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Part 46: Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes - Investigation (Day 2) - Part 2

Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes
Investigation (Day 2) - Part 2

So, who better to ask about Gourdy than our resident Gourdy expert?

: Well? Y'all find anything out about Gourdy?
: Umm... no, nothing.
: Well, keep moving! It gets cold out here at nighttime.
: It is a little chilly...
: I... I think I have to sneeze!
: Wh-whoa! No you don't! No sneezing!!!

: ...
: I told y'all NO SNEEZING! See, I set the camera to respond to things a little sofer than a "bang." It'd trigger on one of von Karma's finger snaps now!
: Oh... I'm sorry.
: Yeah, well, sorry's nice but what about my film!?
: Nick... pay the lady.
: (*sob*)

: I learned something in today's trial, that's for sure. Testifyin' is serious business!
: That's why I decided not to talk about that case any more.
: Huh?
: Whoa--didn't you say you had information about the case!? Tell us that, at least!
: Like I said...
: I'll trade it for the dirt on Gourdy!

: What are you going to do if Gourdy doesn't exist?
: I'll quit being an investigative photographer.
: What!?
: After all, I only have one photo to my name so far...
: Was it a good one?
: You bet... a yoofoh!
: A y-yoofoh...?
: Anyway, if I can't get a career-making photo this time around... Then that's it! I'll quit and go back to school.

: Yeah, well, I'm takin' a break for a bit.
: Right...

If we show her the enlarged photo...

: No kidding. If we didn't have that, Edgeworth would be in prison now, or worse!
: There's never a lack of drama when you're on a case, is there, Nick?
: What, are you always on the verge of horrible failure like this!?
: Umm...
: Careful or the stress'll send you to an early grave.
: (Thanks for the cheerful message of support!)

If we show her the Gourdy article...

: Umm... uh... You know, I was wondering...
: Yeah?

: and it turns out like this enlargement did?
: Y'all crazy!? A blurry picture like this doesn't make a hit story! I need a picture that screams "I am Gourdy! Hear me roar!" I can't turn something like this into the paper! What kind of a fool do y'all think I am?
: (The kind of fool that would turn a blurry picture in as evidence in a murder trial? Not to mention claiming she saw something she didn't see!)

We head back to the office to regroup.

: Behave yourself in the courtroom tomorrow, okay?
: Heh heh heh. Misbehaving's much more fun.
: It's not going to be so much fun when Edgeworth refuses to pay your bail again.
: ...
: Right. I'll behave.
: (Oh dear...)

: Well, what should we do?
: I don't know! I've been in detention this whole time. I think I'll let you decide what we should do. Deal?

: Well? Any thoughts you want to share?
: Well, I was in detention all day.
: I think I'd like more time to think.
: (Poor Maya, she probably thought about Mia the whole time she was in there...)

Maybe Edgeworth knows something!

: Looks like Edgeworth is in questioning.
: Let's come back later.
: Guess so...

Or not! Maybe Gumshoe will know something.

: What's up? You look out of sorts.
: Wait... you didn't go and do something that's going to hurt Mr. Edgeworth's case again!
: What do you mean, "again"!?
: Whatever, have a seat, pal. I'm here for you if you need anything. Besides money, that is.

: How is the investigation proceeding?
: It's not, really. We have another meeting coming up...
: We're supposed to talk about Mr. Edgeworth's motive...
: His motive?
: See, Mr. Edgeworth's father died in the DL-6 Incident... And the guy who got the lone suspect declared innocent was the victim in this case... Robert Hammond.
: They're saying that's why Mr. Edgeworth shot him.
: (And Edgeworth never talks about his past... I bet they'll drag that out and hit him with it in court tomorrow, too...)
: Poor Edgeworth...
: I gotta admit, it doesn't look good, pal.

: Say, Detective Gumshoe. Do you know "Gourdy"?
: The monster down in Gourd Lake? Not personally, no.
: Well... we're looking for him.
: Huh!? Are you out of your minds!?
: Eeek!
: You got time to go wild monster hunting!? How about doing a little questioning for me then!?
: Oh...
: Detective Gumshoe is scaring me, Nick.

: Nick! Try telling him sooner next time!
: Er, sorry.

: I see, pal. Sorry for shoutin' at you.
: ...
: Okay!
: I, Detective Gumshoe, will aid your search for Gourdy!
: H-huh!?
: I'll loan you one of our newest secret weapons for finding evidence!
: Really!?
: You can take whichever one you like!

: Okay, give us the goods!
: Hold on now, everything in due time. First, let me show 'em to you!
: These are our best and brightest!
: Introducing Secret Weapon No. 1: "Missile"!
: M-M-Missile?
: He's a K-9 police dog, still in training!
: Missile! Missile! Here, boy...

