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Part 65: Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes - Investigation (Day 1) - Part 4

Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes
Investigation (Day 1) - Part 4

Since we have to pass through here anyway on our way to our next destination, a brief stop to present the ID card to Angel, which I forgot to do earlier.

: ...
: Lunchland vendors only accept cash. No cards.
: Especially not a card belonging to someone else!
: No, no, this isn't a credit card. It's an ID card. It belongs to a detective...
: And you're showing this to me, the lunch lady, why?
: That's like showing a fine honeyed ham to a detective!
: (Why do I always feel like I'm being mocked?)

Anyway, to the police department.

: Whew...
: We're finally here.
: Why would they put the detectives so far away from the Prosecutor's Office?
: That took almost 30 minutes by taxi... and traffic wasn't even that bad. This is my first time to the Police Department, actually.

Something flashes.

: ?

: They're trying to make him the police mascot.

: Forget the Blue Badger! Who's that next to him!?
: Someone appears to be... dancing with the Blue Badger... Uh oh. He noticed me.
: He sure is running over here fast...
: H-h-h-hey, pal! W-w-w-what're you doin' here!?
: That's my line, Detective Gumshoe. Specifically, why were you dancing over there?
: What!? Um, well...
: (Well, at least he doesn't seem to be busy. This is our chance to get information!)
: Hey! I'll have you know I'm a very busy man, pal.

But before we ask Gumshoe anything, let's stare at the scenery for a while.

: I always get excited when I come to the police station.
: Why is that?
: It just feels like I've jumped into a movie.
: Huh?
: You know, with all the police and criminals.
: W-well, I don't know if this is all that exciting.
: Sure it is! Look at those two officers over there.
: They're probably talking about the latest bust!
: ... Funny, I thought they were talking about the weather.

: The detectives in there look pretty busy.
: Just imagine! Right now... Behind those doors...!
: A police drama in action!
: ... (Somehow, the thought fails to excite me...)

: What? The Dancing Blue Badger?
: It's my masterpiece!

: Poor Blue Badger... fated to dance until he drops.

(Sadly, the check is just the Blue Badger unmoving.)

: Look, that patrolman is saluting the other guy. He must be a detective!
: And then I said "hey, you do that, your soup will get cold, buddy."
: Th-That's hilarious, sir! I laughed so hard I cried!
: ...
: I guess he wasn't saluting, he was wiping tears from his eyes.
: They make a good pair.

: Mr. Wright! Do you know why patrol cars are painted black and white?
: No idea. Why?
: Well, I think they're designed after a panda!
: A panda...?
: Not that I have scientific proof. It's just a theory.
: Um... do you mind me asking how you came up with that theory?
: It was when I was on a school trip! I saw a patrol car and it came to me!
: We had just been at the zoo, see...
: ... What about zebras? Or did they not have those at your zoo?

: The banner here is announcing the "Crime Fighting Campaign."
: Nice slogan...
: I wonder if they'll be selling fingerptinting sets.
: I don't think it's that kind of campaign.
: What family wouldn't want a set at home?
: It's good for finding out who snuck into the cookie jar.
: I think most families can figure that out without the extra help.

: The usual wanted posters are hanging up on the bulletin board here. <<Do you know this face!? If you do, dial 911!>>
: You know, Mr. Wright, I've always thought it was kind of funny... I've never seen anyone who looked like the people in these posters.
: They hardly even look human!
: ... (She has a point...)

Now we can pester Gumshoe.

: I'll give you one word of advice, pal.
: You'd better not agree to defend the suspect in this case.
: Wh... Why not?
: Huh?
: Well... It's just that the Chief Prosecutor has confessed to the crime.

: But, what if she's not telling the truth!?
: Yes, well... no! C'mon, pal!
: There's plenty of evidence against her!
: B-but what if the evidence was faked?
: Hey, pal.
: Can I speak to you for a second?
: Huh? Me?
: Why is this little girl so peeved at me?

: Whoa!!! The Chief Prosecutor's little sister!?
: Just, please investigate this case carefully, okay?
: Scientifically!
: Yessir!
: Oh, by the way.
: You might want to keep your voices down.
: You don't want to be overheard using words like "faked"...
: Huh?
: It's just... it's a sensitive issue with us these days.

: So... what are you doing here, Detective Gumshoe?
: Me? Oh, well... nothing, really.
: They kicked me out of Criminal Affairs...
: Detective Gumshoe! What did you do this time?
: Whaddya mean, "this time"!?
: Then, what happened? I know things are busy right now... I mean...
: with my sister's case and all...
: It's true. We've never had a Chief Prosecutor murder anyone before!
: Only the highest-ranked people are being let into Criminal Affairs now... The lowest ranking guy in there is our chief of detectives.
: They're not letting any of us rank-and-file detectives in at all.
: None of you?
: (I know this is an important trial, but isn't that a little odd?)

