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Part 90: Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes - Investigation (Day 3) - Part 2

Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes
Investigation (Day 3) - Part 2

Time to question Jake Marshall.

: Something was fishy about that trial from the beginning. It wasn't just me either. All the detectives thought so.
: What do you mean, "fishy"?
: Some of the facts reported were inconsistent with the evidence we found. For example... the murder weapon.

: That was Joe Darke's, all right.
: But... in the initial autopsy report, a question was raised.
: A question...?
: The blade of the knife was not a perfect match with the wound the victim sustained.
: What does that mean?
: It means there is a good chance that knife was not the murder weapon.
: ...!
: However, in the report that was finally submitted, that possibility had been erased.
: (Could the facts have been concealed with forged evidence...?)
: That case left behind scars on all of us.
: The "scars" that the SL-9 Incident left behind...

: I had just made detective when it went down.
: It was our first case together...
: How old was he... your brother?
: He was 27 at the time.
: He was awarded the highest honor that very day.
: The... "highest honor"? You don't mean...

: (Not that again...)
: What are you looking at me like that for? That's an honor for a prosecutor!
: (Mr. Marshall must have really been close with his brother.)
: The day the SL-9 Incident took place,
: that wasn't the same day as...
: That's right. It was the day of the evidence transferal.
: ...! Interesting...
: It was drizzling that morning, and by nightfall there was thunder. I can't believe two years have gone by already.
: I tried to steal the evidence so the case wouldn't die.
: (Apparently someone tried to stop you. Detective Goodman was murdered... and the evidence locker was empty.)

: There was something going on behind the scenes in that case. We all knew that later. Every detective involved in that investigation, save one, was... taken care of.

: What about Detective Goodman?
: If they did something to him too, the commissioners would get suspicious.
: No, they were careful enough not to be too obvious.
: "They"...?
: Who are you talking about!?
: Don't get upset, Bambina.
: I mean Damon Gant... and Lana Skye.

: Chief Detective Damon Gant and his second-in-command, Lana Skye...

: That case was the biggest step in both of their careers.
: After the case ended, Lana transferred to the Prosecutor's Office, right?
: Yeah. Damon Gant, the new Chief of Police, arranged for that to happen.
: She's never been the same since she left.
: ?
: Everyone who knew her said so.
: "Chief Prosecutor Skye was totally different when she was a detective."
: (Now that he mentions it, Ema said something like that too...)
: Tell me... what happened to my sister!
: Sorry, Bambina, but her secret is too well guarded.
: I never found out.
: (Lana's "secret"... It all started two years ago.)

: So there you have it.
: That's my story. Did you enjoy it, pardner?
: It was certainly... enlightening.
: There's one thing for sure I found out in court today.
: That boy Edgeworth isn't my enemy.

: but someone else was the one who gave him that evidence and planned everything.

: Don't believe me? Well I don't blame you. I won't even be a patrolman after today.

: Too bad I won't be around to work with you...

: Adios Bambina!

He leaves. Time to head back inside.

: This place is always pretty empty, but today it's deserted.
: That must mean everyone's busy solving crimes.

: Uh... thanks. (Wow, he actually talked to us!)
: With the Chief Prosecutor saying what she did and the decision about what to do about Mr. Edgeworth, not to mention our statement to the media and tomorrow's trial... there's more chaos going on than Thanksgiving and Christmas put together!
: (I think "festive" is the word usually used for those...)
: Um, sir? We'd like to have a look around Chief Gant's office.
: Just head across the hall to the other building and take the elevator to the top floor.
: Really? You mean, it's okay for us to go in there?
: I mean, we aren't police officers or anything.
: Hey, you're right! You can't go in there! It's off limits!
: (Now I see where Detective Gumshoe gets his unique charm...)
: Well, what are we wating for? Let's head to the Chief's office!


: In the Chief's office, silly! At least, that's what it said on the door.
: Check out that pipe organ. That's real, isn't it?
: Hey, I used to take organ lessons in kindergarten!
: They used to call me "Little Miss Bach." I thought I was a genius until they tried teaching me notes.
: I never could remember where C was...

: Chief Gant!

: So, Mr. Wright. Have you been swimming lately?
: Uh... no, I haven't. I've been kind of busy lately.
: I can appreciate that. I've had my hands full too, with Mr. Marshall's misconduct and Lana's provocative statement.
: "Provocative statement"... oh, you mean about the forged evidence.
: Two years have passed since that incident.
: My, how time flies!

: (So this is Mr. Marshall's brother... Prosecutor Neil Marshall...)
: We took it to commemorate our work together.
: ... (Something's not right with this picture. I can't seem to put my finger on it though...)

: Anyway, I'd like to reminisce all day, but there are matters that need my attention.
: I'm going to lock up here, so let's go out together.
: Oh... But this office...
: it was a crime scene two years ago, wasn't it?
: That case has long since been over. There's no need to investigate it any more.
: All the same, we'd still like to have a look around.
: Perhaps you didn't hear me.
: I said there's no need to investigate it any more.
: ...!
: Now hurry up and get out. I have a meeting to attend.

We are automatically deposited outside.

: It seems that case isn't over with yet, after all.
: What do you mean?
: Chief Gant denied our request to search the "crime scene." That means there must be a reason he doesn't want us looking around in there.
: You mean like, a clue!?
: (There's got to be a way we can get inside the Chief's office...)