: Here he is.
: Hey, he's cute! Look, Nick! Cute dog!
: (A cute dog... And this will help us... how?)
: Woof.
: Next, Secret Weapon No. 2... A fishing pole!

: Detective Gumshoe... we're looking for a monster...
: Yeah!
: How are we supposed to catch a whole sea monster with a fishing pole!?
: Never know 'til you try, pal!
: ...!
: Okay, this next one is the last one.
: (No, please, I'm already overwhelmed by our choices.)
: Secret Weapon No. 3! A metal detector!

: Detective Gumshoe... we're looking for something alive.
: Right!
: How are we supposed to find it with a metal detector!?
: Hey, you never know! It might have been eating soda cans!
: Well, which will it be!?
: Umm...
: I can't make up my mind, Nick. They all seem so perfect!
: I can't make up my mind, either... for the totally opposite reason.

: Can we borrow Missile?
: Sure thing, pal. Be good to 'im!
: Woof.
: He's sooooo cute!
: (Oh boy...)

And so we acquire K-9 unit Missile.

Back to the lake!

: Hmm?
: Missile's been acting strangely...
: "Missile"? Oh, oh right.

: Hey, I love lil' doggies! Good boy, good boy.

: Wh-what's wrong, Missile?
: ...

: Missile! Missssssssssile!

: Wh-whoa! S-stop that thing! C-cannibal! It's eating my Samurai Dogs! ...!

: My Samurai Dogs... *sniff*
: Wow. He ate every single one.
: I'm sorry, Larry...
: "Sorry"!? "Sorry" don't pay my bills, Nick!
: Ah hah hah... (It's going to have to this time...)

If we then present Missile...

: Isn't he cute?
: K-keep that mutt away from me!
: What am I going to tell the big boss?
: There's a "big boss" in charge of your hot dog stand?
: Nick! Maybe the stand is a front for a mafia money laundering scheme!!!
: Maya... I think you should probably try to look a little sorry about what happened.
: Oh, right!
: Heh... My poor dogs...

Okay, so Missile was a bust.

: Detective Gumshoe, can we borrow one of the other things?
: Hmm? Yeah, sure, pal! But I have to take back the last one I lent you, department policy.

: Can we borrow that flimsy-looking fishing pole?
: Sure thing, pal. Oh, if it breaks, be sure to dispose of it properly, okay?
: Er... right.

Back to the lake, to show Larry the rod.

: I'm not after small fry.
: I'm after the biggest fry of them all... Gourdy!
: ...
: You really going to try to fish out a monster?
: To save Edgeworth, yes!
: ...
: Brings a tear to my eye, in more ways than one.

And now, into the woods.

: Okay, Nick, this looks like a good spot!
: A good spot... for what?

: (She's serious...) Umm... What are you going to use for bait?
: Oh...
: Yeah. "Oh."
: Mmm...
: I figured something like this would happen.

: N-Nick...! How could you!
: I'm kidding! I'm kidding!
: Hmph! Some jokes are better left untold.
: (Oof! She hit me!)
: Okay...
: Watch this, Nick!
: Just try not to reel in any empty cans or boots, okay?
: Here we go! Ack! M-my leg!

: Hey! Wh-what are you doing!
: Sorry, Lotta...
: Don't tell me y'all are on some film company's payroll!
: Nick, pay her.
: (Dear, dear...)

Well, that didn't go so well. But perhaps that last one...?

: Can we borrow that metal detector?
: Sure thing, pal.
: I'm not sure what we're going to find with this...
: Remember: you're hunting for a monster. Anything is possible! Anything!

And now, off to the park. Specifically, the boat rental.

: N-Nick! It's beeping! The metal detector's found something!
: Sure is loud enough about it. (Whatever it is, it must be in those bushes...) Go check it out, Maya.
: Why do I have to check it out?

But she does.

: ... Nick.

: Huh...? An air tank? Huh. The valve looks broken.
: I thought it was Gourdy...
: Maya, first of all... Why would Gourdy be in the bushes!? And second of all, why would a metal detector react to a sea monster!?
: Oh.
: Huh?

: (It looks like... a string of flags...?)
: Well, we might as well take it with us now that we've found it.
: (It's heavy...)

I don't normally share these images, but this one was great.

Next time: We continue to fumble around like idiots.

Short Titles Act 1892 (long version), 55 ^ 56 Bict. c.10, England posted:

An Act to facilitate the Citation of Sundry Acts of Parliament.
Be it enacted, &c., as follows:
1. -
(1.) Each of the acts mentioned in the first schedule to this act may, without prejudice to any other mode of citation, be cited by the short titles therein mentioned in that behalf.
(2.) Each of the groups of acts mentioned in the second schedule of this act may [...] be cited by the collective title therein mentioned in that behalf[...]
2. This act may be cited as the Short Titles Act, 1892.