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Part 98: Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes - Trial (Day 4) - Part 5

Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes
Trial (Day 4) - Part 5

: Sorry, Edgeworth. I didn't mean to get you in trouble...
: Hmph. Don't worry about it.
: This is my problem, not yours.
: Hope I'm not interrupting anything, pals.
: ...
: ...
: Oh...
: Guess I am.
: I'll come back later.

He goes to leave.

: Oh, Detective Gumshoe! What is it?

But he comes back!

: You've got a lot of nerv, pal! Making a detective run all around while on duty,
: and to top it off you call me here... I've seen happier people at funerals!
: I take it Lana's having you run errands again.
: Let me tell you, this is the last time, pal!

: "Evidence Law"? (Edgeworth was talking about this just the other day...)

: Rule 1: no evidence shall be shown without the approval of the Police Department!
: I-is that right, Mr. Wright!?
: It seems so.
: You could at least study some evidence law! Really!

: A message?
: She said, "If you're planning to take HIM on,"

: ("him"... I guess I'll need to give this book a thorough read...)

: Doesn't look like that book'll do you any good now though. All that's left now is
: the Chief Prosecutor's sentence.
: That's where you're wrong, Detective.
: Huh?
: Haven't you figured it out yet? Why I'm still sitting in that prosecutor's seat...
: despite all these allegations being thrown at me?
: Mr. Edgeworth...
: The real trial today...
: hasn't begun yet.
: What!? What else is there left to do? Your credibility's been all but ruined with this forged evidence you were unaware of, Ema Skye found out she unwittingly caused a man's death... And now you're telling me you want to do more!? You've gotta be kidding me, pal!
: You're missing the point, Detective. Lana didn't murder Detective Goodman.
: ...!
: She merely stuck a knife into his dead body. That means the real killer... is still out there.
: What!?
: (And we're going to expose him... No matter what it takes! This case has hurt too many people. It's time to bring it to an end!)

: The court will now reconvene for the trial of Ms. Lana Skye.
: Mr. Edgeworth.
: Yes, Your Honor?
: The inquiry committee is planning to impose harsh penalties for your actions.

: Thank you for the news, Your Honor.
: Yes, well... *a-hem*
: Normally, this is where the prosecution calls forth a witness... but, er... *a-hem* *cough* *cough* This isn't easy to say...
: You see, there is some concern that Mr. Edgeworth may have, ah...
: Struck a bargain?
: ...!
: You think I may have manipulated the witnesses.
: I didn't say that!
: It's just, you see... Everyone has been talking, and...
: ...
: Very well, Your Honor.
: I have a solution.
: A solution?
: That being the case,
: the prosecution will allow the defense to call forth all further witnesses.
: What!?
: But there's never been a case example...
: Undeniably this is an unusual arrangement...
: but a very effective one.
: It would prove that I haven't struck any "deals" with the witnesses.
: Hmm...
: Well, Mr. Wright? What do you say?
: ... (Unbelievable.)

: Very well. The defense accepts the prosecution's proposal.

: Then it's settled.
: The, uh... defense... may now call forth the next witness!
: Mr. Wright.
: ...!
: You do realize this is your last chance? If you call the wrong witness...
: this trial is as good as over.
: The defense calls...

: Damon Gant.
: The defense calls Damon Gant to the stand!
: D-Damon Gant...?
: What does he have to do with anything!?
: ...
: As the defendant's partner two years ago, Mr. Gant has first-hand knowledge of the crime.
: I feel we should hear what he has to say about it.
: Hmm...
: As luck would have it, he should still be in the courthouse.
: He would also be the least likely to have been manipulated by me in any way.
: Wouldn't you agree, Your Honor?

: True...
: All right. Bailiff! Please escort Mr. Gant to the stand!

: Witness. Please state your name and occupation.
: What is this, some kind of practical joke?
: I was just on my way to lunch!
: Your name and occupation, sir.
: Worthy... Are you sure you want to do this?

: Your name and occupation!

: So...
: You want to play hardball, eh?
: P-please, Mr. Gant.
: ...
: Fine.
: My name is Damon Gant. I'm the acting Chief of Police.
: Now then, Chief Gant. The court requests to hear your testimony.
: Oh, Wrighto. What's with the grim face?
: First, let's clear up this SL-9 Incident.

: Oh, you mean that time when Lana's sister murdered that prosecutor?
: Personally, I think it's been made pretty clear already.

: There are still some things unaccounted for.
: Oh? Like what?
: Like the role you played in all of this.
: ... Son...
: Either you're very brave... or very foolish.
: ...
: You are aware of course that a police chief has all kinds of weapons at his disposal?
: "Weapons"...?
: Sure. Take my testimony, for example.
: I don't have to give it if I don't want to.
: What?
: Is that true?
: I'm afraid so...
: The Chief of Police has the right to refuse to testify.
: Of course,
: such an action carries with it certain risks...
: ...
: Don't worry.
: I'm not here to hinder your trial.
: Just remember...
: If this turns out to be a big waste of time, don't say I didn't warn you.

: Very well. The witness may now begin his testimony.

: Hmm...
: Is that when Darke was arrested?
: Him? He was lying on the floor unconscious.

: I see... Everything seems pretty clear-cut.
: (If the police chief has the right to refuse to testify...)
: (Then I'd better hit him hard and fast!)

: As I recall... a ceremony was held at the Police Department that day...
: Yes, that's right. I guess you oculd say I'm a workaholic...

: That's probably what spooked Darke, and made him run away like that.

: I don't quite remember...
: At the very least, she wasn't there when Darke ran for it.

: So the two of you ran immediately after him, right?
: That's right, but Darke made it to the elevator first, so Neil and I split up.
: He went upstairs and I went downstairs.
: I guess you could say...
: he got "lucky."
: What's this about a power outage?
: Oh, that.
: The elevator stopped all of a sudden, and I got the shock of my life.
: Well...
: Probably not as shocked as Neil was when that knife went into his heart, though.
: (That's not funny...)

: Could you tell us what you saw?
: It was a shocking sight...

: Darke was also lying collapsed on the floor?
: Yes, apparently he hit his head and was knocked out.

: (Lana and Ema...)
: Lana was cradling Ema in her arms. Looking back at it now...
: She must have already known what her sister had done.
: ...!

: How can you know that!?
: Because of the victim's body.
: It had already been moved.
: So that means...

: That's right.
: I think you said earlier,

: Yes...
: ...
: Anyway...

: So you're saying...
: that the forgery had already taken place by the time you arrived at your office?
: That's exactly what I'm saying.
: I can understand how Lana must have felt,
: but moving a body and hiding evidence are inexcusable no matter what the circumstances.
: (Is that how it really went down?)
: Staring at the witness won't do you any good, Mr. Wright.
: !
: If you're going to stare at anything...
: you'd be better off staring at the Court Record.
: Worthy, Worthy... Always the smooth talker.
: (But which piece of evidence ties Gant to the forgery...?)


: (Lana did admit to forging evidence...)
: (But that can't be the whole truth.)
: (Somehow I've got to link Gant to the incident!)

Next time: Can you see how?