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Part 61: Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes - Trial (Day 4) - Part 6

You guys have been real good, so you get a bonus today! I hope you're ready for it, because it's the end of the game.

...sort of.

Case 4 - Turnabout Goodbyes
Trial (Day 4) - Part 6

: Did you see his face!? von Karma looked even paler than usual!
: He's pretending to be all cool, but inside you crushed him, Nick! Crushed!
: I gotta say, I'm impressed.
: Heh... It was pretty close, though. I was sure we'd had it.
: I know, I was on the verge of tears the whole time, myself.
: But now it's all just a good memory!
: ...
: So, it's finally over, Edgeworth.
: ... Wright.
: Yeah?
: ... I... I'm not sure how to say this.
: I know! I know!
: Try "thank you."
: I... I see. ...
: Th-thank you, Wright.
: Y-you're welcome.
: I think you could have done better than that!
: Oof! S-sorry... I'm not good at this sort of thing.
: You got a lot to learn, Edgeworth!
: (Dear, dear...)

: Amazing, pal! You pulled through just like I thought you would! I'll never forget this! I owe you one, pal.
: And tonight, let's party! Dinner's on me!
: Yeah, my salary went down a bit this month...
: But who cares!
: See, Mr. Edgeworth? You should take a lesson from Detective Gumshoe!
: That's how you say "thank you"!
: Mmm. I... I see.
: *ahem*
: Whooooooooooooop! ...
: I... I feel foolish.
: Don't worry. Take it a little at a time. You'll get used to it.
: (It's been fifteen years since I've seen Edgeworth this... unguarded.)
: Hey, y'all!
: Lotta!
: Y'all were great in there!
: Thank you!

: Er... thank y'all very much.
: I knew you were innocent from the start, of course. Just look at you! You wouldn't stick your hand in the cookie jar even if no one was there!
: You... were the witness on the first day of the trial, weren't you.
: Yeah, well, let bygones be bygones, eh?
: Speaking of which, what are you doing now, Lotta?
: Who, me? Aww, I went back to college.
: I gave up trying to be an investigative photographer pretty quick.
: Really? That's too bad.
: Huh?
: ?
: Isn't that the hotdog guy from the park?
: Huh?
: It's over, Nick! My life is over!
: Wh-why the sad face, Larry!? What happened now!?
: Oh, Nick... I'm not long for this world.
: Uh... you don't look sick...
: It's Kiyance! Sh-she's goin' to live in Paris! Paris, Nick!
: She's leaving me behind!!!
: (Larry, Larry...)
: Yo, Edgey! There you are!
: Um, yes, here I am.

: Celebration? That's unusual for you.
: Harry Butz! You come along tonight too! My treat, pal!
" Huh? Uh... thanks! Looking forward to it!
: (Yo, yo, Nick! That's the suit that questioned me!)
: (When he says treat... that's not police-talk for prison food, right? Right?)
: Uh, I think you'll be fine, Larry.
: Wright...
: Yeah? What's up?

: Well, yeah. That's not that strange. People give money away to celebrate sometimes.
: It's $38.00, Wright.
: Huh. What a weird amount. I mean, it's not a little, but it's not a lot either. ... $38.00 exactly?
: N-N-Nick!
: Wasn't that exactly the amount of lunch money that was stolen Mr. Edgeworth in school!?
: $38...! No... No!!! Larry, it was you!!!
: What are you so surprised about, Wright?
: Huh?
: Larry was absent that day from school, right? But that doesn't automatically rule him out as a suspect.
: What?
: Think back to that day, fifteen years ago. Larry took the day off, but he was bored, he came in to school anyway.
: Then he saw the money lying there... and the rest is history.
: I never was good at History! Heh...
: ... Edgeworth... you didn't know, did you?
: I suspected. I just couldn't picture Larry protecting you like he did that day. Everyone else was saying you did it. The whole class was against you, remmeber?
: Yeah... too well.
: Wright, you may not know this, but we used to have a saying back in school. "When something smells, it's usually the Butz."
: I know, I know.
: Really, Wright. I'm surprised you didn't figure it out!
: Well, this is sure an unexpected turn of events, eh?
: Edgeworth...
: Hmm?
: You should have told me!
: Now, now, Nick. It was fifteen years ago!
: Don't you think the "statute of limitations" has run out, Mr. Edgeworth?
: I'd say so, yes.
: There you have it!
: Grr... Where does that leave me!? I became a defense attorney because of what you two did!
: Well, I'd call you a goody-two-shoes to the extreme.
: Yeah! And you get worked up too easily, too!
: D-death! The death sentence for both of you! Man, if I only had known, I'd have become a prosecutor!
: The same goes for me, only the other way around... For the longest time, I thought that I might have killed my own father. I thought I might be a criminal.
: I became a prosecutor in part to punish myself. If I had known the truth, I might have become a defense attorney after all.
: Edgeworth...
: Want to switch, Wright?
: Hey, y'all! Line up, I'll take a photo!
: Hey, photo time! Let's go!
: And after that, dinner on me!

