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Part 73: Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes - Trial (Day 2) - Part 7

Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes
Trial (Day 2) - Part 7

: Excuse me... "special"?
: Mmhmm. Hard to come by this particular knife anywhere else.

: Now why was there another knife at the scene of the crime?
: That's quite a mystery!
: And like a mystery, it's wrapped in something... a muffler!

: I think that makes it connected to the case, don't you!?
: See, there's a lot of things that go on at the Department I can't explain...
: It's... delicate, okay? Sorry, Wrighto!

: Let's examine that knife while we can, Wrighto!
: (Hmmm... evidence that links this knife to Detective Goodman...)
: (I think perhaps the pieces are falling into place...)
: (I should try presenting the piece of evidence that's had me stumped all this time!)
: So, how were things down at the Department...?

: Something didn't happen at the Police Department too, did it...?
: You got a good look in your eyes, there, Wrighto my boy. Sharp! Hungry!
: Chief... did something happen?
: And why haven't I heard?
: Why haven't you heard?
: Or why didn't you ask?
: ...!
: No matter, I understand. You were busy, what with Lana's case and all.

: Well, what happened!?
: What happened at the Police Department that day?

: On the same day that a detective was killed in the Prosecutor's parking lot...
: Another detective... was killed at the Police Department!?
: That's a fact. Surprising, isn't it, Udgey?
: I'm at a loss for words.
: And the perpetrator? Do you have a suspect?
: Well, there was a suspect.
: Just arrested 'em, in fact.
: (Just arrested! That was quick...)
: But... there's still a lot of unanswered questions.
: Maybe you could help, Wright!
: I suppose I could help... if you help me by giving me data on your case?

: So, tell me...
: where was the victim found?
: ...
: Well, I can't speak on where the corpse was found.
: But I can say the crime took place in the evidence room at the Police Department.
: (The evidence room!?)
: You wouldn't know about the evidence room, would you, Wrighto?
: I can't say I've heard of it.
: (I guess I should ask again once I learn a bit more about this "evidence room.")
: There's something stranger about this then the place where the body was found!

: Well, how was the detective killed?
: How was he killed? Now that's the interesting part!
: It was what we in the force call a "stabbing." With a knife!
: A kn-knife...?
: That's exactly the same as Detective Goodman!
: That's the spirit! We're cooking now!
: But you know...
: That's not the only thing that was exactly the same...
: Wh-what do you mean!?
: There were more similarities between the two cases than the cause of death!
: (IT seems like I'm going to have to press this a bit harder...)

: So... when did the murder at the Police Department occur?
: Now that's a sharp question, Wrighto! Very sharp!
: Well, my boy... You're gonna love this!

And they all converge on the next bit.

: Five... 5:15...!?
: B-but that's...
: That's when Detective Goodman was killed in the Prosecutor's Office!
: What!?
: Funny, isn't it? A murder at the Prosecutor's place, and a murder at our place at the very same time!
: What are the chances!

: (Coincidence!?)
: This is just my gut feeling...
: but I'd say there's a 0.001% chance of that happening!

: Chief Gant, please tell us more about the incident!

: How can you say there's no connection!?
: How? Because I'm the Chief of Police!
: I can't just say anything I please, Wrighto. You understand!

: Try to understand, Wrighto.
: Well, if you can prove there is a connection, more power to you.
: Maybe there is something that ties the two murders together?
: (Whatever it is, I'd better find it and get to the bottom of this! Two detectives were killed at 5:15... One at the Prosecutor's Office...)
: (And one at the Police Department... that can't be a coincidence!)

: (I'd better check this knife out...)

And loop. You probably know the answer.

: Wait a second!
: Ah, at last! An honest to goodness "objection"!

: What do you mean!?
: Ah hah! An honest-to-goodness what do you mean from the judge! This is great!
: Look at the tag on this knife!
: It reads "SL-9 2"...
: And this is important... why?

: 6 minus 7S... 12/2...?

: Your Honor...
: It's upside-down.
: Upside...?

: When he wrote this note, he was holding the paper upside down!

: Order! Order!
: Well, Chief?
: ...
: Ah well. I guess the cat's out of the bag...
: You win, Wrighto!
: I... win?
: Ah... (What game is this guy playing!?)

: Yes, but on the day of the murder.
: It was evidence, you say.
: Was it, in fact, a murder weapon?
: Nice! Nice! Nice! Good show, little Worthy! It was a murder weapon, as it happens.
: It was evidence from a case long-since solved...
: (So this knife was stolen on the day of the murder...)

: Hard to think there isn't a connection there!

And now that we know that, we can go back to...

: So, tell me...
: where was the victim found?
: ...
: Well, I can't speak on where the corpse was found.
: But I can say the crime took place in the evidence room at the Police Department.
: (The evidence room!? W-wait a second...)

: (I have heard of that!)
: The evidence room...
: Didn't he mention that in his testimony just now?

: (There's the connection between the two cases!)
: You seem happy, Mr. Wright!
: Happy? We just got handed our ticket to go to town on this case!
: (With the link between the two cases established, we finally have some leverage.)
: (Now we can get Gant to testify about the details!)

: Chief... The defense's positing is simply this:
: The connection between these two cases has already been proven!
: Heh, you don't say?
: Well, out with it Wrighto! What's your connection?
: Yes, out with it, Mr. Wright.

: The connection is a place, mentioned in the testimony we just heard.

: from the Police Department's evidence room.

: And we also know that the detective murdered at the Police Department...
: was killed in that very same evidence room!

: Indeed...
: There do seem to be too many connections for it to be a coincidence.

: You two make a good pair. It took my men two days to find out
: what you deduced right here.

: Chief!
: I request that you release your information on the victim at the Police Department!
: See, that's the tricky part.
: It hasn't been announced yet, and all...
: Can we get the information...
: unofficially?

: Hmmmmm...
: Sure! Why not? It's unofficial, after all.
: (What? Really!?)
: Who would have guessed?

Next time: Truth...???