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Part 62: Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes - Investigation (Day 1) - Part 1

Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes
Investigation (Day 1) - Part 1

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: Two months without a single trial. I've had offers... But none I took. That is... until the day that girl showed up.

: (It's not like I want to work...)
: There you are! Finally!

: ... ... Um... who are you?
: It doesn't matter who I am! It only matters who YOU are!
: You're the famous defense attorney, Mia Fey!
: ...
: ...
: ...

: I'm sorry but Ms. Mia Fey no longer... works here.

: I'm Phoenix Wright... A defense attorney.

: You're THE Phoenix Wright!?
: The Phoenix Wright from the Edgeworth murder case!?
: Um, yes, that's correct. (It wasn't Edgeworth who was murdered, though...)

: I'm sorry... I'm afraid I'm not taking cases right now.
: But, you are Phoenix Wright, right? The undefeated defense attorney?
: Look, I'm not accepting any new cases. I'm sorry, but you'll have to try elsewhere.
: Please!
: I'm out of time!
: But...
: Please, you have to help! I-it's my sister!

: Okay. I'll hear you out.
: R-really!?
: Thank you so much! My name's Ema, Ema Skye. I'm a scientific investigator.
: (Scientific investigator?)

Let's check out the office before anything.

: Looks like it's cleaning day again at the hotel across the way. I hear they're planning a second branch outside the city. Egads! The bellboy was staring right at me.

: Mia's plant, "Charley." I've been taking care of him in Maya's absence.

: There's a poster of the Steel Samurai on the wall. Maya stuck it up here on the day that she left. I didn't have the heart to take it down.

: I do sometimes get strange looks from the clients, though.

: Mia's desk. I sit here even less now that I've stopped taking cases. I ought to at least dust it off once in a while.

: Difficult-looking legal books stand in a formidable row. They mock me. I tried reading one, and it made my head hurt. When I closed it, it slipped out of my hand. Then my foot hurt too.

Now, let's chat with Ema.

: Ema, was it? So you're a "scientific investigator"?
: Yes! That's right! Is... something wrong?
: No, it's just, you seem kind of, er, jumpy. Or maybe just... young?
: Young?
: I'll be sixteen years old this year!
: Oh, I see... wait! Only sixteen!?
: I'm set to be formally assigned to Forensics in three more years. My work is becoming quite well known...
: At my age, no less!
: Um, so what exactly is your current position, then?

: I guess you'd call me an "Eleventh Grader."
: But I'm ready to do my job! At my age, no less!
: (Great, another future professional in training...)

: So what's this about a case? You said the trial's tomorrow?
: My sister didn't do it!
: She wouldn't stab someone with a knife! She wouldn't!
: So... it's a murder case.
: I don't care if there's a witness who saw her do it! She didn't do it!
: I know she didn't do it! It's a scientific fact!
: And... there's a witness.
: J-just talk to her!
: You have to talk to her!
: Right... I suppose I will.
: I promised her I'd bring Mia Fey, but...
: (That's interesting... How would she know Mia?)

: So, you want to be a scientific investigator when you grow up, then?
: E-excuse me?
: I'm not a child. I'll have you know!
: Still, it's good to have a goal. Albeit a very unusual one.
: I believe investigations should be done scientifically!
: Don't you?
: Uh, yeah. (Sure can't fault her for a lack of enthusiasm.)
: If this case is handled scientifically, I'm sure my sister's name will be cleared!
: Your sister...?
: I've been doing research, you know!
: I'm developing a new scientific method of case investigation!
: I'll show you when I'm done!
: I'm looking forward to it. (Guess I should get down to the Detention Center and talk to her sister.)

: My sister asked for her specifically. Mia Fey...
: was a few years below her in school.
: (So she went to the same school as Mia.)
: She always told me to go to Mia if I ever needed a defense attorney... And, well...
: I need one.
: Um, incidentally, Mia is a woman.
: Mia... Yeah, I thought it was a little strange when I saw you, too.
: Well, it's nice of you to help your sister out like this. You must be close.

: ?
: Well...
: Actually, when she gets like she is now, I kind of hate her.
: (Huh?)
: But... But she's my only family.
: Your only family? What about your parents?
: They died in a car accident when I was little.
: Oh... I'm sorry.

And we present the badge.

: Ahh! Well! I've never seen a real one before.
: (You're the first one who's actually been interested in mine, believe me.)
: Its composition is mostly silver. The gold plating is flaking a bit.
: (She analyzed it. Scientifically...)

: Sorry, but it's not for sale. Yet...

Now, let's get moving.

