pay this month's rent, too...)

So, back to the detention center.

: They just finished the paperwork, I'm free to go.
: Free at last, eh?
: Those interrogators were really mean! They were like "okay, what did you do THIS time?" Like I was some kind of criminal! Can you believe it?
: Well, they let you out in the end, didn't they?
: Mmm...
: Oh, that reminds me...
: Thanks for bail.
: Thank Edgeworth.
: Huh?
: He posted bail for you. Said he was grateful for what you did.
: Mr. Edgeworth did that...? ...
: I have to make it up to him! We've got to win this case, Nick!

: What do you think we should do next?
: We're kind of lacking in the clues department.
: We could go to the park and look for Gourdy.
: ...
: I-I was kidding!
: Still, if there are any clues out there, the park's as good a bet as any. What do you say? Shall we head down there?
: Sure!

: Have you noticed anything lately?
: Hmm... You know, I did notice one thing while I was here in detention.
: It's really pretty comfortable here. It's warm, and they keep it very clean.
: I meant have you noticed anything about the case...?
: Well... Not much more than that, no.
: (She's probably still upset about Mia. I should leave her alone.)

And back to Gourd Lake.

: They're probably back at the precinct, working up the case against Edgeworth.
: Mmm...

: Hey, it's Lotta!

: Y'all really did it today...
: Wh-what did we do now?
: Naw, I'm not complaining! See, I did a little thinking. A little... self-reflection, you might say.
: I realized that bein' a witness is a mighty big responsibility. But I just went up there and started blabbing any old thing that came to mind.
: Lotta...
: So, you see, I want to make it up to y'all.
: "Make it up"...?

: What did you think of the trial?
: To be honest, I was doin' it half just to say I'd been a witness... Even though I didn't really see anything.
: I kinda convinced myself I had though...
: I'm sorry, I know I caused y'all a lot of trouble.
: Well, memory is a tricky, vague little thing.
: Yeah, I sure know that now. I'll be fine the next time I witness a murder!
: Right!
: (You mean the FIRST time you witness a murder...)

: What about Gourdy?
: Right! Well, the way I figure, the trial's only stoking the flames of Gourdy fever!
: I'll get my exclusive photos and rocket to stardom!
: All right, Lotta! You go, girl!
: I wish I could be an investigative photographer too!
: (Finish your spirit medium training first!)

: Lotta, what do you mean by "making it up to us"?
: Well, ya see...
: Actually, I got a bit of information for you.

: That von Karma didn't want me to say nothin' about it.
: Wh-what information!?
: Now we're getting to the heart of it!
: See, I reckoned we might be able to do ourselves a little "exchange."
: E-"exchange"? Umm... I thought this was to "make it up to us"...?
: Right!
: I propose a little exchange, to make it up to you!
: ...
: What!? Information don't come cheap, my friend!
: Uh...
: Hey!
: I see you thinking "my, how unsophisticated these southern folks are"!!!
: It's written all over yer face! Let me tell you, most southerners are WAY more sophisticated than you...
: I'm just the exception, okay?
: Well, what'll it be? We gonna deal, or not!?

: (We don't have any other leads so I don't think we have a choice here...) Okay. How much?
: Huh?
: You completely off your rocker?
: I may not be sophisticated, but I'm not trying to rob the poor!
: Huh?
: The only fair exchange for information is... information!
: Listen good--
: What I need from you is information about Gourdy!

: G-Gourdy!?
: B-but Gourdy doesn't... I mean, Gourdy might not exist!
: Then bring me proof that shows he don't!
: Uh...
: I'll be keepin' watch from the car, okay?
: You see something, y'all come to me first, got it?
: O-okay...
: Right! See y'all later!

She leaves.

: ...
: Okay, Nick, let's get hunting!
: H-hunting...? You don't seriously mean...
: Gourdy? I sure do!
: What about Edgeworth!?
: We're searching for Gourdy for him, Nick! Don't you get it!?
: (Okay... and how exactly do we search for a make-believe monster...? Maybe we can find a monster myth specialist?)

Might as well check out the beach.

: Wh-what's that?

: Th-the Steel Samurai, Nick.

