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Part 94: Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes - Trial (Day 4) - Part 1

Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes
Trial (Day 4) - Part 1

: (This is the Defendant Lobby all right... but there's no defendant. I've been trying to reach Lana all morning. Where could she be? And where's Ema, for that matter? It almost seems as if...)
: Something's been happening behind the scenes...

: Knowing you, you've already figured it out...

: Well... I have a pretty strong hunch.

: (Looks like I'm not the only one who's figured it out.)
: You know, the only reason this trial didn't reach a verdict yesterday... is because there was still room for doubt on this ID record.
: If that number does belong to whom you suspect, then no doubt will remain. After all, he hasn't been officially charged with anything.
: True... Not yet.
: In any event, once all doubt has been removed from that list, I can call for a ruling
: on the defendant. Five minutes after the trial starts... Lana will be found guilty.
: But she didn't do it!
: I figured you'd say as much.
: That's why I came here... to hear what you have to say.
: (This is the first itme he's ever done something like this...) Lana's hiding something, and the only way we'll ever know the truth... is to draw it out of her.
: The "truth"?
: Everything goes back to the SL-9 Incident.
: Don't be stupid! Today's the last day of the trial.
: We don't have time to reminisce about the past!
: That depends on you.
: ...!
: If she's found guilty, you'll lose your only chance to find out what really happened.
: ...
: I'll think about it. See you in court, Wright.

He leaves.

: (This is it. If I'm ever going to find out what Chief Gant has on her, it's now!)

: Court is now in session for the trial of Ms. Lana Skye.
: The defense is ready, Your Honor.
: The prosecution is ready, Your Honor.
: Normally this is when the prosecution puts forth its opening statement,
: ?
: but before that, the police chief has a proposal to make.
: (Chief Gant...!)
: Mornin' folks. How's everyone doing? Hey, Udgey. Been back to the pool yet?
: No, I've been drowning enough as it is in my work.
: Ho! That's a good one! Don't think I can top that!
: If you don't mind me asking, Chief,
: exactly what is this "proposal" of yours?

: Lana... that is to say, the defendant,
: has asked me if she could speak directly to the court.
: (She wants to do what!?)
: Having heard what she intends to say, I feel she should be granted her request.
: In the end, it should save everyone a lot of time and trouble.

: What's this all about, defendant?
: I'd just like to make one simple request, and I'll be finished.
: Well then? What's your request?
: Your Honor, I'd like you to put an immediate end to this trial.
: Huh!?
: I confess to all charges against me. On February 21 of this year, I murdered Detective Bruce Goodman...

: You can't!
: Your Honor. The defendant's claim does not change the defense's plea!
: In that case, Mr. Wright,
: I no longer require your services.
: But Lana!
: Your Honor. I hereby forfeit my right to an attorney. The prosecution may lack direct evidence against me,
: but it has sufficiently proven its case through testimony and circumstantial evidence. I would like you to render your verdict now, if you please.
: Hmm...
: Well, the defendant certainly has the right to self representation...
: Her request is legally valid, although this is an unprecedented situation.

: Indeed, it appears there's no further need to continue this trial...
: even if Mr. Wright may feel otherwise.
: (This can't be happening!)
: It appears the time for the verdict has arrived. The court finds the defendant...

: M-Mr. Edgeworth!?
: The prosecution has not yet proven the defendant guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

: Any ruling at this stage would certainly be premature.

: I understand this is a difficult time for you,
: but why don't you just be a good little boy and keep your mouth shut, hmm?

: Hmph.
: I don't think I care for your tone... Chief Gant.
: What?
: Creating another fabrication to cover up your past mistakes...
: Sorry, but I'm no longer the naive little "boy" you would have me be.
: ...
: With this sudden confession from the defendant...
: It's obvious to me some kind of deal was struck behind the scenes.
: Some kind of "deal," hm?
: Not everyone operates as you do... Worthy.
: ... Hmph.
: I thought so. Your Honor. The prosecution would like to change its first witness.
: Oh? To whom...?
: As its first witness, the prosecution would like to call...
: Ms. Ema Skye!
: I request the court hears her testimony!

: Mr. Edgeworth! I am exercising my right to self representation. I don't think we need to contin-
: I don't care what you think, Ms. Skye.
: ...!
: The exposure of truth sometimes results in tragedy... However!
: No matter how tragic the truth may be, it would be an even greater tragedy... to avert one's eyes from it.

: Very well. The court shall grant the prosecution's request.
: That's okay with you, right Chief Gant?
: Worthy...
: You'll live to regret this. Mark my words.
: Ms. Ema Skye. Please take the stand.
: (Looks like Edgeworth has decided to take the horse by the reins!)

