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Part 84: Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes - Trial (Day 3) - Part 4

Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes
Trial (Day 3) - Part 4

: At 5:15 PM on the day of the crime, the man Officer Meekins encountered

: There are two grounds to support this.

: Am I correct so far, Mr. Wright?
: Yes... (What is he up to?)
: That being the case, we must inevitably arrive at a single conclusion:

: then the murder in the evidence room is also fake! In other words, the security camera
: does not show the instant of the murder.
: Uh... Th-that is...
: Well, I guess that's right...
: Is something wrong, Mr. Wright?
: Only moments ago you seemed content to be pointing your finger around.
: This isn't good...

: Well, well...
: It seems you've finally realized...
: exactly what you've gone to such lengths to prove!
: Explain yourself, Mr. Edgeworth!
: The defense has already done the explaining for me.

: at the Police Department at 5:15 on the day of the crime.
: So...

: So the real crime could only take place at one location: the underground parking lot

: The evidence is compelling!

: (I knew that testimony was way too shabby.)

: The activity in the evidence room still leaves many questions unanswered:

: And where did this person disappear to...? However...
: This trial's purpose is to examine only the murder of Detective Goodman.

: Just so, Your Honor.
: Mr. Wright! You have to do something, or else Lana...

: (I'd better pace myself. If I rush ahead,)

: But Mr. Wright! If you don't do anything...

: It seems the defense is out of ammunition.
: The surrender flag has been raised.
: Your Honor, may we have your ruling now?
: Don't give up, Mr. Wright! Get up and fight!
: !

Which drops us where the other option begins.

: One moment, Your Honor!
: What now, Mr. Wright?
: Don't tell me you're objecting to what you've just proven.

: Of course not.
: But I almost walked right into the prosecution's trap!
: What are you talking about?
: This cross-examination has proven one thing and one thing only.

: However! It cannot be said that it is unrelated to the murder in the parking lot.

: ...
: The defense demands further examination into the truth of the matter!
: ...
: Mr. Edgeworth.
: Yes, Your Honor?
: If this court were to examine this further, other witnesses will be necessary.
: Is the prosecution prepared?
: I'm sorry, Your Honor... The prosecution considered the incident at the Police Department to be unrelated.
: We have not prepared any other witnesses for this incident.

: Mr. Wright...
: Do you mean...
: Your Honor. The defense would like to request a specific witness.
: Oh?
: Whom do you have in mind?
: Someone we have reason to believe knows the truth...
: The truth behind the activities that took place in the evidence room.
: The prosecution requests to hear this person's name
: before deciding whether or not to comply.

: Very well, then. Mr. Wright! This person whom you would have testify...

: Why him?
: (I can't let him know everything just yet...)
: He's in charge of the evidence room. I feel we should hear what he has to say.
: The prosecution agrees to the defense's request.
: Since he was responsible for guarding the room, we should hear his testimony. Fortunately, he works in the Police Department.
: We shouldn't need longer than 20 minutes to prepare.

: Very well. The court will take a 30 minute recess while the witness is subpoenaed.
: Will the prosecution please prepare the witness during this time?
: We will, Your Honor.
: Court in recess!

: ... There's no stopping you is there, Mr. Wright?
: Huh? What do you mean?
: You called for Jake Marshall.
: It seems you've figured everything out.
: Uh... (I haven't figured anything out...)
: Lana...
: You're the one who knows everything!
: Ema...
: You always know everything!
: Why don't you just tell us!?
: Mr. Wright is trying his hardest to protect you!
: I...
: I don't recall ever asking for his "protection."
: How can you be so cold... Don't you trust us? Don't you trust... me?
: ...
: Hope I'm not interrupting anything, pals.
: ...
: ...
: Oh...
: Guess I am.
: I'll come back later.

He fades away briefly.

: Oh, Detective Gumshoe! What is it?

And fades back.

: You've got a lot of nerve, pal! Making a detective run all around while on duty,
: and to top it off you call me here... I've seen happier people at funerals!
: Sorry, Detective.
: You better be, pal...
: Hey...
: Hey!
: Hey!!
: Hey!!!
: Hey!!!!
: I didn't see you there, Ms. Skye!
: That's ok. So...
: Have you brought what I asked?
: Oh...
: Oh ho!
: Oh ho ho!
: Oh ho ho ho!
: Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho!

: My apologies, Detective. Due to my present circumstances,
: I was forced to use Mr. Wright's name when making my request.
: My name!?

: Never in a million years would I have thought it was you who asked me,

: "I'll need them by noon."
: Talk about crazy...
: The "SL-9 Incident"?

: I thought Mr. Wright might need them, so I had them brought here.
: Here. You might do well to read them.
: I can't believe you, the Chief Prosecutor, were a witness in that case!
: Ms. Skye... was a witness?

And we get the file in our evidence.

: Take it from me, you don't want anything to do with serial murders.
: ...
: Oh, what? Now that I've brought you your stuff, you're just gonna ignore me?
: E-Ema! But why... Why is your name in here?
: What? My name's in there!?
: I don't know...
: Unless... No, it couldn't be... Lana! This "SL-9 Incident"... Is that...
: ... That's the classification number the police filed it under. Two years ago, the rest of the world knew it as...
: the "Joe Darke Killings."

: The... Joe Darke... No... No, Lana! That's over with!
: No!!!
: Ema, wait! (She ran away...)
: Uh, ya know what?
: I just remembered... I gotta be somewhere.
: Sorry pal, but I'm outta here!

He also leaves.

: (Not to mention Lana and Ema...) Everyone involved in this case is connected to those killings two years ago... This can't be just a "coincidence."
: Knowing you, you just might be able to figure it out.
: Time to get back to the trial, Mr. Wright. Best of luck.
: (I'd better take a good look at this file...)

Next time: Jake Marshall.