: ...
: (Hmm, I wonder what's wrong with Ema? She got quiet all of a sudden as soon as we arrived.)
: Guard... I thought I told you I didn't want visitors.
: S-s-s-sorry, ma'am! It's j-j-just, your sister...
: No excuses! Or did you not want a raise this year, hmm?
: U-u-u-understood, ma'am!
: (Wh-wh-wh-what was that all about?)

: Funny. I seem to remember specifically telling you NOT to come here. Perhaps my memory is failing?
: L-look...
: I didn't want to come here either, okay? But your trial's tomorrow and you still don't have a defense attorney!
: I'll be the one in court tomorrow. This has nothing to do with you, Ema.

: Hey! How do you know me?
: Mia mentioned you. I've heard... quite a bit.
: Er, I'm sorry. What exactly is it that you do...?
: My name is Lana, Lana Skye. I'm Chief Prosecutor for this district.
: Y-you're a prosecutor!?

A brief look around is in order.

: This guard monitors the visitor's room. He's frozen in fear of the frigid Miss Lana. I'm feeling a bit chilly myself.

Now, let's chat with Lana.

: There's something you should know from the start.
: W-which is?

: Huh?
: W-wait! But the suspect...
: The suspect is...
: Me. I did it.
: Well, Mr. Wright?
: Well... why don't you begin by telling me exactly what happened.

: That's quite specific.
: It was in the witness's deposition.
: A witness clearly saw me committing the crime.
: Uh... My, that was a bit of bad luck, wasn't it?
: The crime took place in the underground parking lot at the Prosecutor's Office.
: The body was found in the trunk of my subordinate's car.
: The Prosecutor's Office, huh? (In your subordinate's car trunk? Classy...)
: I was arrested on the spot. Caught red-handed, as it were.
: (My, my...)

: So, who was the victim?
: An investigator with the Police Department. I suppose the correct term is "Detective."
: A detective...?
: Death was due to a loss of blood. He was stabbed once in the stomach.
: By... you?
: Death wasn't immediate, but the wound was fatal.
: I see...
: Allow me to repeat myself, Mr. Wright. The victim was a detective. You know what that means,
: don't you?
: Uh oh!
: What? Mr. Wright? What does it mean?
: Well, it means...
: The police department will consider it a matter of pride to have me found guilty.
: They will use any means at their disposal to do so.
: (This case gets worse and worse with everything I learn.)

: So, you're the Chief Prosecutor?
: That is correct.
: I'm responsible for overseeing every trial handled by prosecutors in this district. I make sure the prosecutors have what they need to do the job, and manage every aspect.
: Those are my responsibilities, in a nutshell.
: (That's an awfully large nutshell.)
: Still, I'm a little surprised.
: I would think you'd recognize the district's Chief Prosecutor, Mr. Wright.
: Huh?

: Um... Lana? What happened to your hand?
: Oh, this?
: I cut myself by accident. When I stabbed him, that is.
: Huh?
: I'm not very good at being a criminal, I suppose.
: (How am I supposed to defend this!? Time to change the subject... Wait, she was in the class ahead of Mia, wasn't she...?)

: Um, you were in school with Mia, correct? A few years above her?
: ...
: Ema told you that, too, did she?
: W-well, why not? I did drag him all the way here from his office!
: Although it seems he has very little in common with Mia...
: (Hey!)
: It was in law school. I was in my third year, and she was auditing the class. She was different than the other students.
: Different?
: She was strong... She'd do anything to become a defense attorney. Anything.
: That... was probably why she was attracted to me.
: E-excuse me!?
: Intellectually attracted! Lana was top of her class in school.
: I was the best there was.
: Oh...
: I'm doing pretty good in school too, by the way!
: (It sounds a bit different when Ema says it...)
: Well, Mr. Wright?
: E-excuse me?
: As you can plainly see, I am admitting my guilt. I think it's safe to say...
: there's no way you can take this case. None.
: B-but, Lana!
: ...
: You... you were always this way, weren't you?

: You never think of anyone but yourself.
: ...!
: I know you didn't do it, Lana, I know! So...
: So how can you say you did!?
: ...
: If I lose you...
: I'll be all alone! I...
: I hate you, Lana!
: ...

: Mr. Wright?
: Y-yes?
: I believe our discussion here is ended. The rest... I leave to you.
: ...! Um... you mean, you're requesting my services as your defense?
: Don't lose any sleep over it. Your client has confessed, after all. The case is over.
: Right... I'll do what I can to get to the bottom of this.
: ...

: (But something doesn't fit.)

Next time: Investigation.