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Part 48: Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes - Investigation (Day 2) - Part 4

Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes
Investigation (Day 2) - Part 4

So, today we get to question the crazy old man.

: Umm... a pasta shop?
: Ayup! To think, the "Wet Noodle," will live on when I'm gone. My father started it you know. So that makes you two the third generation!
: Meg...
: Y-yes!
: Tomorrow, we'll start with the secrets of dough tossin'!
: D-dough tossing?
: You, too, Keith.
: Y-yes?
: You'll be the best pasta wrangler the west has ever seen!
: P-pasta wrangler? The west? I-isn't pasta from Italy?

: Y-yes!
: You know the best pasta's always been made west of the Rockies, don't you?
: R-right, of course. Everybody knows that.
: Nick...?
: Huh?
: How long do we have to keep up this all-in-the-family charade?
: (This old man must know something about the murder...? We're not leaving until we find out what that is.)

: Umm... this is a boat rental shop, right?
: What're you talking about!? This here's the palace of pasta, the "Wet Noodle"!
: Though, now that you mention it, we haven't gotten many orders for spaghetti lately. All the kids come up and say "Yo dude, we wanna ride in one of your boats!" That's why I keep them boats out there.
: Youngsters these days... Darned if I understand 'em!
: I'm pretty confused myself.
: Nick... This isn't going anywhere.
: But this old man is the witness tomorrow, right? We've got to find some way of getting information out of him!

: Ack, my memory's gotten worse of late. That's why I just tell everything important to old Polly here.
: Everything... important? Hmm, I wonder...
: Polly! What's the number of the safe!?
: "...1228!" *squawk*
: Alright!
: H-hey! Polly! Watch it, will ya!
: Heh heh. See, Nick? All it takes is a little clever thinking!
: (And a criminal mind...)
: Quick, Nick! Write that number down!
: H-hey! Don't get me involved in your little heist schemes.

We can present stuff, but most...

: Now, listen here, Keith. Remember that tricolor pasta we were talking about? Our "Rainbolioli"! I figured out the last color we should use! Indigo Blue!
: Indigo... Blue?
: (That didn't seem to work the way I thought it might.)

But the badge...

: That a lawyer's badge?
: Y-yes, it is! (I don't believe it! This old guy is the first person to recognize my badge!)
: ... I get it.
: Huh?
: Ayup... I got you figured out now!
: You're not Keith!
: ...
: N-Nick!
: Now's our chance to clear things up!
: Umm... sir. No, I'm not Keith.
: And I'm not Meg, either!
: ...
: We're here investigating a murder that took place on this lake the other night.
: Please, help us!
: ...
: Hm... a lawyer, huh?
: Please, mister...
: Alright, I'll help.
: But, on one condition.
: What's that?
: When this case is over and done...

: I can't make that promise.
: ...
: I-is that any way to treat your old man!?
: Bah! You want my help? You've come to the wrong man!
: Uh oh... now he's grumpy.
: Not to mention he still thinks we're his kids. (Maybe we should just say we'll run his shop?)

This drops us at exactly the point of the correct answer.

: Okay, we promise.
: N-Nick! Are you sure about this?
: Hey, anything to get this case solved. Also... Who wouldn't want to eat "Phoenix Noodles"?
: I.. guess so.
: That's my boy! Good for you, Keith.
: W-wait, didn't I just say...
: You too, Meg!
: Y-yes!?
: I forget the time, but it was pretty dark outside... probably night, ayup.
: (It was after midnight, but okay...)
: Then I heard this "bang!" So I looked outside.

: Then I heard another one. "Bang!"

: A little while later, this boat comes back. Then a young man walked by my window here.
: He was mutterin' something to himself, ayup.
: What did he say?
: ... Ayup... ...

: I forgot. I'll remember tomorrow by court time, promise.
: We need to know earlier than that...!
: You know what? Eh? Little Terry was just here.
: "Terry"...?
: Ayup, that kid next door. You always used to make him cry, remember? He was wearin' this tattered old coat. Got himself some whiskers growing out of his face.
: (He must be talking about Detective Gumshoe...)
: He comes up and tells me to come down to court tomorrow.
: Really...?
: (Somehow I don't think we're going to get much useful information from this guy.) Maya... maybe we should be leaving.
: I think you're right.
: Oh, wait--I had one more question.
: Huh?
: Polly! Polly! Have we forgotten something?
: *squawk* "Don't forget DL-6!" *squawk*
: H-huh!? What did she just say, Nick?
: One more time, Polly!

: (What!? The DL-6 Incident?) Hey, mister! I-I mean, Dad!

: (This is getting weird... Who IS this old guy!?)

We are shunted outside.

: We have to figure out who that old man is.
: Oh...
: What?
: He locked the door, from the other side.
: (... Who could that old man be...?)

: (I think I need to do a little more research on this DL-6 Incident... Maybe I should ask Detective Gumshoe.)

And we are indeed off to see the Detective. Incidentally, we are in fact now unable to go back into the shack.

