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Part 96: Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes - Trial (Day 4) - Part 3

Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes
Trial (Day 4) - Part 3

: Order! Order! Order!
: Are you saying the investigation really was corrupted?
: Your Honor...
: Please allow me to once again go over the events that took place the day of the murder.

: Neil Marshall questioned Joe Darke along with Damon Gant.

: Prosecutor Marshall chased after him... and was killed by Darke.
: It is my belief that somewhere in this story...
: there is a lie.

: Hmm...
: I...
: I'm not lying...
: The man really was holding up a broken knife!
: ... If that's true... then there's no other way around it.

: ...!
: There must have been another broken knife!
: What are the chances of there being two broken knives?
: (Another broken knife besides Joe Darke's...)

: (Broken knives don't just grow on trees...)
: (There's no way there was another one!)
: Well, Mr. Wright?
: Your Honor, I believe...
: the witness must be mistaken.
: ... I knew it.
: You really don't believe me...
: ...!

Which leaves us where the other answer does.

: (That flash of lightning burned an unforgettable image in her mind... One that's been torturing her ever since!)
: (There's no way Ema could be mistaken!)
: If the witness is this adamant about the accuracy of what she saw...
: it can't just be explained away by a simple observational error.
: Mr. Wright...

: In that instant... Ema really did see a broken knife!

: I assume then,
: that you have some information about this "other" broken knife?
: If so, please feel free to enlighten us.
: (The murder weapon was already broken prior to the murder... There's only one way!)

: The answer lies in the past... Two years in the past.

: This is a picture of the awards ceremony.
: What is it, Mr. Edgeworth!?
: It's the... the broken murder weapon!
: Notice the award Prosecutor Marshall is holding.

: As we earlier concluded, the knife in the picture was not Joe Darke's knife. That being the case...

: Order! Order! Order!
: Neil Marshall was awarded King of Prosecutors that day. As an award, he was given this broken shield and a broken knife.
: When he chased after Joe Darke, he pulled out this knife.
: Being a prosecutor, he did not carry a pistol.
: This broken knife was the only weapon he had in this dangerous situation.

: But that... That can't be!
: Oh? And why not, Mr. Edgeworth?
: Because if the King of Prosecutors award knife was the murder weapon...
: then the murderer and the victim would be reversed!
: What do you mean?

: I mean...

: Oh...

: But the prosecutor was the one who actually died!
: That's true... (What's going on here?)

: It seems
: Mr. Wright has been a bit too eager to jump to conclusions...

: Witness...?
: Mr. Edgeworth!
: What is it?
: Could you show me your
: evidence list again, please?
: His list?
: The one with that... picture scribbled on the back?

: This picture...
: I'm the one who drew it.
: What!?
: You drew that?
: That's right.

: I must have locked this part away deep inside me...

: Perhaps it would be best...
: if we added this to the witness's testimony.
: Would you please tell us what you've recalled, Ms. Skye?
: Yes, Your Honor.
: (First the knife mix-up, and now... the Blue Badger?)
: (This should be interesting...)

: This is certainly most unusual...

: Try impossible!

: (That would mean he didn't even exist two years ago...)
: Yes, well. The defense may now begin its cross-examination.

: Lana!
: What's the meaning of this!?
: Please remain seated in the defendant's chair!
: But you can't do this!
: I've already confessed to the crime! Why can't you just leave it at that!?
: Chief Prosecutor Skye.
: !
: We've already come this far.
: It's too late to turn back.

: Silence!
: The defense will now begin its cross-examination.
: Bailiff. Please detain the defendant.
: (It seems we're finally getting to the core of the matter.)

: When you say, "that man," I assume you refer to Joe Darke?
: Yes... at least, I think it was him.
: You... "think"?
: All I could really see were shadows.
: The power outage that immediately preceded the incident, is also documented in the Prosecutor's Office reports.
: So then you...

: Why would you do something so dangerous!?
: What else could I have done!?
: He was about to stab Mr. Marshall!
: (She seems convinced that Darke was the one holding the knife...)
: But as we've just theorized,

: Well, I didn't know that at the time!
: When that Darke guy knocked me down,
: all I could think was, "I've got to help Mr. Marshall!"

: What do you mean, you "think"?
: It... it all happened so fast...
: And I was in shock! I don't remember everything clearly.
: What I did... it's all kind of a blur...
: In a matter of just a few seconds, Ms. Skye was almost killed, then she witnessed a
: murder about to take place. A little disorientation is only natural.
: I saw the man about to stab the other person, who I thought was Mr. Marshall.
: I knew I had to stop the man with the knife.

: What you did was very brave, young girl.
: So then, what happened next?

: Are you sure about this?

: But...

: And that was just this year... The Blue Badger didn't exist two years ago.
: This is all quite verifiable.
: I know it sounds strange. I was surprised too when I saw him at the Police Department.

: Now I finally remember!
: (Oh brother. Just when you thought that thing had caused enough commotion...)
: Tell us...
: Where in the room did you see him dancing?

: His shadow?

: That's right... but I still remember it.
: He had three creepy horns...

: This is pointless! That thing couldn't possibly have existed two years ago...
: The witness must be mistaken!

: That may well be...

: but what's important is what caused her to think she saw what she did.
: Oh? And I suppose you have an explanation?

: (What was it Ema saw when that lightning flashed?)

: I absolutely and positively have no idea whatsoever!
: ...
: ...
: Well, it's always good to be sure of oneself!

: Apparently it helps when trying to overlook one's failures...
: But I know what I saw! I'm not making this up! Mr. Wright, please!
: You've got to believe me...
: Ema...

And loop.

: (The Blue Badger didn't even exist two years ago... So what exactly did Ema see?)
: (I've gathered all the evidence. All that's left now...)
: (is to put the pieces of the puzzle together...)

Next time: Who is the Blue Badger?