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Part 95: Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes - Trial (Day 4) - Part 2

Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes
Trial (Day 4) - Part 2

: Mr. Edgeworth.

: and yet you still insist on denying its existence?

: Hey, I'm not the bad guy! All I'm saying is that as the prosecutor for that case,
: I wasn't handed such a picture!
: That may well be...

: This is... the evidence list for the SL-9 Incident?

: Please turn it over, Your Honor.
: Turn it over...? Turn... it...
: AAAAAAAHHHH! What's this!?

: Hey! That's it! That's the picture I drew!

: Indeed... Two men appear to be wrestling here.

: What's the meaning of this!?
: What are you doing with that list!?
: Me...?
: Only the prosecutor in charge should have access to that list!
: Huh...?
: These lists... They're...
: They're different from each other.
: What?
: It would appear, Mr. Edgeworth, that the evidence list you were handed two years ago...
: was incomplete. These two lists...
: fit together to form one.
: You can see the marks here, where they were torn apart from each other.
: So you see, Mr. Edgeworth.
: It's quite obvious what happened. Two years ago...
: only half of the evidence in that case ever reached you.
: What...

: Order! Order!
: Who'd have thought the picture would have been drawn on the back of the list...
: That was handed to Detective Goodman in the questioning room?

: Your Honor!
: Are you all right, Mr. Wright? Your eyes are bulging from your head...

: then there might be more of the drawing on the back of Mr. Edgeworth's list!

: ...!
: Yes, that's quite conceivable.
: Mr. Edgeworth?
: It's possible.
: Let's see...
: Is something wrong?
: (Do you even have to ask?)

: Sorry, Your Honor. There is something drawn on the back of my list.
: This is that... thing!

: ... That's that... that thing! That thing that was dancing in the evidence room!
: Apparently the Head of Criminal Affairs used this for his blueprint.
: (I guess he was out of scrap paper...)
: ...

And the evidence list is updated.

: Very well. Witness. Will you please testify about this picture you drew two years ago?
: ...
: Huh?
: Oh, Y-yes sir, Your Honor!

Weird caps decision there.

: (What's wrong with Ema? She seemed to be thinking about something when she saw the picture.)

: To think a flash of lightning could burn such an image in your mind...
: (Thanks to that though, she was able to show us exactly what she saw!)
: Well, I don't see any contradictions here.
: This clearly shows Joe Darke about to murder Prosecutor Neil Marshall.
: ...
: The defense may now begin its cross-examination.

: Did you draw this picture right after the incident?
: Um...
: I think I drew it two or three days later.
: At first I was in such a state of shock that I couldn't do anything...
: During that time the detective team was reorganized. Detective Goodman was placed in charge...
: under the direction of Damon Gant and Lana Skye.
: (Two or three days later...)
: (The memory should still have been fresh in her mind.)
: Excuse me, witness, but can you please tell us why this picture is painted all black?

: So at the time you didn't even know it was Mr. Marshall who had come to your rescue?
: No... I couldn't see him clearly. The lightning was so bright...
: and I was knocked to the floor.
: You were knocked to the floor?
: Darke had a tight grip on me,
: but when Mr. Marshall jumped on him, I was knocked away.

: (Poor Ema... I'm just glad she wasn't hurt.)
: What happened after the lightning flashed?

: You mean, you didn't see the actual murder take place?
: No.
: I-I'm sorry...

: The flash of lightning only drove off the darkness for a split second. Not only that, but the trauma of the situation understandably caused the witness to faint.
: Do you really need to torture this girl any further!?

: Hey, I'm not the bad guy here!
: Anyway, this picture...

: Sorry for asking so many times, but are you sure you drew exactly what you saw?
: Of course! This is the exact scene!
: It wasn't influenced in any way from your talks with the detectives?

: Are you insinuating we somehow manipulated her memory, Mr. Wright?
: No, no. Of course not. (I'd better watch out, or he might find some way to cut my salary!)
: I drew this picture before I heard anything from the detectives,
: so I don't think anyone's story would have influenced me...
: Mr. Wright.
: Is there something that's bothering you about this picture?
: Huh?
: Oh, well...
: ...


: (That's strange... She claims this is exactly the scene that was imprinted in her mind...)
: (And yet...)

Can you spot it?

: I hate to be the bearer of bad news,
: but this picture the witness drew...
: contains a blatant contradiction!
: What?
: B-but, I still remember it just like it was yesterday!

: Mr. Wright.
: Perhaps it would be faster if you simply pointed out this contradiction for us.

: The contradiction of course lies here!
: Take a look at the knife the man is holding.

: In fact, you don't even have to look closely to see that.
: But Mr. Wright, look at the evidence!

: If I recall...

: It was the conclusive piece of evidence that proved Joe Darke was the murderer!

: I'm afraid it's not so simple, Ema.

: Huh? Where could you possibly see a problem!?

: If the victim was only stabbed once,

: What's the meaning of this?

: Perhaps the knife was broken beforehand!

: Sorry, but I'm afraid that's not possible.
: The tip of the knife was found inside the victim's body.

: If it was broken beforehand,
: it couldn't possibly wind up there!

: That's right!
: But what does this mean?

: The tip of the knife was undeniably discovered within the victim's body!
: The only possible explanation is the witness's memory is mistaken!

: That's why I asked her so many times if she was sure she remembered correctly.
: I believe you were annoyed at the time.
: But she was sure she remembered correctly!
: But...
: there's no other way to explain this inconsistency!

: Not so fast, Mr. Edgeworth.
: There is another explanation. Have you forgotten already?
: About a little something called... "falsified evidence"?
: You're treading on thin ice, Wright...
: All I'm saying, is that the broken knife
: might be the piece of evidence that was forged! You can't deny the possibility!
: No...

Next time: Oh dear.