: Um... Isn't there anything else you could be doing?
: The Chief of Police himself is directing the investigation, pal.

: Officer Marshall...
: (Now that I think about it, Ema did seem to know that Marshall guy.)
: A patrolman in charge of a crime scene...
: It's unheard of, pal!

Now, presenting the badge.

: You show this to me every time we meet, pal.
: Real men show their police badge. 'Nuff said!
: I wish had a badge... Even an ID card would be nice...

Their typo, there.

: (Wait... Speaking of ID cards, I found that detective's card, didn't I...?)

So we present that.

: Huh? Hey, pal! This is a detective's ID card!
: You can't just keep that! You have to turn it in to the police!
: It's people like you that get me into so much trouble all the time!
: (Meaning Detective Gumshoe must drop his card a lot.)
: Hmm... let's see... "Bruce Goodman"...
: Goodman... Sounds familiar...
: ...
: Nah, my mistake.
: But, don't you work together with him in Criminal Affairs?
: Whoa!!! Now I remember! Bruce Goodman!
: He's the victim!
: (That's what I thought...)
: Can you tell us more, Detective Gumshoe?

: He was a detective, like myself.
: Detective Bruce Goodman.
: Hmm... Don't you think it's strange?

: There was an evidence transferal for a case he handled two years ago.
: Evidence transferal... Mr. Edgeworth mentioned that too.
: But... Detective Goodman was killed at the Prosecutor's Office...
: Well, that's the thing...
: It's hard to say this, but...

: (And Lana's confessing as much...)

It was at this point I remembered I hadn't shown profiles.

Anyway, back to Gumshoe. We present the parking slip.

: What would drive Chief Prosecutor Skye to do such a thing?
: ...
: W-wait, I didn't mean...
: I mean, sure, of course someone else really did it!
: Someone who must have, um...
: Someone who must have a grudge against Mr. Edgeworth!
: (The car and the knife do seem a little too well-organized to be a coincidence.)
: Poor Mr. Edgeworth... What could have happened?
: (We have to find out a little more about what's going on with Edgeworth...)

Speaking of which, I forgot to examine the trophy more closely. On the bottom...

: Hm. It looks like the names of all the previous recipients are engraved on it.
: Wow. One guy's listed a bunch of times! "von Karma"... I guess he must be a foreigner?
: Uh, yeah. That's probably it.
: Well wherever he's from, he must have been an amazing prosecutor!
: I'd like to meet this Mr. "von Karma" sometime!
: (When she says it, his name does have kind of a ring to it...)

We present the trophy.

: That's the "King of Prosecutors" award that Mr. Edgeworth got yesterday!
: Were you at the awards ceremony, Detective Gumshoe?
: Of course, pal! I got an award for diligence, myself.
: Ah... congratulations.
: I was wondering, why is the award a shield?
: And... why is it broken?
: Oh, there's a reason.
: Um...
: I'll tell you what it is later.
: (Apparently, he's forgotten.)
: But, I was proud of Mr. Edgeworth for winning that award.
: He's even got naysayers in the Prosecutor's Office.
: (Yeah, we've heard about the rumors...)

: He's in a tough spot, again...
: "Again"...?

: But Edgeworth was found innocent!
: Listen, pal, there have always been rumors about Edgeworth. Forging evidence, making deals with witnesses... Nothing outright, but there were always whispered rumors.
: Ever since he was accused of murder, no one's whispering. They're practically shouting!
: But... but there's no evidence against him!
: Well, Mr. Edgeworth has always had unusually strong ties to the department higher-ups.
: It's only natural that people would be suspicious.
: (I had no idea he was under the gun...)
: Anyway, this latest case has started a new rumor.
: People say the only reason he took this case... is because he's aiming for the Chief Prosecutor position himself!
: W-what!?
: But I know the truth, pal! Nobody wants to be the one who has to prosecute the chief prosecutor!
: Mr. Edgeworth is biting the bullet on this one! He's doing this for all of us! ...
: And that's all I know about that.
: I'm not officially on the case, you know.
: Thank you!
: Why aren't you handling the case, Detective Gumshoe? We met the guy who is... what was his name? The guy in the parking lot...
: That'd be Officer Marshall.
: He was appointed directly by the Chief of Police...
: Officer Marshall... Is he some kind of Wild West sheriff or something?
: No, Jake Marshall's just a regular officer...
: From West LA.
: For a moment there, I wasn't sure.
: Look, pal, let me try to make things a little easier for you.

: (I'll be surprised if this gets us anywhere...)
: Just act like you're supposed to be there, and nobody will look at you twice, pal!

: Maybe it was a letter or something to Detective Gumshoe.
: Let's see...
: "Annual bonus: $20."
: Um... I think a couple zeros are missing.
: No, that sounds about right. (At least in that detective's case...)
: ... Maybe I should rethink my career as an investigator.

Next time: The crime scene, at last.