: ...
: You don't look so happy. What's wrong this time?
: Actually, we wanted to ask you something...
: Yeah?

: You know the boat rental shop down at Gourd Lake?
: Oh, yeah...
: The old man who runs it is appearing as a witness in court tomorrow, right?

: Huh...!? How'd you--Hmm. That was supposed to be top secret.
: Do you know who that old man is, Detective?
: ...
: Actually... I don't. He's a bit of an odd bird... I haven't been able to get a straight answer out of him.
: I decided first that he wans't persuasive enough to stand and testify as a witness. That's why we called Ms. Lotta Hart yesterday.
: As for who he is... We have absolutely no idea.
: Hmm... sounds suspicious!

: Hmm...

: Detective Gumshoe, please, help us...
: H-huh?
: We need to know about the DL-6 Incident!
: ...!
: That was when Edgeworth's father died. I can't help but think that it has something to do with this current case.
: ... To tell the truth, I don't know much about DL-6 either. Mr. Edgeworth forbade us from reading the file.
: So... I'm afraid I can't show them to you, either, pal.

: However... If you can convince me somehow that the DL-6 Incident is related to this case... Well, I guess I'd consider opening the file up.

Obviously this means presenting evidence. Specifically, Polly.

: The old man at the boat rental shop's parrot. The parrot knew about that "incident"...
: That incident?
: DL-6.
: Wh-what!?

: *squawk* "Don't forget DL-6!" *squawk*
: H-huh!?

: Yeah, but how would that old man know about the DL-6 Incident?
: Wait! What if... What if that old man was connected to DL-6?
: N-Nick! You think he might be!?
: ...
: ...
: I get ya. Sounds like you need information on the DL-6 Incident.
: Through there is the Station's Records Room.
: I'll give you special permission to go in and find what you need.
: All right! Way to go, Detective Gumshoe! Okay, Nick! To the Records Room!
: (I guess it's time we faced Edgeworth's past...)

: It's dusty.
: Ten years of files and ten years of dust, I guess.
: Let's find that DL-6 stuff quick!

: (Fiften years ago... both me and Edgeworth were nine years old. We were almost through with fourth grade when he suddenly transferred. Because of DL-6...?)
: Nick! I found out where the file is!
: O-oh, thanks!
: Just let me know what you want to know about the DL-6 Incident! I'll go get the right file!

But first, we'll look around.

: It looks like there are files inside that glass case. The case is so dusty I can't see what's inside.
: Nick... it's locked.
: They must keep important case files in there.

: This cabinet is where they keep evidence for current cases. Some of the things are obviously murder weapons. Others are... who knows what. Most of it just looks like random junk.
: Nick... what do you think this clothespin is for?
: Don't touch that! It's evidence...

: Here are files of collected case reports. There's quite a large volume of reports here.
: Wow... these are all case reports!?
: Yeah. It's like a graveyard of police cases.
: I guess my sister's case report is in here too... quietly gathering dust.

: There are shelves stuffed with case files in the back of the room, too. Forgotten cases, rotting away for eternity...
: Nick, let's get what we need and get out of here.
: All the dust is getting to me!

Now, about those files...

: Well, first I have to get a handle on the main facts... like a summary.
: Right. Summary... summary... Found it!

: That's exactly 15 years ago from the day after tomorrow!
: (So in two days, the case is closed...) The incident took place in the elevator of the district court.
: What!? Is this the same district court where we're holding the trial now!?
: Looks like it.

: Part of the court building collapsed, and all of the lights went out.

: It took five hours for them to be rescued... Five hours!

: The survivors...?
: One of the three in the elevator had been shot... in the heart.
: That was Mr. Edgeworth's father... wasn't it.

: (So Miles Edgeworth was one of the other passengers in that elevator.)

: Do you have data on the victim... Edgeworth's father?
: Yeah, hold on... Victim... victim... Here! Found it!

: He had lost that day's case in court, and got in the elevator with his son, Miles.
: "Miles"...!
: Miles Edgeworth, of course.
: So he was on the elevator with his father!

: The murder weapon, a pistol, was found in the elevator. The pistol had been fired two times.

: (Huh...! It sounds just like this current case! What's going on here?)

: Got any data on the suspect in there?
: Hmm... that would be the guy that my mom got arrested. Hold on... this is it.

: He was a clerk in the court, apparently.

: Well, then he had to have done it!
: But... he was found innocent. Thanks to his defense lawyer, Robert Hammond.

: Right.

: He lost all memory of being in the elevator. After he was declared innocent, he disappeared.
: Hmm... where could Yogi have gone to, I wonder?
: (He may be closer than we think...)

: I still don't know what sort of impact the whole thing had on Edgeworth...
: Nick. Are we going to take the whole file? There's too much! We'll never get it out.
: Y-you're right. How about we just take what we think we'll need...

: That's probably all we'll be able to find here. Now, all that's left is the trial tomorrow... I wonder how "Dad" will do testifying in court...

Next time: The trial's ahead.

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