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Part 47: Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes - Investigation (Day 2) - Part 3

Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes
Investigation (Day 2) - Part 3

We should probably go talk to Larry about that air tank we found, given the flags.

: What about it?

: Have you ever seen this before?
: Huh? Me? N-no. Never. Who the heck would go diving in the middle of the winter!
: (There's something about the way his eye twitched when I showed him the tank... I think I'd better pursue this line of questioning a little further...)

: Say... is this air tank yours?
: Wh-why would I have a thing like that?

: It's just like the string of flags around your Steel Samurai there.

: ...!
: M-must be a coincidence! There're strings of flags everywhere these days!
: L-like elementary schools! A-and used car dealerships!

: You used this to go diving in the lake, didn't you?
: Wh-why the heck would I go diving in the lake!?
: Wait!
: You... you're not...
: You're not saying I had something to do with that murder!?
: N-no, not at all, just...
: Hey, you watch it buddy! I'm not saying anything until my lawyer gets here!
: Larry... Nick is your lawyer.
: Well, Larry? She's right.
: Bah! A-anyway, I never seen that air tank! Okay?
: (Yeah, right... Larry is hiding something, I can tell...)

: You used this to inflate that, didn't you?
: I-inflate what!?
: What else? That big puffy Steel Samurai!
: !!! ...
: N-now why would you go asking me a question like that.
: (Looks like I hit the nail on the head.)
: ...
: Right... right... Actually, umm...
: See, the compressor I always use was on the fritz. So I tried using the tank to inflate it, just once. And, er, it didn't go so well.

: It "didn't go so well"?
: Er, yeah.
: Do you think you could be a little more specific?
: C-c'mon... Look, it's embarrassing so I really don't want to talk about it...
: Tell us! Tell us!
: ...
: Fine.
: Whatever. It's like what I said, the compressor was busted. So I took the tank and tried to fill the Samurai up with that.
: And then...

: And that tank there took off like a rocket. And it took my poor deflated Steel Samurai with it!

: It sure scared me out of my gourd, that's for sure.

: Umm...
: So, the tank and the Steel Samurai you were trying to fill up flew away...
: What happened next?
: Well, all that happened on the 20th or so.
: (The 20th... a week ago.)
: Now, as far as I could see, the tank went flying out into the lake. So I went out every night in a boat looking for it. I mean, Kiyance gave me that Steel Samurai after all!
: And when did you find it?
: Just the night before last!

: (The night before last... was the night of the murder!)

: Actually, I was here on the night of the murder.
: But, you see, I went home before midnight.
: So you didn't know about what happened?
: No...
: That's too bad...
: It's not all bad. We've solved one mystery at least.
: A mystery...?
: (Maybe we should go tell her...)

Good plan, Nick.

: Well, Mister Lawyer? I've got the info y'all need!

: It's not going to be that easy to find him, you know.
: You'd better hurry or you won't have that info in time for the trial tomorrow!
: (Uh oh...)

Either of the other two works, though.

: Huh? Gourdy? Oh, we found him already.
: What!? I haven't seen any monsters yet!
: Y-y'all for real!? Gourdy really exists!?
: Wait!

: Lotta... There is no such thing as Gourdy.
: Wh-what!? How can y'all be so sure!
: R-really, Nick!?
: Y'all got some proof Gourdy don't exist!?

We'll be going from the 'We found Gourdy' option but they're essentially the same. If we say we have proof...

: Of course I have proof.
: No fair, Nick! It was when I went to the bathroom, wasn't it!?
: That's when you made contact with Gourdy!

: What're y'all doing with an air tank?
: This... is Gourdy.
: Umm... scuze me?
: Wh-what exactly are you saying, Nick?
: There's a stand near here... a hotdog stand.

: About a week ago, an idiot, who happens to be a friend of mine, tried to fill it.

: Apparently, it made a pretty loud "bang" when it flew...
: A "bang"...?

: At the same time...

: This photo!
: Wait... So... you're saying that Gourdy...

: ...
: ...

: Well, that's a fine way to ruin a gal's dreams.
: I'm sorry, Lotta.
: Nah, it's okay, you win. I'll give you your info, like I promised.
: Poor Lotta...

: So, tell us this "information" you have.
: A promise is a promise, I guess...
: I overheard the cops around here saying something about the witness tomorrow... They said he's the caretaker of the boat rental place up the path here.
: Boat rental...?

: Just an old guy, living all by himself. Y'all should go check it out.
: Thanks, Lotta! We will!
: Let's get cracking, Nick!
: Hold on.
: Something else?
: Yeah... the night of the murder. My camera clicked twice, you know.
: ...!

: Well...

: I figured it wouldn't be much use as evidence, so I kept it to myself.
: Well, it might not be helpful at all, but...
: Here, take it.

: Bye now. Y'all take care.
: Time for me to pack up and leave.

She leaves.

: Poor Lotta...
: It's all Larry's fault. The legend still lives on, I guess.
: The "legend"...?
: Yeah, the legend of Larry, familiar to all who know him for any length of time... "When something smells, it's usually the Butz."
: Hmm.
: Someone should whip that Butz into shape.

So, let's check out that boat shop.

: Hey. Nick!
: This is the boat shop that Lotta was talking about!
: You're right. Doesn't seem to be anyone around at all.
: Well, let's go check it out anyway!

There's nothing new to look at, but there's somewhere new to go.

: Eeek!

He sways back and forth constantly when he isn't talking.

: Where have you two been! I've been worried sick.
: ...
: N-Nick... you handle this.
: Uh, I think I'll leave this one up to you, Maya.
: Meg!
: Y-yes!?
: Finally made up your mind, have you?
: M-my mind?
: You'll run the pasta shop when I'm gone?
: P-pasta?
: Glad to hear it, glad to hear it! You make your old man proud.

: How'm I supposed to keep this place running, an old man like me?

: N-Nick! What was that!?
: A parrot... the one on that perch.
: Keith!
: Y-yes!?
: I leave the "Wet Noodle" in your capable hands, sonny.
: N-Nick? What's the "Wet Noodle"?
: Um, based on the available evidence, I'd say it's the name of his pasta shop.
: That's a relif, isn't it, Polly?
: "Hello! Hello!" *squawk*
: Ayup...
: ...

: He fell asleep...
: I guess he's relieved.

While he's napping, we can look around.

: Looks like a kitchen unit. It's pretty clean. Funny, he doesn't look like the type who'd keep things tidy like that.
: You're forgetting, Nick...
: He's running a pasta shop, here!

: Wow... what an amazing parrot that is.
: Good morning!
: "..."
: Hello!
: "..."
: He ignored me!

: What, you forgot, Meg? You gotta call her name first!
: Her name?
: Polly! How ya been!?
: "Hello! Hello!" *squawk*
: See?
: Neat! So the parrot's name is "Polly"!

: Too bad all she can say is "hello"...
: Har har har! Old Polly can say lots of things!
: You just need to know the secret words!
: The "secret words"...?

: Look, Nick, he has an electric blanket on his table! Looks warm!
: That's a great idea, we should do that at the office.
: We can sit down with our clients, snug and warm, and drink hot cocoa!
: And what, talk about murders?
: Aw, you're a party pooper, Nick!

: Wow, there's a lot of various fish in Gourd Lake, aren't there!
: ...? Something's funny, Nick. All these fish are saltwater fish.

: This fishing pole looks expensive.

: Wow, he has a television in here, too.

: Look, a little safe! Hmm...
: ...
: It's locked.

Next time: Trying to talk to the crazy old man.

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