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Part 69: Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes - Trial (Day 2) - Part 3

Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes
Trial (Day 2) - Part 3

: You say she stabbed him again and again...
: But you couldn't have witnessed that!
: Are you testing me...?
: Then I'll test you!

: I'm afraid the moss is growing under our feet as we wait, Ms. Starr.
: ...!?
: W-what do you mean?

: The autopsy report states that death was due to a loss of blood... from one stab wound.

: Ah hah! You're right!
: Good show, Mr. Edgeworth!
: What a hunk!
: He's my hero, really.
: (What about my objection? No one noticed?)
: Well, witness?

: Uh... oh, thanks.
: I always believed that no one could ever mistake ketchup for blood...
: But now, I realize that such mistakes are possible.
: So...
: You're saying you mistook something... for blood?
: When she lifted her knife, I thought I saw blood at her breast...

: That's why I thought she must have stabbed him at least twice.

: Then tell us what you saw that you thought was blood!
: Testify!
: ...

: Her red muffler?
: Yes, like a scarf. The Chief Prosecutor always wears one around her neck.
: So she can be easily hanged at a moment's notice, I suppose...
: (She's right...)

: But wait...
: Isn't it odd that you mistook that for splattered blood?
: ...
: Well, people often mistake my beard...
: For a bib.
: (A judge with a bib. That's why this place feels so much like kindergarten sometimes.)
: Actually...

: There was only one knife wound.
: ...
: (Apparently, Ms. Starr isn't entirely sure of her own testimony.)
: Mr. Wright!
: This is our chance!!!
: Chance for what, I wonder...?

And loop. This should be easy.

: Ms. Starr! I demand an explanation...

: The witness is clearly not suited for detective work.
: W-what!?
: The suspect was not wearing
: a scarf or muffler of any kind when she stabbed the victim.

: Only a true professional could be so clueless.
: I'm sure you'll make a good lunchlady, have no fear.
: Hmm!
: Harsh words! But good!
: In the end, Mr. Edgeworth prevails!
: (What was my objection, chopped liver!?)
: B-but it was there, a scarf, no, not that, but something red! Really!

: Well now, where were we?
: The witness has given us an entertaining interlude, now back to business.
: Wh-what!?

: Very well, witness. Continue your testimony.
: You saw the crime, and apprehended the suspect...
: Tell us about that.
: ......
: Very well.
: I do remember some things accurately, at least.
: (Ultimately, we couldn't shake the most important part of her testimony.)
: The most important part...?
: The part where your sister stabs the victim! (This next testimony might just be the moment of truth!)

: You are quite determined about this scarf, aren't you?
: I strike like a snake and bite like a cobra!
: That's me. Angel Starr.
: That's not a very good metaphor. First of all, a cobra is a kind of snake.
: Don't bother me with details, unless you want to get bitten!
: N-no thanks!
: Note to self: Attorney Wright gets bitten by snake.
: The chief prosecutor tried to resist, but her efforts were in vain.
: She knocked my hands aside, kicked over an oil drum...
: O-oil drum? (Hard to imagine...)
: Oh, she's beautiful, but deadly! A predator, this one! A leopard woman! Rowr!
: Very well, Mr. Wright. Your cross-examination, if you will.

: (That's right...)

: She was obviously trying to hide herself.
: Quite a natural thing for a criminal to do!
: And what did you do then?

: You say "quickly"... were you close to the suspect?
: As I just said!
: I was only 30 feet away from her the whole time.

: That would make it about 30 feet from the car, yes.
: Is that correct, Ms. Starr?
: Y-yes, that's right.

: I went over it, of course.
: Amazing! The Cough-up Queen, lunchlady athlete, indeed.
: It would have taken her a little time to climb over the fence.
: So she couldn't have gotten to my sister THAT fast...

: (How come Ms. Skye didn't get away?)

: She mentioned the muffler?
: What exactly did she say?
: If I remembered exactly, I would have told you in my testimony!
: (Cheeky!)
: Anyway, all I heard her say was the word "muffler."
: Just that one word?
: So... what you heard wasn't the suspect talking to you, but to someone else?
: Yes. The chief prosecutor was talking on her phone!

: Yes, ultimately.
: Ultimately?
: My memory...

: It's like a salmon, heading upstream, you see.
: N-no, the court doesn't see, Ms. Starr.

: On the wall?

: Apparently, it was out of order.
: And so she used her cell phone?

: Hmm.
: Good witnessing, witness!
: (Good witnessing? What ever happened to good testifying?)

: You should of course add this to your testimony.
: The things I do to please this rookie defense attorney.

And the cell phone evidence is updated to note the call and the whole 'muffler' thing.

: Um... do you think you could restate your testimony for the court?
: Ah hah! I was going to ask the same thing!
: I'll only say this one time, so listen close, Rookies.

: The chief prosecutor hung up her phone!
: And you
: saw her doing this?

: ...?
: What is it, Mr. Wright?

: She "made to escape"...
: Can you be more specific?
: She brushed aside my hand and ran! It was a terrible sight to see, like a dollop of lard on a pate of foie gras!
: (Huh?)
: She even kicked over an oil drum at me!
: A-an oil drum!?

: There was an oil drum lying on its side at the scene of the crime.
: But, it's strange...
: Hmm? What's that?
: If she wanted to escape...
: why didn't she run the other way?

: Th-that's right!
: It doesn't make any sense that she would run from behind the partition to the oil drums!
: ...

And loop.

: Excellent! More mysteries!
: I wish we could solve a few before finding more, though...
: (So Ms. Skye tried to run?)
: I'm sorry my sister is so suspicious, Mr. Wright...
: Not as sorry as I am.
: But she didn't do it! You have to believe me!

So, can you spot a problem in this testimony?

Next time: Trying to solve a few mysteries.