: Now then, witness. Please state your name and occupation.
: Um... M-my name is Ema. Ema Skye.
: My occupation? I'm Lana's little sister, and I want to be a scientific investigator!
: Two years ago... you encountered the serial killer Joe Darke, of the "Joe Darke Killings." Is this correct?
: Yes.
: I'm trying my hardest to forget about that, though...
: I'm sorry,
: but I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to recall those events one more time.
: Mr. Edgeworth. Please remember this trial concerns the murder of Detective Goodman.
: Is an incident that was resolved two years ago really all that relevant?
: Yes. It most certainly is.
: ...
: ...
: W-well okay then!
: (He sure gives in fast...)
: Now...

: (The trip to yesteryear has finally begun...)

: It's a good thing you weren't harmed.
: I passed out...
: I don't remember much.

: That's understandable. However...
: please tell me, Mr. Edgeworth.
: What does this testimony have to do with Detective Goodman's murder?
: ...
: That will soon become apparent, Your Honor.
: (You've got to admire him for his courage, considering he has no evidence...)
: Very well! The defense may begin its cross examination.

: Two years ago, the defendant was a detective at the Police Department, correct?
: Yes. She was second in command under Chief Detective Gant.
: My sister...
: She was the best detective ever!

: Yes, I remember.
: Chief Detective Gant and Ms. Skye used to be quite the pair.
: I believe they shared the same office.
: That's right.
: I'd always sit at my sister's desk,

: I wanted to play it that day, too...
: The Police Department and the Prosecutor's Office held a ceremony that day.
: Lana promised to take me to dinner after she finished her work.

: A "man"...?
: Yes, Joe Darke.

: Joe Darke was brought in for questioning on the day of that ceremony.
: We were desperate to get anything on him that would lead to an arrest.
: When he saw his chance...
: he fled the room, right?
: Upon fleeing the room, Darke proceeded to take the elevator. He must have been in a panic
: because the elevator was going up.
: Then he ran into Skye and Gant's office.
: There was a lot of noise coming from outside, so I...
: opened up the door to have a look. That's when I saw...
: Him.

: What was the prosecutor doing there?
: That day, there were two people present during Darke's questioning: Detective Damon Gant, and Prosecutor Neil Marshall.
: (Gant was there too...?)
: Neil Marshall had just received the King of Prosecutors award.

: I assume that would also be why he was the first to run after Darke.
: When Darke grabbed me, I... I thought I was as good as dead.
: And thats when Prosecutor Marshall came running in?
: I... I don't clearly remember what happened then.
: But...

: Can you tell us about that?
: Mr. Marshall jumped on Darke. Just then...
: the lights went out.
: The lights?
: It was just about this time of year...
: There was a terrible storm going on, and lightning struck nearby.
: So the electricity went out?
: Wait a minute... If it was pitch dark in that room...
: you shouldn't have been able to see anything, right?
: Right, but just then lightning flashed again outside.
: That sudden flash left an unforgettable image of the scene in my mind...
: I see...
: I told the detective about what I saw then.
: The detective?

: So you spoke with Detective Goodman about this... two years ago.
: Yes.
: That's what's so scary about this trial.
: And you told Detective Goodman about what you saw?
: Yes, but...
: at the time, the words just wouldn't come out. That's why I drew a picture.
: (A picture... Yes, I think she mentioned that before.)

: This picture the witness drew...
: I believe it has a very important meaning.

: But the list of evidence I was given two years ago didn't contain a picture...

: Witness. Would you mind if we added this statement to your testimony?
: Y-yes, Your Honor.

: You drew a picture of the scene you witnessed, right?
: Yes. I wanted to do everything I could to help the investigation.
: I can still see it now... Whenever I close my eyes...

: yet I never received any picture.
: Perhaps the witness is mistaken?
: B-but I did draw it! I swear!
: I'm not just imagining it...
: (This picture that Ema drew... that reminds me!)
: (I guess I should check the evidence again...)
: Well anyway. Let's continue.
: This scene that imprinted an image in your mind...
: Can you please describe it to us?
: The man...

: That must have been
: a real shock.
: Even when I close my eyes, I can still see it just as clearly...
: Tell us...
: what were you doing at that moment?
: I believe you testified that Joe Darke was holding you hostage.
: When lightning struck and the lights went out,

: Hmm...
: I'm pretty sure I was watching them.


: (Ema doesn't have any reason to lie...)
: (but Lana sure does.)
: (I need to get Ema to tell me as much about this as she can!)

Next time: Following the path.