From here, we have to head back into the police department.

: Hey, pal!
: Detective Gumshoe! Were you in a meeting?
: I was uh... just taking a breather. My feet hurt.
: From sitting so long in the meeting?
: Actually...
: I had to serve everyone coffee.
: (Sounds like Detective Gumshoe's still out of the loop...)
: Say, have either of you seen Mr. Edgeworth?
: Edgeworth? No. Why do you ask?
: He's under fire from both the Police Department and the Prosecutor's Office.
: It's almost like the battles between you two in court!
: That sounds serious...
: Is it because of what my sister said?
: That's basically what it all boils down to.
: That falsified evidence two years ago. Now Mr. Edgeworth has the whole world after his blood!
: Yikes...

We should ask about that.

: But why would Edgeworth be blamed? It's not like he knew the evidence was forged! Lana Skye is the guilty party here, isn't she?
: ...
: Regardless, the prosecutor is responsible for the evidence he presents in court.
: Not only that,

: Those who don't like him haven't been able to do anything because of his amazing talent as a prosecutor. But now with this...
: Are there really so many people who hate him?
: In our world, only those with talent rise to the top. Mr. Edgeworth not only had that,
: but he's young. There's no better recipe I know of for making enemies.
: Hey, Dick! Keep up the good work!
: Yes sir!
: Let's go out for lunch again sometime, my treat!
: Yes sir!
: You gotta take me back to that joint sometime, okay Dick?
: Yes sir!
: It seems you don't have any problem with enemies.
: Yeah, well... I'm careful not to stick out. Anyway, I'm a bit worried about him.
: Under all this pressure,
: I'm afraid Mr. Edgeworth just might crack.

: (He seems genuinely concerned for Edgeworth...) Well? Did you find out anything?
: The only evidence Darke left behind was during the final attack.
: His final attack? You mean...
: When he killed Prosecutor Marshall, who was trying to protect some girl.

: Me...
: (It seems Detective Gumshoe never realized Ema was the girl...)
: That's when he left the most incriminating evidence of all.
: Well? What was it?
: Oh, um, let's see... I think it had something to do with the murder weapon... ...

: (His powers of recollection never fail to impress.)
: Maybe we should show him the murder weapon.
: It might jog his memory!

But not yet.

: Joe Darke was 42 at the time of the crime. He was just your run-of-the-mill businessman.
: A businessman? What made him take to serial killing?
: One day on his way home from work, he hit someone with his car.
: With his car?
: So... it was an accident?
: An accident, yes. But it transformed him into an animal!
: An animal...

: A kid walked by just then, so he killed him too. Then, when he was burying the bodies, a jogger came upon the scene and was killed as well! Finally he turned himself in.
: Seems he was a pretty careless animal.
: Of course, this is all conjecture.
: There wasn't a single shred of evidence.
: So, he turned himself in...
: Yes, but in the middle of his questioning, he fled and murdered his final victim...

: That crime was witnessed by someone too, but fortunately he was arrested on the spot.
: It's a good thing that last witness wasn't killed.

: (That last "witness"... He must mean Ema...)

Now we present the broken knife.

: Hey! Don't tell me that's...
: It has a tag attached to it, with the label "SL-9 Incident" on it. I believe this would be the broken "murder weapon" you were speaking of?
: What are you doing with that!?
: Ever since that case was closed, that knife's been locked away in a locker.
: On the day Detective Goodman was murdered, this suddenly disappeared from the locker,

: ...
: That's it!
: Now I remember what that incriminating piece of evidence was!
: When you showed me that knife, it all came back to me!
: Well, what is it, Detective? Quick! Before you forget again!

: This knife... it was Joe Darke's, wasn't it?
: That's right.
: We traced it back to the store he bought it at, and it had his fingerprints on it too.
: But no one actually witnessed him using it to murder anyone, right?
: That's where his luck ran out.
: When you take a good look at the knife...
: you'll see it's broken!
: You don't have to take a good look to notice that.
: ...
: Yeah, well anyway!
: Take a guess where the broken-off tip of the knife was found.
: That's what did him in!
: Where was it?
: The victim, Neil Marshall was carrying it...
: inside his own body!
: !
: It was found deep inside the sab wound.

: You bet. Down to the last fiber.
: That's pretty... conclusive.

The knife gets updated with this info, plus a document from Gumshoe.

: Well, there you have it in a nutshell.
: That's all I know.
: Can I ask you one more thing?
: What is it? If it's money you need, you should ask Chief Gant.
: It's not money, but it does concern the Chief. His office is a "crime scene," right? It's where Prosecutor Neil Marshall was murdered...
: The Chief's out now, and his office is locked.
: but we'd like to have a look around if that's okay.
: ...
: Well, any Detective's ID card can unlock the door.
: What? Really?
: But if I let a civilian in there,
: I'd be charged with breach of trust.
: Breach of trust...?
: Simply put, I'd be canned.
: Oh...
: Sorry, pal.
: I don't plan on getting fired
: because of you.

: That won't work either. The data was deleted the day he died.
: Oh.
: (So in other words, Gumshoe is our only chance of getting into that office.)
: I wonder if there's something we could show him that would make him change his mind...

Next time: Maybe Edgeworth knows.