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Part 86: Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes - Trial (Day 3) - Part 6

Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes
Trial (Day 3) - Part 6

: Well, Mr. Wright. If you can show us evidence in this video that indicates

: (I might be walking right into Officer Marshall's trap.)
: (I'd better try and find out a little more information.)
: It seems we should be moving back to the testimony.

: Very well. Officer Marshall, can you please give your testimony again?

And that would loop us. Clearly the wrong answer.

: Very well.
: Allow me to point out your mistake, Officer Marshall!
: Tread carefully, Mr. Wright,
: or you might wind up being the one making the mistake.

: Now then, let's have another look at the video. Show us this incriminating evidence of the witness...
: Officer Jake Marshall!

: Bringing our attention back to the security camera...
: is a mistake I'm afraid you'll soon not forget, Officer Marshall.
: ...
: The days are short in Texas... and so are our tempers. Could you sum up what you have to say in eight words or less?

: Very well.

: You can clearly be seen in this video!
: Exactly eight words...
: Not bad, pardner.
: The key...
: lies in a certain locker shown in the video.

: Now then, let's rewind the video a bit.

: What's the meaning of this, Officer Marshall!?
: When the crime took place... The white cloth wasn't there.
: Then... it suddenly appeared! There's only one explanation:

: Officer Marshall! You were in the evidence room at the time of the crime!
: What's more, you opened your locker when the camera was turned away!

: Order! Order!
: It would seem that's the only-
: Hold your horses! Sorry, pardner...
: but you got the wrong man.
: ...
: So what if my locker was opened?
: That doesn't mean I'm the one who opened it!
: ...
: The murderer needed to hide something, so he opened a locker and stuck it in.
: It's not my fault he happened to choose mine!
: ...
: ...
: Why's everyone staring at me like I'm a wanted man?

: (He really doesn't know!)

: but you're the only person who can open that particular locker.
: Oh yeah? I call your bluff.

: We talked about this earlier today.

: W-what kinda crazy talk is this!?
: (Well, Detective Gumshoe did mention something about this...)

: There's even some people in the force that don't know about the fingerprint locks!

: So, sheriff!

: I only got one word for you, pardner.

: Order! Order! Order!
: Witness! Explain yourself!
: If this is a joke, it's the worst I've ever heard...
: I assure you this is no joke, Officer Marshall.
: Now then, please tell us what you were doing in the evidence room at the time of the crime?
: ...
: Olé! Please answer the question!
: (What is he now, a bullfighter?)
: That's alright, Officer Marshall.
: I believe we can figure othe rest out from here.
: We can?

: If that's so, then...
: where was the witness?
: It seems Mr. Wright has an answer.
: (That's right. The only possible conclusion!)

: Well then? Let's hear it.

: Officer Marshall was standing right here!
: There? But that's...

: Correct... unless the man wasn't Detective Goodman.

: I believe the "victim" in the video is... Officer Marshall!

: But that's preposterous! Officer Meekins witnessed the detective at the crime scene!
: Once he saw the man's face, he'd know for sure!

: May I point out though, that Officer Meekins did not know Detective Goodman.
: He also testified about the man's reaction when confronted.

: Yes? And how did Detective Goodman respond?
: He suddenly pulled a knife on me!

: If the man had his ID card, why didn't he just show it?
: Yes, he would have needed it to enter the evidence room, so he must have been carrying it.
: The answer is simple.
: He couldn't show it.
: !

: Oh, I get it.
: If he showed that, his cover would have been blown!
: Officer Meekins would have realized the man wasn't Detective Goodman.
: Do you have anything to say to this, Officer Marshall?
: ...

: You've got quite an imagination, pardner.
: We got a term for that. It's called "circumstantial evidence."
: Circumstantial evidence...? (He's still denying it!)
: You're gonna have to do better than that to break a detective.
: Unless you have hard evidence proving I dressed up as the victim...
: Hmm...
: I can't say I particularly care for your uncooperative disposition...
: I can't say I care for your beard, but you don't see me complainin'.
: Well, Mr. Wright? Do you have any evidence? Any evidence proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that Officer Marshall dressed up as the victim?
: Well...
: (Who am I kidding? I don't have anything like that...)
: I can see the fear in your eyes, pardner.
: Seems you're the one who couldn't take the desert heat!
: Ack! (This can't be happening!)
: (It's so obvious he's the one! What can I do...?)
: ...

: Hmph.
: It looks like your lack of experience has finally been exposed.
: !
: I'll pass onto you what someone told me when I was just starting out. When you've run into a wall with no place to go, return to the basics.
: The basics... (For me, that would be what Mia used to tell me!)

: (I shouldn't look for proof that Officer Marshall was in disguise...)

: What do you mean?
: There's no reason for Officer Marshall to open his locker at the time of the crime.
: Yet he did, despite the chance it might be discovered later as it has been.
: (Which means he didn't originally plan to open his locker...!)
: According to the defense's argument,

: Then, after the crime was "committed,"

: The fact that a white "cloth" is sticking out of the locker seems to indicate that
: he opened it in order to put the cloth inside.
: So...
: just what exactly is this piece of cloth?
: Perhaps...

: (I don't have any evidence, so this video's my only shot!)
: ...

: Very well.
: Let's take yet another look at the security tape. After committing the crime, the witness opened the locker to put away the white cloth.
: Please show us why the witness had to open his locker!

: For some reason, you disguised yourself as Detective Goodman,
: and entered the evidence room. I don't know what that reason was... yet.
: "Yet"?
: However, something unexpected happened.

: When asked to show your ID card, you pulled a knife on him. However!

: and the white coat you were wearing was soiled with blood!
: A bloody white coat...
: You couldn't just walk out like that,
: so you hid the coat in your locker.
: ...
: Not bad, huh "pardner"?

: Now then, Officer Marshall.
: Are you ready to tell us the truth?
: Looks like I underestimated y'all.
: I hope you're happy now, Mr. Edgeworth.
: ...
: Two years ago... If you were only half as persistent then as you are today,
: we all wouldn't have to be here, now would we?

: Officer Marshall!
: Tell the court what you did... all of it.
: Alright.
: It seems the time has come.

: So the supposed "victim" was really you...
: But there's one thing I still don't understand. Large quantities of blood traces were found on the floor of the evidence room.
: If no one was murdered, then how could that be?
: Officer Meekins managed to cut his own hand.
: My guess is he's the donor.
: (It looked like too much blood for that...)

Next time: Cross-examination.