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Part 49: Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes - Trial (Day 3) - Part 1

Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes
Trial (Day 3) - Part 1

: The defense is ready, Your Honor.
: ... ...
: Very well, apparently the prosecution is also ready.
: (Who is the judge here, anyway!?)
: Mr. von Karma, your opening statement.
: ... ...
: Er... very well, no opening statements so...

: Not so fast, Judge!
: I was taking a meaningful pause before speaking!
: R-right, of course.
: A prediction!

: Today's trial will end three minutes from now!

: Order... order!
: Mr. von Karma! What is the meaning of your statement just now!?

: Bah! Must you question everything! It will be over in three minutes! We have no time to waste!
: I'll call my witness now!
: R-right...
: I call my witness... my decisive witness to the stand!
: (It's that mysterious boat shop owner.)

: Witness... state your profession.

: Mmph... zzzz... ... I, er, am the proprietor of the restaurant the "Wet Noodle" at Gourd Lake.

: ...
: And I, er, also rent boats.
: The night of the incident, you were in the boat rental shop, correct?
: Er... ayup, yup I was.
: Please testify.
: (Wait a second...)

: (On second thought, I guess it doesn't really matter.)
: Doesn't matter!? What are you thinking, Nick!? What if that old man had something to do with the DL-6 Incident? If we don't find out who he is, we won't be able to build a case here!
: (Hmm, she has a point.)

This drops us where the other choice starts.

: Wait a minute!
: The witness hasn't stated his name yet!

: Because I did not ask him, Mr. Wright! Bah! I have predicted this trial will end in three minutes!

: Stop asking trivial questions and cooperate!
: (Yeah, right!)

: The witness will state his name.

: Zzzz... ... Mmph! Well, er... I'm not really sure, ayup.
: What do you mean?
: My, er, memory...
: Your honor... The witness does not remember anything beyond the last several years...
: Ergo, he cannot recall his own name.
: Hmm... he can't recall, you say?
: Yes, but the incident in question took place three days ago. He can testify.
: Very well.
: Let's hear his testimony then, shall we. Witness?

: Hmm...
: Very well. I'd like to begin the cross-examination...

: There is nothing to question in my witness's testimony! Ergo, no need for cross-examination!
: Besides, there are only 10 seconds left before our three minutes are up!

: Judge! Your verdict, now!
: Er... yes...

: (He's right. That testimony sounded pretty solid. Maybe I should hold back.)
: B-but, Nick! You have to cross-examine him! This is your only chance to turn this trial around! Your last chance!
: (O-oh... right.)

Or we could go for the smarter answer.

: What are you saying!? Of course I'll cross-examine the witness!
: Hmm...
: Very well, you may begin.


: E-excuse me? Mr. von Karma?
: Three minutes just passed.
: I see. Well then, let's just take our time.
: You may cross-examine the witness.

: "Just after midnight," you say?
: Ayup, just around then.
: Are you sure?
: Pretty sure, ayup.
: When I talked to you yesterday, you were rather vague about the time... I'm surprised you seem so sure about it today.

: I asked him, and he remembered. Isn't that right!?

: Zzzz... D-don't glare at me like that...!
: I, er... I remembered it clearly, I did. Ayup.
: You see? Continue!

: Is there anyone who can verify that?
: ... Well, I guess Polly could.

: Th-that's not good enough for a court of law!
: Mr. Wright... exactly what's not good enough?
: Ah, uh, Your Honor, this "Polly" is a parrot.
: A... parrot?
: Don't be so hard on the girl, Keithy-boy!
: Keith...?

: The prosecution concedes that we cannot prove the witness was in the shop. Witness... please continue.

: And where did the "bang" seem to come from?

: From the lake, I figure.

: Are you certain?
: A-ayup.
: Good. Continue.

: Was there someone in the boat?
: It was pretty far out there... I oculdn't see clearly...
: But I figure there was two men out there, ayup.
: But you couldn't see them clearly!
: Ayup... at the time, that is.
: (At the time...?)

: So you heard two gunshots total?
: Ayup.
: (That's what Lotta said in her testimony yesterday.)

: "By your window"?
: Ayup, by my window. Right outside the window of my little shack.
: And, could you see the man's face?
: Well, the fog was pretty darn thick, but he was right there in front of me. I saw him.
: This is a rather important detail! Please add it to your testimony.

: Tsk, tsk, tsk...
: (I have a bad feeling about this...)

: A-are you sure!?

: (Uh oh!)

: D-Dad!

: Dead certain, Keith! He said "I can't believe he's dead" as he was walking by, too.

: Witness! Are you sure that the person you saw was Miles Edgeworth!?

: This... sounds like decisive evidence indeed. I see no room for doubt.
: (von Karma... He lured me into cross-examining so he could set me up for a fall!)
: Tsk, tsk, tsk...
: N-Nick...! I don't like the way things are going here! Everyone in the courtroom is glaring at us!

: (But... how can I raise an objection without any proof?)

: Judge! There is no room for doubt in the witness's testimony!
: I demand that you declare your verdict!


: Your Honor! We proved in yesterday's court that it could not have been Edgeworth who fired that gun!

: Mr. Wright. Are you referring to the fingerprints from Edgeworth's right hand found on the gun, and the photograph showing a man firing with his left hand...?
: Exactly!

: That is easily explainable! He could have wiped his prints after he fired!

: You are ignoring the truth of the matter here! Everything in this witness's testimony is true!


: Hmm...

: (I can't see any room to raise an objection... I'd better hold back and see how things develop.)
: Nick! We have to do something! If we stay quiet now, Mr. Edgeworth'll be found guilty for sure!


: Your Honor! This witness claims that Edgeworth said "I can't believe he's dead"...
: But his word is all we have!

: If he were telling a lie...

: Mr. Wright. In a court of law, the evidence tells all. Apparently, you have yet to realize even this basic fact.
: If you say his testimony is a lie, show us proof!
: Urk...
: Nick! Do we have evidence...?


: It's no good! There's nothing I can do.
: A... are you sure?
: To be honest... I don't know what to do anymore.
: Please... Can you hear me, Sis? Please... We need your help... Nick needs you...
: Tsk, tsk, tsk... Three minutes was perhaps too high an expectation.
: However, fifteen minutes isn't bad! This must be a new record.

: Enough! The witness may leave the stand.

: This court sees no reason to further prolong the trial. Nor is there any need for more time to decide the case against the defendant.
: This case is extremely clear. I see no room for misinterpretation of the facts.
: (W-what!? No!)
: Hmph.
: This court finds the defendant, Mr. Miles Edgeworth...

: The accused will surrender to the court immediately, to be held pending trial at a higher court within a month from today's date.
: That is all. The court is adjourned!

: Me!!!
: Huh?

Next time: Wait, what?

"The Laws of the Hittites, Section 170 (circa 1650-1500 BCE) (translated) posted:

If anyone steals a door as a result of a quarrel, he shall replace everything that may get lost in the house, and he shall pay one mina of silver.