: Larry! What the heck is this!?
: Oh, it was my girl Kiyance's idea.... She was all "if you like, put this here, it would be, like, really cool!" Dude, she gave it to me along with the banner!
: Wow! That's real impressive she could find those for you!
: Well, she knows a lot of people. And that show's finished now, so she got 'em for free.
: Right...

How could we not check this out?

: Those flags look sadly out of place here. Flapping listlessly back and forth in a cold wind under a cold sky...
: I dunno, I think it gives the place a kind of festival atmosphere. It reminds me of the "War of the Eyeglasses"!
: ...? The war of the what!?
: Huh? What? You mean, you don't know the War of the Eyeglasses?
: What the heck is it?
: Our local fair used to do it every summer... Huh, I guess we were the only ones.
: (I ask again, what the heck is it!?)

: Doesn't that Steel Samurai look a little out of place? I mean, it's so huge... I guess it's good advertising.
: ... Something about this Steel Samurai just doesn't work for me.
: Huh? Really? It looks pretty well made to me.
: Hmph. Still a novice, aren't you, Nick. Really... True connoisseurs like Cody and me don't fall for this kind of stuff.
: (These Steel Samurai fans are obviously in a league of their own...)

So, let's talk to Larry.

: Yo, Nick! What happened with Edgeworth?
: Well, we made it through the first day in court all right... I don't know how good our prospects are from here on, though.
: Huh.
: Hey, Larry, did you know Edgeworth's secret weakness?
: He's terrified of earthquakes! He acts like a little boy!
: Huh? That's weird. I don't think he was ever like that in school.
: No? Really?
: Well, we were only in the same class for a year. He transferred schools pretty quickly...
: Transferred?
: (Right... when the DL-6 Incident happened. Doesn't look like Larry knows about it, though.)

: Hey, Larry. What was that big... thing up there before?
: Huh? Oh, the big guy? I've had that for about a month, yeah.
: It's a big hit with the kids!
: Why wasn't it there yesterday?
: Huh? Huh!? Oh... right. Th-the compressor was busted.
: Compressor?
: Yeah--it's that little unit by my hotdog stand. That what I use to put air in the Steel Samurai!

Yeah, that's the game's weird phrasing/typo there.

: It broke a little while ago so I sent it in for repairs.
: Oh.
: And here I thought you'd inflated it by yourself.

If we show him the Gourdy article...

: Do you think Gourdy really exists?
: Nah, I think somebody probably saw something else that they just thought was Gourdy.
: But I'll keep selling Samurai Dogs until the truth's out!

And some quickie checking of the area revealed new dialogue!

: I can't get over the Samurai Dogs...
: The "Original" Samurai Dogs, no less.
: Hey, man, whoever calls their product the "original" first wins!
: Why don't you add "world-famous" to the sign?
: Hey, good idea!
: (What have I done...?)

We take a quick hop over to the Boat Rental Shop to look for Gourdy.

: ...
: It's always so quiet, here. I wonder if the boat shop is closed for good?
: Well, with the murder on the lake and all... They're probably just taking a vacation till it blows over.
: I get it.

But there's nothing else out here.

Next time: The Gourdy hunt continues.

State Religious Affairs Bureau Order No. Five (2007), China posted:

Article 1: These measures have been formulated in accordance with the "Regulations on Religious Affairs" in order to guarantee citizens' freedom of religious belief, to respect Tibetan Buddhism's practice of inheriting living Buddha positions, and to regulate the management of living Buddha reincarnation affairs[...]
Article 5: Reincarnating living Buddhas should carry out application and approval procedures. The application and approval procedure is: the management organization at the monastery applying for the living Buddha reincarnation where the monk is registered, or the local Buddhist Association, should submit applications for reincarnations to the local religious affairs departments[...]
Article 7: Once an application for a living Buddha's reincarnation has received approval, [...] the corresponding Buddhist Association shall establish a reincarnation guidance team [and] establish a search time to look for the reincarnate sould child[...]
Article 9: Once a reincarnating living Buddha sould child has been recognized, it shall be reported[...]
Article 10: When the reincarnating living Buddha is instlaled, a representative of the approving authority shall read out the documents of approval, and the correspnding Buddhist Association shall issue a living Buddha permit[...]
Article 11: Persons and units who are responsible for being in contravention of these measures and who without authority carry out living Buddha reincarnation affairs, shall be dealt administrative sanction[...]