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Part 71: Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes - Trial (Day 2) - Part 5

Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes
Trial (Day 2) - Part 5

Back to the trial.

: Very well, Mr. Wright, you may cross-examine the witness!

: Why did you lie about those five minutes?
: I guess you could say, I just wanted people to look at the results.
: The... results?
: How many times do I have to say this?
: I saw the chief prosecutor stab the victim before my very own eyes! Compared to that...
: A five minute "blank" means nothing!
: Then why didn't you just tell the truth?
: Don't make me laugh! We're dealing with the most untrustworthy of the vile lot known as prosecutors! Falsified evidence, arranged testimonies, erasing and manipulating evidence...
: When you fight monsters, you need to use every trick in the book!
: (This when the suspect is admitting she did it?)

: False testimony is the most despicable crime of all, Ms. Starr.
: Let's just get this over with.

: And, you found this shoe at the scene of the crime?
: I detained the chief prosecutor, and notified the Police Department... I wanted to make myself useful while I was waiting for the police to arrive.
: So, like an ill-trained pooch, you snuck off with a shoe!
: I was afraid someone would erase the chief prosecutor's crime.

: See this fashionable basket I have here...?
: It carries more than lunchboxes, gentlemen!
: (I'm happy for you and your lunchbox bag, really.)
: In any case, you removed valuable evidence from the scene of the crime.
: Now tell us what you did next.

: So, you brought it to the forensics department?
: If you're going to submit something as evidence in court, you need it approved. To do that, evidence must be analyzed...
: by a forensics expert.
: (And she got away with her little coup because she used to be a detective...)

: Makes sense. After all, a man was stabbed here.

: As I said, there were two types of blood found on the shoe.

: You can't say for sure the blood belonged to the victim with a blood test!
: You claim to know something about blood tests, Rookie?
: Huh...
: Well, speak up!
: Uh, well... Blood comes in four types... A, B, O, and AB... However!
: You can't tell from a blood test whether a murder was performed... in cold blood!
: ...
: ...
: ... That's just a figure of speech, Mr. Wright.
: Actually, if you combine all the various blood tests, there are millions of types! It's practically impossible to narrow a blood sample down to one person!
: Or so I hear.
: M-millions of types?

: But they said there's very little doubt it could be anyone's but Ms. Lana Skye's.
: Hmm...
: So the suspect's blood was found on the victim's shoe...
: That ties her directly to the death of Detective Goodman!
: (I was afraid he was going to say that...)

: (I can't let this evidence go through without a fight!)

: ...!
: Some like it hot, Mr. Wright. Some, like your client. She's in enough hot water to make a whole batch of soup.

: A problem...?

: (No... there's nothing there. And if I just stab blindly at it, I'll hurt my case.)
: C'mon, Mr. Wright, I know you can find something!
: Some kind of off-the-cuff contradiction!
: I'm trying to avoid saying things off-the-cuff today.

And loop.

: (That's pretty sly, hiding evidence like that!)
: There's nothing sly about a lawyer using the law as a weapon!
: In any case, science is always on our side!
: Don't forget!
: Scientific investivation is the wave of the future!
: (Hmm... maybe I should "investigate" this evidence a little more closely...)


: If I'm not imagining things...

: That gleam in your eyes...
: You're still young, Rookie.

: Let's hear what Mr. Wright has to say!
: What is contradictory about the victim's shoe?

: Don't mess with me, Rookie...

: Hmm... Indeed, there is quite a bit of blood on the bottom of the shoe.
: It makes sense. The victim was stabbed with a knife!

: The problem lies...
: in the footprint.
: The... footprint?

: Then... isn't it strange?

: Why weren't any bloody footprints found by the scene of the crime!?
: Ah hah!

: If there were bloody prints they would have been found.

: Order! Order! Order!
: Well, witness!?
: What!? Huh? I, uh...
: Great going, Mr. Wright!
: But... It's true that the lack of a footprint is a contradiction...
: But then we have to ask why there wasn't a footprint!
: Oh!
: That's true! There has to be a reason why there wasn't a footprint!
: Think, Mr. Wright, think!
: ... Hey, I don't know why it's not there. I'm just good at finding contradictions.
: What!?

: I see...
: Now I get it!
: (Get what!?)
: Our witness is more devious than I gave her credit for!
: We were hoodwinked to the very end!

: Wh-what are you talking about?
: Think back to when she told us about apprehending the suspect...