: We celebrated Edgeworth's new found freedom. Although, Edgeworth was still in detention.

: My head hurts... Huh? It's still only 5:00. Maybe I should go back to sleep...

: (What's this? A letter?)

: You were really impressive yesterday. Seeing you...
: It made me think about what I'm doing here.
: I'm a spirit medium... in training, of course.
: I wanted to help Mr. Edgeworth too. I wanted to help you.
: But I couldn't. I was useless.
: So, I've decided to go back to my training. I'll become a full-fledged spirit medium, for starters.
: I couldn't say it to your face, so I left this letter.
: Goodbye, Nick.

: Gah! The first trains for the mountains have already left! To the station!

: I guess I'm too late... ...
: Hey! N-Nick!
: Maya!
: ...
: ...
: ...
: So... you're leaving?
: Yeah.
: It's hard being a spirit medium who can't talk to spirits. And... I think you'll do fine without me, Nick. Be good... okay!

She starts to leave.

: What?
: ... I never could have saved Edgeworth without your help.
: Huh?
: On the last day of the trial... I heard her. I heard Mia's voice!
: You heard my sister...?
: Yes... only her voice, but still... It was at the very end when I thought we'd lost everything.
: Well, that's my sister for you.
: Detective Gumshoe helped, and Mr. Grossberg, and even Larry...
: I'm the only one who couldn't help. I was useless, Nick.
: But you were the one who stopped von Karma, Maya!
: Huh?
: I-I didn't do anything!
: All I did was wander around in a daze...
: Sorry, but I have evidence that you helped!
: E-evidence?

: von Karma was convinced he had taken all of the evidence pertaining to DL-6! But you were the one who rescued the last piece of evidence we needed! This was the bullet that put an end to von Karma! And you were the one who gave it to me!
: Nick...
: Thanks, Maya. I couldn't have done it without you.
: ... ... I'll be back soon.
: Huh?
: I'm going to complete my training, and come back!
: ... Okay. I'll be waiting. ...
: Of course you will. You can't run that office by yourself! You're hopeless!

: Uh, I don't know about that...

The train whistles.

: So... bye.
: Bye.

and say goodbye to the novice defense attorney that I once was...
Now a new story begins...

(Click here to watch the credits sequence in video.)

: Mr. Wright. Perhaps you'd like to rethink that claim?
: Er... yes, Your Honor.
: (Uh oh... I got a bad feeling about this...)

: Talk about a pleasant surprise!

: Kind of like he was embarrassed or something. Strange, huh?

: Who, me? I've been working at a cheese shop!
: That Missy's a nice lady, but she not exactly what you'd call a "cheap date."
: Huh? Oh, she's in Hawaii right now, yeah...

: I hear he's been busy lately.
: You know, not to ring my own bell, but I sort of taught him everything he knows. I'm sure he's grateful.

: Ah! The defense attorney for whom I wrote that affidavit for, yes! Oh, you should know, I've taken over management of the Gatewater Hotel recently. Should you be in the area, please, stop by...

: Phoenix Wright? Ah yes, Mia's understudy, was he not? I wonder how he's doing. Haven't seen him of late... "Ahh... the days of my youth... like the scent of fresh lemon..." you see.

: Well, I'm not buying it! You can't be a star with a name like "Phoenix"!
: Did you know that they're finally putting some of Hammer's old movies out on DVD in one of them box set thingies that you can buy now-a-days and all
: not that I know what a "DVD" is or why they use three-letter words for just about
: everything these days how am I supposed to keep it all straight anyhow, hmm?

: I sure owe that Mr. Wright a great deal. *sniff* Oh, and I'm keeping my face out of the public eye till the show's over.
: I wouldn't want ot ruin any kids' dreams, y'know.

: It sounds like she caught a cold standing under a waterfall. I wanted to visit, but didn't have time, so I sent her some Pink Princess trading cards.
: She says she can't buy them where she is. What kind of place is she living at anyway?

: But... you know. I snuck into the studio the other day. And I saw her... the one inside the Pink Princess suit!
: Ugh! What a dog! It was kind of a shock for a boy of my tender age.

: Huh, me? I'm in training to become an paranormal photographer!
: You know that picture I took of everyone? Well, just behind them there's a ghost!
: For real! Now that's talent! I'm gonna be famous!

This was, in the original Japanese GBA release, where the game ended. However...

In the DS rerelease (and first English release) it isn't. They added a bonus case, taking place two months after Case 4 has ended.

Next time: Rise From The Ashes