: She knocked my hands aside, kiced over an oil drum... Oh, she's beautiful, but deadly! A predator, this one! A leopard woman! Rowr!

: (No kidding!)
: Now, witness. Allow me to ask a very simple question. This "oil drum"...
: was it empty?
: ...
: Oh, that, hmm? I'm not sure I like your attitude, Mr. Edgeworth.
: Though apparently you're not the slowest conveyor belt in the lunchbox factory.
: Witness! W-well?
: Was the oil drum empty...?
: The oil drum kicked over by the chief prosecutor...
: was brimming with water.
: W-water? (What does that mean?)
: Still don't get it, Mr. Wright? Do you want to know the reason she knocked it over?
: The REAL reason?
: Aaaa haaaaah! You don't mean...!
: Yes, the suspect knocked over that oil drum for one reason and one reason alone!

: That ties things up quite nicely!

: Then, after the deed was done, she knocked over the oil drum to erase the telltale signs!
: Why, that's a prosecutor's specialty...
: erasing evidence!
: (That reminds me... Ms. Skye's right hand was hurt...)

: Well...
: I see no reason to prolong this trial.
: M-Mr. Wright! Do something! Please!
: W-what!? What can I do? Your sister has confessed to the crime, and she tried to conceal it!
: B-but...

: Enough.
: There is no need for further debate.
: The verdict, Your Honor!
: Very well...
: But Angel Starr is on the prosecution's side! She could have been lying about the water!

: This court finds the defendant, Ms. Lana Skye...

: Huh...? M-me?
: Did you say that I, Angel Starr...
: was on the prosecution's side?
: W-well, yeah, you are! You're saying my sister hid evidence by erasing the bloody footprints!
: Well.

: I thought you'd had your fill, but here you are, demanding a second helping!

: W-wait... Witness, don't tell me
: you have something else?

: You've reached your verdict, Your Honor!
: Any further comments will be held in contempt of court!
: Your threats don't scare the Cough-up Queen!

: that the white shoe didn't belong to the victim!
: Hmm...
: I see no room for error in this evidence.

: Hey! It's clearly wet!

: Erasing the last trace of doubt from the court's mind.
: Immediately after the murder, the crime scene was washed with water!
: I-I'm sorry, Mr. Wright. I guess I...
: I couldn't help after all.
: (It's not your fault... I knew I couldn't win this case from the beginning.)
: (And... it seems this is what your sister wanted anyway!)

: (I'm sorry, Mia...) ...

Don't be so quick to throw in the towel...

Don't give up... Not until the bitter end.
: (This is the last piece of evidence...)

: Very well! This time I'd like to declare a verdict for good!

: What is it with you people!? Can't I hand down my verdicts in peace anymore!?
: Whatever it is, can it wait?
: N-no it can't. Then it will be too late!

: So, Wright...
: Are you saying there's a problem with this latest piece of evidence?
: Yeah! (I'll think later!)
: Yeah, there's a problem! (Right or wrong, I've got to go ahead with this!)

: I suppose since we've come this far, we should give every claim a fair shake.
: Very well, Mr. Wright.

: The problem in this photograph... is here!

: There's something poking out of the car's muffler!
: Wait just a moment, Mr. Edgeworth!
: Your Honor?
: You just said
: "muffler"...

: ...
: A muffler is also a part on a car or motorcycle, Your Honor.
: Just think of it as... part of the exhaust system. A pipe...
: I see! And... I see!

: Hmph! So what if there is something sticking out of the muffler! What does that have to do with this case?

: Nothing! Absolutely nothing!

: Sorry, Ms. Starr... But it's not going to be that easy! In fact, you've already told us why this is important to the case...
: You said as much in your testimony!!!

: Wh-what!?

: Let's hear what Mr. Wright has on his mind!

: Ms. Starr!
: Recall your testimony for the court...

: That's what had me confused in my earlier testimony!

: Could it be that the "muffler" you heard mentioned...

: If so!

: Well... It seems we will have to suspend the proceedings.
: Sus... Suspend!?
: I find myself wondering
: about that piece of cloth. If we leave any question unanswered here we do a disservice to the law!
: Have the car at the crime scene inspected at once, and bring me that cloth! The verdict will wait until after we've seen all the evidence.
: Agreed...?
: ...
: I suppose so.
: (Whew... that was close. But... we made it...)
: (at least for now!)

: The court will adjourn for a thirty minute recess!
: It's lunchtime after all!
: (He's still hungry!?)

Next time: Recess.